Monday, October 06, 2008


SAFE, adj. To bet that the Kalloch jury will disagree.

2008 Update: Secure.  Comfortable.  As a prophesy of doom.


Anonymous said...

I thirst to be first

will I be doomed?

not a safe bet

I hope.

Anonymous said...

SAFE--now what kind of word is that,FEAR FEAR FEAR.thats the battle cry of today(and last eight years)...i myself like to remember the four S's Sanity,Safety,Sleep,Sobriety...O.K. to change order,just keep all in mind daily...Peace and... Prosperity(if into Fear,sell short-bet on failure,as in(well we all know the names)....Peace Doug :-)

TLP said...

A call I love to hear at home plate, if it's my team doing the scoring.

Jim said...
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Jim said...

Safe: If I use "safe and secure" together in my conversation am I being redundant?
(My vote is yes, but probably is safe to say though not to write unless quoted as conversation.)

Anonymous said...

SAFE, adj.. Unprofitable. Until, oh, about last week.

Jamie Dawn said...

Safe: the place I keep my golden speckled chocolate truffles.

Safe: a place of refuge, such as home.

Home + chocolate truffles - a safe place

Did you know that no harm can come to you with a chocolate truffle in your hand or mouth?
It's been proven.
Also, too, no harm can come to you if you keep a loaded shotgun beside every door and window of your abode.
Be safe.

TLP said...

JD, I agree about the safety that chocolate truffles ensures a person.

But, gosh darn, it seems to me that I might shoot myself trippin' over a loaded shotgun propped by the door. But if you say that I should have a machine gun mounded firmly to the window, then I'd have to say you betcha! Then I'd be safe. Gotta keep them terrorist wolves away.

Tom & Icy said...

I have had a repetitive all my life that I was in school and couldn't remember my combination.

Anonymous said...

SAFE adj. locked down, locked up -- or locked away. Not free.

Indeterminacy said...

Safe: a vote using electronic ballot boxes.

Ariel the Thief said...

Jamie I've just learnt this term in today's Monk episode: quod erat demonstrandum. Good job, girl!

Safe, a question of illusion.

TLP said...

It's safe to say that Doug is being a touch lazy this morning.

Doug The Una said...

No better than 90%, Sauerkraut.

Bear, of these, sleep is the greatest.

Metaphorically, TLP? By the way, Southern Californians congratulate Boston and the mothers of Bostonians. White Sox fans no longer care about the dying economy. Death came for us yesterday.

Jim, not only redundant but probably delusional.

Ain't that right, brother?

JD, I do my best with claymores.

TLP, especially with halloween coming up.

Icy, I have a repetitive nightmare that I had a can of alpo and no opposable thumbs to work the can opener.

Actonbell, then it should be combination free from here on in.

Quilly, who is safer than the prisoner?

Right, Indie. Secure, anyway.

Ariel, I like your definition and your tv series. Watching Monk makes a person smart, QED.

Oh, bother, TLP.

tsduff said...

nobody is safe

Anonymous said...

Safe: A place where your mind does not wander and even if it does it doesn't matter, in your mother's lap?

Anonymous said...

Can be a tough nut to crack.