Tuesday, October 21, 2008


CAMEL, n. A quadruped (the Splaypes humpidorsus) of great value to the show business. There are two kinds of camels — the camel proper and the camel improper. It is the latter that is always exhibited.

2008 Update:  The typical transport of magi and petroleum producers.


TLP said...

Some people would walk a mile for one.

TLP said...

Too late it occurs to me that most of you are too young to remember that slogan. "I'd walk a mile for a Camel" cigarette. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

My ex-mother in law still smokes them. She claims they're the reason she's still sharp, kicking and more at 80something

I actually think she's onto something as anybody who could smoke one without vomiting, coughing or feeling horrible has to be cut from another cloth

TLP--"I'd walk a mile for a Camel" is like the Burma Shave ads. Classic ads know no generation

Once again Doug you and Bierce can't be improved upon

Ariel the Thief said...

Camel, currency for bride.

Anonymous said...

Camel, Joe -- a famous smoker who was euthanized by legislation because he allegedly pushed cigarettes to minors. He did not receive a jury trial by his peers. His sentence was passed and carried out, and then his obituary was posted. Several of my in-laws, all adults, mourned him greatly. The wailing and teeth gnashing was truly quite frightening. My BIL set up his Joe Camel t-shirts as a shrine.

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

Cammil: the ship of the dessert they can cary hevy loads of ice creme, cookys and chery pies

Anonymous said...

Camel,,the name of a childhood cat,,Who is dead now...AS IS My(OUR)BELOVED DOG TOBIN....Iam sad..................................

Tom & Icy said...

I'm dressing like a camel for trick or treat. The cigarette, that is. All I have to do is paint my face red and lay down. --Icy

Anonymous said...

A horse designed by a committee.

Anonymous said...

Cam: an essential part of an automobile engine.

El: suffix derived from Heb. eli, God.



Anonymous said...

camel: An animal with its toes on it's feet instead of in a starlet's crotch.

Anonymous said...

Camel - can rival my brother in the types of food it can eat and the amount it can drink without dying.

Doug The Una said...

That's ok, TLP. If it helps, I do remember walking a mile for one.

I don't know, Pia. I think a water-bearing hump on my back might be handy.

Ariel, that sounds about even.

Quilly, Joe Camel was just weird to me. I guess I was too old by then to get it.

Boy, sounds like a walking oasis to me. But can they get a date?

Aw. Sorry to hear, brother Bear. I couldn't find your number yesterday or I'd have mourned with you.

Icy, you probably ought to find something brown to roll in.

Just so, Weirsdo.

Peace be upon Nascar, 'moeb.

Poobah, I absolutely don't get it but I laughed anyway.

Actonbell, I bet its legal in Massachusetts.

Haha, Cooper. Your brother sounds like my kind of guy, but aristocratic.