Thursday, October 16, 2008


ABRUPT, adj. Sudden, without ceremony, like the arrival of a cannon-shot and the departure of the soldier whose interests are most affected by it. Dr. Samuel Johnson beautifully said of another author's ideas that they were "concatenated without abruption."

2008 Update: Without prelude, like the failure of an investment or the success of a neighbor.


Anonymous said...

without warning, like the sudden realization of love:)

Anonymous said...

OH first, it was a hat trick! Proves im a good desi

Anonymous said...

abrupt - A painful condition in which the abdominal muscles rupture. Usually followed by a note from the health club reminding the victim their dues are 2 months in arears.

Hobbes said...


Jim said...

Abrupt: I once had a brupt, later on I traded it in for a Chevy.

Abrupt: That old brupt was tempermental, always wanting to stop or start when I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Jim: you shoulda got a Lert.

ABRUPT, adj. Proof that no pit is bottomless, no fall is free. Stockbrokers leaping from World Trade Center windows were just seven years ahead of their 1929.

Apologies for irregular commenting. The amoeba is hoarding pencils and staking out his streetcorner.

TLP said...

Novomorphication without a cause.

Aside to Amoeba: I used to want to be a lert. They are much in demand. You see signs for them all along the highways. Alas, I could never find a school for lert training.

Ariel the Thief said...

Abrupt, inspired by fear.

Great word, I like it. I didn't know it before.

Jamie Dawn said...

Abrupt: without a tip off, hint, or clue... catching one by surprise, like when I put my hand into the truffle bag and find there's only one left.


Have a good rest of the day, Douglas!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

TLP, many years ago (late 80s), the New Zealand Police distributed posters all over university campuses (and perhaps elsewhere) - full color glossies proclaiming


I couldn't believe my eyes. Thankfully for all concerned, the campaign the posters disappeared (ahem) with abruption.

Anonymous said...

Your definition is perfect.

Abrupt: Wednesday morning I had a home. Many documents signed later I had two checks

Though it took forever and a day it felt abrupt

Anonymous said...

The wedding instigated by the tip of a shot gun, and most likely not accompanied by a honeymoon.

Anonymous said...

Abrupt--usual style of HR(human resource) department,when passing out pink slips...accompanied with security escort to sidewalk.....Peace

Tom & Icy said...

coitus interruptus

Ariel the Thief said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone would want a brupt. A brupt is like a noyed -- best when done without.

tsduff said...

Abrupt: curt, short and sweet.

Doug The Una said...

Amhsirak, a good desi is a timely one?

Poobah, my membership dues are current. My body is four years in arrears.

Bearish, Hobbes?

Jim, I hear they turn themselves on and off.

Amoeba, that there is some quality misanthropy.

There's always a cause, TLP. Usually a good one.

Ariel, I'm quite certain there must be a Magyarul equivalent. What precedes "invasion?"

My point exactly, JD. I mean, just 5 minutes earlier there were two? Who could see it coming?

Not abruptly enough, OC, apparently.

Pia, nowadays, giving up your home and getting two checks is rarer than it was. Good point, the accomplishment of whatever we struggled for is also abrupt.

The answer awaits, A-bell, at a better site.

Nope, Cooper. What awaits is wishing the old cuss had pulled the trigger.

Right, Bear. Better just to leave a note on your monitor and slip out quietly.

Good example, Icy. Cattus interruptus.

Hah, Ariel, that took a minute.

The bread of life to me, Quilly.


Ariel the Thief said...

Doug, the smell of bacon, of course.