Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Ein-Und Vierzig
To hear Minka read, scratch Dietmärchen on the ears (click at right.)

To read this week's episode, sit down by Dürer's saint.

The story so far is here. Quick note on format, episodes will now begin with one of Luther's theses. For educational purposes.


TLP said...

Ah, the lovely Minka's voice! How sweetly she tells the story.

Nice chapter Doug. It was worth waiting for.

Nessa said...

It is always nice to hear the lovely voice of Minka. Well read.

I think Ludwig has the (all) church's love of its people described very well.

PS - It seems Minka's link is broken.

Nessa said...

And that piggy sure looks cold.

Come Get Your Sunshine

sauerkraut said...

Minka does have the lovely European voice, eh? She reads better than too many Americans.

So glad I finally got the sound fixed.

cooper said...

Nice read and chapter. "Extraordinary swine" and characters indeed.

The Old Mule said...

I can't wait to listen, but I have to know: what is that beast?

Minka said...

there are some great lines in there, as usual.

"her mortal assembly" is pretty good for starters. :)

Minka said...

one more thing, when your judgement dya is upon you, good luck eplaining to teh big guy that you compared him to something caught between a pig and a giant. Sure you've got the right religion?!

Doug The Una said...

Doesn't she, TLP? Our own Julie Andrews.

Thanks, Nessa. Unfortunately, my internet was down all weekend but the link should be fixed now.

Actonbell, hogs can be pretty darn adorable as it happens.

It was worth it, wasn't it Sauerkraut?

Thanks, Cooper.

Wild boar, Old Mule.

Thanks, Minka. And thanks for lending your voice (and accent.)

Anonymous said...

i was
behind on
the saturday read
you both performed
nice descriptive writing
delightful reading

Jamie Dawn said...

As sweet a read as ever! Minka did a superb job, as usual.


And who wouldn't love extraordinary swine? Or are they extraordinary because Gretchen loves them?