Thursday, November 12, 2009


CANE, n. A convenient article for admonishing the gentle slanderer and the inconsiderate rival.

2009 Update: A portable foundation with which to reinforce the rigidity of the elderly, or upon which to erect an upright child. A mobile martyrdom, Crux mobilis.


Jim said...

Cane: I cane walk with my through the cane but please don't cane me.
I canen't understand Latin so ...

TLP said...

Cane: It's fun to raise it.

Nessa said...

Cane: Candy cane, especially the kind made by Spree. They are yummy.

Thursday Thirteen - Me & Music

Anonymous said...

Cane: Sugar and spice and everything nice...that's what little sweet girls are made of. Boys...not so much

Jim said...

Meant to say "I cane walk with cane my through the cane ..." Guess I was hurring too fast to stay ahead of TLP.
Please don't whack me with your cane!

Ariel the Thief said...

*puts a dead mouse to Doug's door*

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

the amoeba said...

The story of cane in Hawai‘i is one of environmental ruination, corporate oppression, and the presence of de facto slavery in the America of the 13th Amendment. It's strong enough to impel amoebae forever to renounce refined sugar.

Doug The Una said...

Jim, you seem to be having some trouble with English as well.

Sure is, TLP.

Have you been a good girl this year, Nessa?

Nope, Thom. Lechery and lunch.

Wouldn't think of it, Jim. I need it to stand upright.

boldog sz├╝let├ęsnapot, Ariel.

weirsdo said...

Obsolete. This has now been replaced with the more supportive and euphemistic "walker."

Nessa said...

Once, when I went for a walk, I found a wooden cane in someone's trash that was spirally like the horn of a ram. It sits in my umbrella stand even now with my special broom and about four never used umbrellas.

quilly said...

CANE -- oh. I cannot see this word without thinking of my maternal grandfather. He was blind and used to swing his cane quite energetically to clear his path of grandchildren and pets.

One could be certain that no matter how frantic the holiday or how many people filled the house, there would always be at least a 5 foot radius around gramps.

javajazz said...

cane enable.

Anonymous said...



Minka said...

cane, n. a sign that life is a slippery slope.

that... or an over-sized goon trying to catch a ping pong ball smashed by a teen. ;)

And what is wrong with you Yahoos??? It's Doug's birthday... let's celebrate him, tell him how much we care and how great we think he is. More than that, let's wish him many happy returns...that oughta really piss him off :)


quilly said...

Oh dear. I guess we should give you 42 wallops with that cane in celebration of your birthday, but -- having forgotten it, perhaps I am the one who should be whacked!

Happy birthday, Doug!

Anonymous said...

ACK...thanks to Q I found out.

Hau`oli La Hanau Doug. Hope it's a great day. Check my blog tomorrow :)

M. Berle said...

It's amazing how fast later comes when you buy now!

Happy Birthday. Who's Doug?

the amoeba said...

Hey, full marks to Ariel. Not only did she remember Doug's anniversary, but she got to say so and resurrect Inappropriate Card Day all at the same time!

Happy Arbor Day, Dawg. I'll send you a card. And next time you bury your hints in Latin, use the correct case (canis, nominative, not cane, ablative).

Minka said...

rememember 2006, I foudn a song for you...I think it is tiem for you to revisit and realize, it is still very true :)

Happy Birthday, Crux!

k. riggs gardner said...

hey amoeba ~ I clicked on your link. It was funny and it actually worked! (Nobody had to copy and paste it into their browser).

Happy Arbor Day, Dawg! I brought you a bottle of Brennivin. Did you know it's also called "Black Death." I understand the men in Iceland drink quite a bit of it (for obvious reasons).

javajazz said...

funny, yesterday when i was
lurking about here,
it said you were 41,
and today it says you're 42.
see? i'm not just
a pretty face,
i can do math, too...
hope you have
a wonderful birthday,
my favourite beagle.

Jamie Dawn said...

The negative of cane, here in Arkansas, is cane't.
For example: Speek lowder, I cane't heer yew!


Hobbes said...

Happy Birthday!

sauerkraut said...

cane: the most comfie chair bottom.

TLP said...

OMG!!! How could we forget your birthday??????????

Happy Birthday!

cooper said...

I will spank you for your birthday, but to use a cane is against my =still, but slowly eroding, peace loving ideology.

Cooper said...

Happy Birthday

Unknown said...

so, you want a birthday spanking, dawg? :P


wiecle: things that move about on the roads like cars, buses, trucks

Nessa said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it was stupendifabulous!

Flash 55 - Blue Gill

Doug The Una said...

That's plenty euphemistic, isn't it, Weirsdo?

The flying broom, Nessa?

Quilly, your grandpa understood the full usefulness of a cane. Probably saw fine, too.

Haha, JJ! Excellent!

Thank you, Mister Bear.

I beg your pardon, Minka, but I wasn't trying to catch that ping pong ball, I was trying to return it. It's a rough sport, which I think should be called Table Rugby.

Thanks, Quilly. There's no whacking for forgetting my birthday.

Thank you, Thom.

Good question, Uncle Miltie.

Amoeba, I was trying today to leave the clue that I don't speak Latin.

Minka, I remember that song fondly. here is another link to it.

Thanks, Karen. Skal!

JJ, it is far too rare in this world that a pretty face comes with subtraction, rather than division. Thank you and here's to ya.

Dew wut nah, JD?

You bet, Actonbell, and super-convenient when you jog to the tennis court.

Thanks, Hobbes!

Sauerkraut, I've got a can-bottom rocking chair across the room. Today it seems to be staring at me.

Thanks, TLP. If I knew how you could forget it, I'd have forgot it.

Fair enough, Cooper. Maybe a rolled-up copy of The Nation?

As pronounced by a Desi, Karma, you bet. Sure, pile on.

It was something like that. Thanks, Nessa.

Ariel the Thief said...

I googled the lyrics, that's the funniest birthday song ever! And so true. Good choice. :)

Doug The Una said...

I thought so, too, Ariel.