Tuesday, November 10, 2009


CUDGEL, n. A medicine for external application to the head and shoulders of a fool.

2009 Update: A heavy club which, the likeliest weapon of Friar Tuck, has since obsolesced in favor of theology.


Indeterminacy said...

A gel you put on cuds?

Nessa said...

I could go from a club sandwich and a g & t right now. Yes, it is 9:09 in the am but that's what I want. So, hit me.

Blast from the Past

Jamie Dawn said...

Cudgel: A club used to bring virtuousness online, often used along with expressions such as SMACK and POW and REPENT, and always applied with great force.

Your definition is especially good today. Friar Tuck would be proud.

Jim said...

I am on my third cup of coffee and just finished my half of the granola bar for breakfast.
Oh yes, I helped Mrs. Jim get off to the golf course for her 9:08 tee time.
And fed the dogs.
Some friends want to know if you know a source of Cudgel by the pound or larger bulk measure for themselves.

the amoeba said...

Do not think of cows and their bodily functions.

No, don't blame me.

I said don't

Karen said...

Oh my, so many fools... so little CUDGEL.

weirsdo said...

Cudgel one's brains: to beat them figuratively until they express thought.

Ariel the Thief said...

Cudgel, love in a mother's hand.

TLP said...

Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

snilly: are we soon out of the silly words?

k. riggs gardner said...

Yeah, pretty much ~

quilly said...

I want one of these. I want one of these. I want one of these.

(Don't ask.)

sauerkraut said...

What do you get when you put pink lipstick on a cudgel?

sauerkraut said...

amoeba - what about a cow holding a kitty? let's ruminate about that. ...

TLP said...

Wake up! Get your poem published, or else...folks might cudgel you.

Doug The Una said...

In my experience, Indy, that's cow spit.

Running late, Nessa?

Thanks, JD. I've always tried to stay on the good brother's good side.

Jim, I mostly shop by the gallon these days.

That's ok, Amoeba. A cow's bodily functions hold little mystery for me and plenty of supper.

It's a dilemma, Karen.

Weirsdo, I use the vise for that. When that won't work, vice.

...and blossoming with folly, and thorned is what I mean.

Or on a daughter's thick skull, Ariel?

TLP, we're kind of down to the silly words.

We can hope, Karen. Your optimism inspires.

Don't have to Quilly. You'll blog about it here in a minute.

Oh, Sauerkraut, you tempt me.

Thanks, TLP. I was at a loss for a topic.

Anonymous said...

Oh I need a cudgel for myself after this last week sigh....I'll run it up to Quilly as well LOL

Doug The Una said...

Thom, when I need a cudgel for myself, I often find a wall does just as well.

quilly said...

Doug, this I WILL NOT blog about. Someday I may turn it into a short story, though I don't usually "do" horror.

the amoeba said...

What Quilly said.

DISCRETION, n. What induces amoebae to write about concepts and abstractions rather than true-life confessions.

amerman: not with my swimming stroke I ain't.