Friday, November 06, 2009


EULOGY, n. Praise of a person who has either the advantages of wealth and power, or the consideration to be dead.

2009 Update: A brief review of the virtues from a life well and fully lived.


TLP said...

First, damnitall.

TLP said...

Eulogy: people say the nicest things about you after you die.

Tom & Icy said...

Eulogy, a requiem for the tone deaf.

Nessa said...

Eulogy: You logy?

(I did not type loogy, but I did look it up in the urban dictionary and that word has some very diverse meanings. I am sorry to bring the quality of you post down, Doug, but I feel like misbehaving today and I have no self control. That is a valid defense. I've seen it on TV. Oh, and logy is a real word. I looked that up too.)

Nessa said...

Oh, I used only 55 words here:

Flash 55 - Holiday Preparations

Nessa said...

I am off to visit Bunburry. He is very ill.

Jim said...
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Jim said...

Eulogy: people say the dangest things about you after you die.
"They always said he would be late for his own funeral." Poor deceased fellow, my long time friend, his body wasn't back in Texas again yet for his funeral.
That's a mild one, I'll blog about that funeral some day.
My own might be about how poorly I proofread.

sauerkraut said...

eulogy: say no evil about the recently departed.

Ariel the Thief said...

Eulogy, anybody can be a messiah for 15 minutes.

teakedd - tea kedd

the amoeba said...

EULOGY, n. The customary truce declared in the presence of terminal illness and death, with appropriate gestures of fond respect - after which the dead-catting of the decedent's legacy may begin.

quilly said...

I had 3.5 hours sleep last night. If my house guest doesn't sleep tonight, one of us WILL need a eulogy. (I'm looking for a rock.)

Cooper said...

I'm writing yours. Make sure your will is clear on that. ;)

Anonymous said...

is the potential
minus your


Doug The Una said...

TLP, that's because they don't have to worry about you arguing the point.

Haha, Icy. Excellent, girl!

I have come to quote Ambrose, not to embalm him, Actonbell.

Sure, Nessa. Everybody's efficient on their own blogs.

Jim, you remind of a story that was popular in Nevada about a cowboy funeral. The preacher stood up and said "Jim isn't dead, but he's reached a new home without us." A owboy in back of the church stood up and shouted "I got five dollars says he's dead!"

Sauerkraut, De mortius nihil nisi latin.

Sure, Ariel, dead messiahs stack up underground while the surface crawls with living sinners. Archeology is theology.

And near always on time, Amoeba.

Quilly, Thom is your rock.

It'll be an honor, Coop.

Bear, that's a strangely encouraging perspective.