Tuesday, November 03, 2009


EXCURSION, n. An expedition of so disagreeable a character that steamboat and railroad fares are compassionately mitigated to the miserable sufferers.

2009 Update: A brief circular journey for the satisfaction of curiosity and the broadening of the mind. In the American midwest, a visit to the casino.


Doug The Una said...

Haha, Actonbell. I wonder what they were trying to verify.

Anonymous said...

Ahh I sit on the plane to beginy excursion to Honolulu and I just get told to turn off this device. Ahh the joys of life.

Anonymous said...

begin my*

Nessa said...

There's excursion, recursion, decursion, occursion, incursion but no cursion. How can you have all of these prefixes but no real word to attach them to? I don't like this.

Tuesday's Tales #1 - John

Anonymous said...

Transportation choice of environmental terrorists. - The lazy ELF

Jim said...


Meaning: A rip-off that's of very inferior quality and undesirable.
Pronounciation: Rhymes with 'version'
Usage: The Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association, in Mumbai, is best known for manufacturing 'Made in USA' cursions of imported goods.
Root: Version+Cur (Term for an inferior breed of dog.)

Source: Word Mint (coursion)
Jim's Excursion:
1. Discontinued Ford Excursion, an SUV larger than the present largest Ford Expedition
2. Circular tour much smaller in radius than an Expedition.

Anonymous said...

On Saturday I take an excursion South two borders where the tequila flows and the sun shines and there are beaches with my name on them.

pia said...

Boot camp is having an excursion on Friday (the last day) to climb ropes by the ocean. I might give this a pass or I might join this excursion.

If you never hear from again Doug, my spirit will always remember us taking an excursion through blogland together

Ariel the Thief said...

Excursion, being normal for more than one day? :)

S. Wright said...

Curiosity killed the cat
but for a while I was a suspect.

quilly said...

EX- prefix meaning formerly

CURSE v. to wish or invoke evil, calamity, injury, or destruction upon.

-ION suffix denoting action or condition

EXCURSION, n. the action taken after having cursed something. So is that like: "Quit nagging, I'm going to the #@$#! store now!"

sauerkraut said...

And here I thought people went to the midwest to visit Branford. Or whatever they call it.

TLP said...

I've always thought an excursion sounded like an old lady's trip. Being an old lady has not dissuaded me.

Jamie Dawn said...

Excursion: The Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.

You can spoil Eamon from a distance, you know. I bet you do that quite well.

Anonymous said...

i have been in
an excursion
of the mind
since this morning
and reviewing
the elf post(yes i took the bait)
my experience is
there is a little
elf in everyone
no better said then
heresy among heretics


Anonymous said...

The evolution of ELF after
"Operation Backfire"

It does not help to rage
against a problem without
offering solutions.

ELF Resistance Forever . . .

cooper said...

You're quite on target Doug. Unlike an expedition an excursion is something you have a good change of returning home from.

Alice had a rather spectacular one I hear.

Doug The Una said...

Thom, I hope it was a smooth flight and you didn't try climbing out your window to try and post midway.

Nessa, go on and coin it. (If it helps, I think the route is "course")

Arm the budgies, Bear.

Jim, I think you might be encroaching on Quilly there. Of course, she's generous so I have no problem with it.

Bueno viaje, Jenn! Por favor, me saludo sobre California.

Pia, was that the first draft of my eulogy?

Haha, Ariel. I'd call that SAFARI.

It's the shifty eyes, Steven.

Quilly, that's just companionship.

Branson, Sauerkraut. You can't even pretend redneck, can you?

That or a quick military action, TLP. Comes to about the same.

JD, I rode that for the first time Sunday. Were the jokes always so bad on that ride?

One love, Bear. There may be a little elf in everyone but given your Icelandic heritage, I suspect you have a heavier dose than most.

I hear that, too, Coop. Or not.

tsduff said...

Excursion: What happens each day when we venture from the warmth of the covers...

Doug The Una said...

Why would you do that?