Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gastric Juice

GASTRIC JUICE, n. A liquid for dissolving oxen and making men of the pulp.

2009 Update: The humor that controls intelligence in a man, gravity in a woman and affection in a dog.


Jim said...

Gastric juice, is that stuff yellow? Adi and I both barf up yellow stuff once in a while.

Adi did barf yellow last night after having only one small bite of vanilla ice cream. Yellow stuff all over the floor.

Guess I'm first again, finally.

Jamie Dawn said...

Eeeew, Jim! Hitonious!

Gastric Juice: internal battery acid.


(We did the recording last night. Tay has to get it to me in a form that I can email. You will have it this evening.)

Nessa said...

I am still in hysterics over Tom & Icy's comment from yesterday. What would be Darwin's explanation for that?

Gastric juices are just gross.

Thursday Thirteen - My Drive to Work

the amoeba said...

GASTRIC JUICE, n. The holy water sacred to the god Stomach.

Actually, it's gastric juies, but Bierce was a man of his time, and his time didn't have in it a multi-billion-dollar medical enterprise, engaged in dissecting the structure and function of the alimentary canal, down to the last nucleotide, in a desperate search for a pill that will cure overeating.

quilly said...

I would like to thank Jim for making my breakfast so pleasant.

And since my recent bout with stomach flu, Gas-X is my friend.

sauerkraut said...

Gastric Juice Newton: just call her the devil in the morning, bay beeeee. ...

(best I could do on short notice)

pia said...

Uh this is so gross. Though I like both yours and Bierce's definitions

Happy Thanksgiving Doug in case I don't have time to pop in :)

Anonymous said...

Gastric Juice: I wonder how Dolly Parton is fairing?

Ariel the Thief said...

Gastric juice, my stomach's love song.

TLP said...

Ewww...and yuck!

k. riggs gardner said...

Aren't there four humours?

cooper said...

Your definition is at least more....palatable.

Then there is Pepcid.

Doug The Una said...

Oh, I think there's no doubt you're first today, Jim.

And I do have it, JD. Now the rest of these poor folk can wait until tomorrow to hear it.

Nessa, that Icy's a laugh riot.

Amen, Amoeba, and isn't science enlightening?.

Quilly, may the two of you always be close.

Actually, Sauerkraut, that was pretty good, I thought.

So, Actonbell, you must be particularly juicy.

Thanks, Pia. Have a grand one.

Why, I don't know, Thom, you want I should drop by and check?

Gravy's own gravy, Ariel.

Gotcha, TLP. OK, no body words tomorrow.

Karen, they ancients were a dry people.

I should maybe have a Tum's before posting, Coop. Good suggestion.

weirsdo said...

I bypass this entry.

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