Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TLP, Decider

A morning is for glory,
Late morn for glory past,
When a man can sit upon his couch
And be thoughtful at last.

But quiet, cautious contemplation
Serves only as a provocation
To the kind of woman whose vacation
She spends spreading aggravation.

Do the Roosters out in Pennsyltucky
Arise to Lucy's crowing?
Do the clouds break when she thunders
And the winds gust when she's blowing?

Here in LA, the sky is brightening,
The weather's clear, the morals heightening.
The burdens of the times are lightening
But I won't relax while Lucy's tightening.

BOSSY, adj. Minutely gracious.


TLP said...

Nicely done. Late. But it's finally done. Maybe you should go to bed earlier. Or write the post before you go to bed. Call me if you need more advice.

BTW, I'm not bossy. I just know what you should be doing.

Doug The Una said...

You're the wind in my tail feathers.

Jim said...

Hey Doug, nice peom you wrote! To think, I used to be married to that woman My reprieve was a Vespa motor scooter. It would run me up and down and over the Rio Grand. Just the scooter and myself.

Ariel the Thief said...

LOL @ the poem! What would helpless poets do without bossy blog moms?

pia said...

I always think a great comment from TLP is like winning some kind of award, so I love this :)

Nessa said...

TLP, did Doug just call you a fart?

Anonymous said...

The poem is a riot...I love it.

cooper said...

Nice work, now can you write one for Ida. ;)

quilly said...

Grandpa's favorite cow, and grandma, too.

the amoeba said...

So if TLP is bossy, and Doug is TLP's target, doesn't that make Doug the bossee? And doesn't that get confusing?

And what's with all the cow jokes? Is this Gary Larson Appreciation Week or something ...?

Abaddon said...

All my cribs have gathered ... time to geezle down to homie town.

bityptia ~ Say hallelujah and thank you Jesus!

TLP said...

Exactly Nessa! He did call me a fart. Wait, I think he's calling me an old fart, which is worse. I get no respect.

Doug The Una said...

Jim, TLP's the kind of woman songs are written for. I was just doing my share.

Ariel, I have no idea how Blake did it.

Pia, I agree.

Of course not, Nessa! I called her concentrated levity.

Thanks, Thom. Riot is the order of the day.

Actonbell, I wondered how you'd handle this post.

Kinda did alreaady, Coop.

Yes'm, Quilly.

Amoeba, Larson Appreciation Week is a'comin', yup.

Jumpin' Josaphat, Abbadon. OK.

Thanks, JD.

I called you an inspiration, blogmama!

TLP said...

Nice save. (Or actually nice try.

Doug The Una said...

I do my best, TLP, and trust in your sense of humor.

Minka said...

That TLP!

you have tail feathers?
I hope sometime that good morals will manage to stay past noon!

Anonymous said...

... rather than hold three words' conference with this harpy. ...

weirsdo said...

Bossy: helpful.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, if it last past the morning it probably isn't a good moral.


Absolutely, Weirsdo. I was sitting here wondering what to use for a topic when TLP left a comment telling me I was late.