Tuesday, January 19, 2010


PETTIFOGGER, n. A competing or opposing lawyer.

2010 Update: A trifler, such as an off-camera visionary or, presumably, an unclothed man of the cloth.


k. riggs gardner said...

Someone who quibbles over trivia, and raises petty, annoying objections?

Nessa said...

Lawyers get together in secret and make deals and only pretend to compete. It's a conspiracy I tell ya.

Anonymous said...

Pettifogger: Ambulance chasers

TLP said...

If a petticoat gets lifted in a fog, will anyone see it?

A carpet bagger by any name is still a pettifogger.

TLP said...

Any OTHER name. My bad.

W. S. Gilbert said...

I shall never throw dust in a juryman's eyes
Said I to myself, said I
Or hoodwink a judge who is not overwise
Said I to myself, said I

Or assume that a knave or a rogue or a thief
Is a gentleman worthy implicit belief
Because his attorney has sent me a brief
Said I to myself, said I

In other professions in which men engage--
The Army, the Navy, the Church and the STAGE--
Professional license, if taken to far
One's chance of promotion will certainly mar.
And I fancy the same might apply to to the bar,
Said I to myself, said I

(from memory)

Lord Chancellor said...

The Law is the true embodiment
Of everything that's excellent.
It has no kind of fault or flaw,
And I, my Lords, embody the Law.
The constitutional guardian I
Of pretty young Wards in Chancery,
All very agreeable girls — and none
Are over the age of twenty-one.
A pleasant occupation for
A rather susceptible Chancellor!

But though the compliment implied
Inflates me with legitimate pride,
It nevertheless can't be denied
That it has its inconvenient side.
For I'm not so old, and not so plain,
And I'm quite prepared to marry again,
But there'd be the deuce to pay in the Lords
If I fell in love with one of my Wards!
Which rather tries my temper, for
I'm such a susceptible Chancellor!

And every one who'd marry a Ward
Must come to me for my accord,
And in my court I sit all day,
Giving agreeable girls away,
With one for him — and one for he —
And one for you — and one for ye —
And one for thou — and one for thee —
But never, oh, never a one for me!
Which is exasperating for
A highly susceptible Chancellor!

Tom & Icy said...

He makes twelve men angry.

Rio said...

The smoke in your eyes
the fog up your skirt

tilden talks... said...

unclothed man of the cloth?

naked priest?

i slay me...

Cooper said...

That is a new one to me....but that picture...those things were commonly made in china and sold in Russia...weren't they? Or were they made in Russia?

k. riggs gardner said...

Buenas noches ~ dormir bien.

Anonymous said...

darn i say


Nessa said...

Poor Jim got his feelings hurt over our indiscriminate lawyer bashing, so I have to say that I know several attorneys that I like very much and their services have been useful, valuable and much appreciated.

I'm sorry, Jim.

Jim said...

Well, thank you Nessa. My feelings weren't really hurt but, well you know, I just didn't have anything to add (of course).
So I guess yesterday I was in a class with blondes, Pollocks, Aggies, and all the other joked about people.
Did you know that lawyers tell jokes about doctors and accountants?

Jim said...

My favorite lawyer jokes involve one getting to or in Heaven. There are a few (jokes) because people must think lawyers hardly ever get there.

Doug The Una said...

Why, yes, Karen.

I hear that all the time. Must be a libelous one, Nessa.

Sure, Thom. And bus drivers.

Oh, yes, TLP.

Impressive, Weirsdo.

Icy, and twelve angry men anger 144.

Rio, I'm sure I don't know what you mean.

You slay us all a little, Tilden.

Politicians, Actonbell. Pretty close.

Cooper, I think the matrushkas are Russian originally but, yeah, probably now made somewhere South of there.

Gracias og Merci, Karen.

Darn bless, Bear.

Nessa, I'm not sure what you mean but, of course, nobody meant any harm toward Jim, I don't think.

I was gonna say, Jim, "A lawyer went to heaven" is a good start for a joke.