Monday, February 22, 2010


EAT, v.i. To perform successively (and successfully) the functions of mastication, humectation, and deglutition.
"I was in the drawing-room, enjoying my dinner," said Brillat-Savarin, beginning an anecdote. "What!" interrupted Rochebriant; "eating dinner in a drawing-room?" "I must beg you to observe, monsieur," explained the great gastronome, "that I did not say I was eating my dinner, but enjoying it. I had dined an hour before."
2010 Update: To replenish for oneself the energy exhausted complaining.


Tom & Icy said...

Yeah, eat to live, don't live to eat.

Nessa said...

Brillat-Savarin needs some Pepcid AC.

Mad Hatter

quilly said...

EAT - the reason a teenage boys acknowledge their mothers in front of friends, "Mom, we're hungry, whats to eat?"

k. riggs gardner said...

2010 Update: Hilarity ensues.

The great jazz singer of the 1930s and 1940s, Billie Holiday, once said,

“You've got to have something to eat and a little love in your life before you can hold still for any damn body's sermon on how to behave.”

My verifier is guitiled, which means absolutely nothing. Either that or it's the past tense verb of playing a rythym and blues guitar.

Anonymous said...

Eat - one of my favourite things to do and my jeans are the proof.

Jim said...

Rub a dub, those three men:
humectation; and
I'll take the first two and

S P I T !!

That's the foolproof diet.
Then I can eat anything I want. :)

k. riggs gardner said...

Jim, I don't believe the host of this blog really cares what you eat or if you SPIT.

Of course, it's not my blog so I can't say for sure. But I've been getting that distinct impression for quite some time.

Jim said...

Sometimes I have my verifier guitiled, especially before spitting contests.

k. riggs gardner said...

2010 update: Hilarity ensues ...

Doug The Una said...

To eat is to live, Icy.

He sounds happy to me, Nessa.

Quilly, that's courageous of them.

Poor Mother Hubbard's dog, Thom.

Karen, Lady Day was plenty wise.

Jenn, there's always more canvas is how I see it.

Jim, the easy way to a slenderer, more attractive you, huh?

Karen, the host of this blog can speak for himself and even knows his own opinion somewhat.

Jim, does it have to do with watermelon seeds?

Saki said...

"I ought to have told you that I'm a Food Reformer. I've ordered two bowls of bread-and-milk and some health biscuits. I hope you don't mind."
Clovis pretended afterwards that he didn't go white above the collar-line for a fraction of a second.
"All the same," he saidd, "you ought not to joke about such things. There really are such people. I've known people who've met them."

cooper said...

And then there was Old Mother Hubbard who had nothing for her dog to eat, at least at first and then look what happened.

Anonymous said...

5:44 pm


sauerkraut said...

When replenishing, it's best not to do so with scrapple.

And then there is hagis. The brunch of champions.

Unknown said...

EAT - to put oneself in a good mood

Doug The Una said...

Weirsdo, Saki is my favorite author I've never read. One of these days, by golly.

Tragic, isn't it, Cooper?

Bear, thanks for looking out for me. 5:44 was indeed watertime.

Sauerkraut, you just need enough ketchup.

Genau, Nicole.

blooming psycho said...

While eating all the wrong things, Blooming Psycho discovered that she has become very lactose intolerant. Bad times in Psycho digestion-land!

sauerkraut said...

There ain't enough ketchup on this planet. ...

k. riggs gardner said...

Well then, sauerkraut, add mustard. When that runs out ... B-B-Q sauce ... Worcester sauce ... soy sauce... mayonnaise ... Ranch dressing ... Heinz 57 ...

k. riggs gardner said...

Remember the Beatles' song "I am the Walrus" ?

"Everybody's got one, everybody's got one, everybody's got one!"