Thursday, March 04, 2010


COUNTERFEIT, adj. Similar in appearance but of a different order of merit.

2010 Update: Lacking the premeditation of an original.


tsduff said...

Counterfeit: - A mere copy of the real McCoy i.e. my daughter's knock-off designer bag which earns for her the same raves as the stars wearing thousand-dollar gowns on the red carpet.

TLP said...

Counterfeit: Gettin' all hissey at the check counter.

Ariel the Thief said...

Counterfeit, the first solo album of Martin L. Gore. Having a bad day, Doug?

Nessa said...

Counterfeit: The fit you have in response to someone else's fit.

Sean the Vampire

Anonymous said...

COUNTERFEIT, adj: Gov. David Paterson of New York. Turd!

Anonymous said...

2010 update: pseudo-philosophers

Mrs. Jim said...

I disagree. The counterfeit has all the premeditation. The original is pure.

Mo'a said...

Counterfeit: A wannabe!!! My favorite bag is a wannabe...I go to classes because I wannabe...I give classes because there are other wannabes.

Anonymous said...

The men on online dating sites.

At least the ones I find. I have a radar or magnet or something.... hm.

k. riggs gardner said...

Cue -- sauerkraut

Enter: stage left

sauerkraut: scrapple. fat. scrapple. sweaty. scrapple and even more scrapple. row row row da boat. hagis. brunch of champions.

Doug The Una said...

But, Terry, isn't that immoral?

TLP, that's pretty good for a pun.

I wasn't, Ariel.

That''s not a refit, Nessa?

Poor Governor.

Anonymous, it would take a pseudo scholar to identify a pseudo-philosopher, I would speculate.

Of course, Jim. Did you use your wife's computer and log-in for irony's sake?

Mo'a, a wallaby is a counterfeit kangaroo.

Gosh, Jenn. I would have thought those sites would pretty much drip with authenticity.

Actonbell, you mean the one that says "Doug will have to miss school today as his father is in a coma. Signed, Steve Pascover?"

Karen, those are all good guesses. Don't know what went wrong.