Tuesday, March 02, 2010


CURSE, v.t. Energetically to belabor with a verbal slap-stick. This is an operation which in literature, particularly in the drama, is commonly fatal to the victim. Nevertheless, the liability to a cursing is a risk that cuts but a small figure in fixing the rates of life insurance.

2010 Update: To summarize in a single profanity, or string of profanities, the unabridged contents of an illustrated technical manual.


weirsdo said...

Good update, as Dr. Weirsdo can attest.

k. riggs gardner said...


Nessa said...

The evil eye is short and to the point.

RnPB: Ch 013 - Clean Up

Jim said...

Cursing will be of less help with insurance rates than smoking does the hurt.

Speaking of hurt and evil eye, former (he isn't running for re-election) politician, James Paul David "Jim" Bunning has sealed his fate just like Nessa's poor horse.
He doesn't know what it is to be messing with construction workers and their jobs.
People get more than bloody noses falling down steps. (That's an old saying I learned quickly in the U.S. Army.)

tsduff said...

Your update is outstanding - and nicely PG rated despite its title.

sauerkraut said...

I plead guilty to both, especially when directing it to the hammer that has hit the wrong nail. And a sailor holds nothing on a farmer who's caught his finger in the hay bailer.

Pass the salt, please.

Anonymous said...

CURSE: Rush Limbaugh vs. the entire Democrat Party

Sangria and Custard...I dunno if I'd take that bet

quilly said...

CURSE, v.t. verbal human pressure relief value.

Minka said...

curse,n. a god-given monthly phenomenon for about every second one of us

Ariel the Thief said...

If you cannot be a blessing, you still can be a curse.

LOL Doug! My experience is that women do better with illustrated manuals then men do. I wonder why.

depicto - see your table here and believe you can do it

Doug The Una said...

Weirsdo, I can only imagine how a Vette's owner's manual reads.

That's a mild one, Karen.

And it rhymes, too, Nessa.

Jim, that's an adage I'll keep in the toolbox.

Thanks, Terry. It took awhile to edit.

Sauerkraut, I nearly lost a thumb to a swather. The adage I learned about baling, now obsolete, was "Beware or be square."

Thom, my ex used to like sangria and flan at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Quilly, absolutely. I suspect God ordained it.

With your eyes closed, Minka, it seems like 9 out of 10.

Actonbell, that's a word not used enough, in my opinion.

Ariel, that's a hopeful piece of advice I plan to take.

Minka said...

well, perhaps you should stop going to Deep Springs ;)