Monday, March 08, 2010


GRAVE, n. A place in which the dead are laid to await the coming of the medical student.
Beside a lonely grave I stood —
With brambles 'twas encumbered;
The winds were moaning in the wood,
Unheard by him who slumbered,

A rustic standing near, I said:
"He cannot hear it blowing!"
"'Course not," said he: "the feller's dead —
He can't hear nowt that's going."

"Too true," I said; "alas, too true —
No sound his sense can quicken!"
"Well, mister, wot is that to you? —
The deadster ain't a-kickin'."

I knelt and prayed: "O Father, smile
On him, and mercy show him!"
That countryman looked on the while,
And said: "Ye didn't know him."
Pobeter Dunko
2010 Update: The whole Earth and any portion thereof set aside for one individual's excess capacity. A typical grave has room enough for a human's heart, skin, brain, bones, muscles and sinews but not his ambition which must be interred separately in an earlier rite.


Jim said...

My ambition won't follow me to the grave either. I have already given it away to my five children. The grandkids have their share too.
All are workaholics, even KP, the baby has it!
BTW, she is the feature of my blog today. All smiles and busy at seven months plus.

Mo'a said...

This is a grave subject...however, I shall endeavor to make in lighter and give you a small Icelandic lesson.
To dig is ad grafa...(in ad the d is and eth) a grave is grof...(the o has a two dot hat)
For future lessons it looks like I need to add several Icelandic letters.
BTW...I will not need much space as I shall be cremated. Oooops!!! serious again.

TLP said...

My kids used to like to sing, "the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms play pinochle on your snout...." (even Actonbell...the sweet one.)

That was enough to make me decide to never have a grave. Just light me up.

Anonymous said...

GRAVE: My Grandmother is in a wall..hmmm my Grandfather is scattered in the they ever meet?

Ariel the Thief said...

Thom, did they build a castle with the remains of your Grandmother? Just because there is that story about the 12 bricklayers who cannot make the walls stand till they don't build the wife of one in.

Logophile said...

What a cheery little topic you have today.
I'm with TLP,
Come on, baby, light my pyre.

sauerkraut said...


quilly said...

GRAVE, n. the brother of gravity and it is rare to find one without the other.

quilly said...

oops! That should read it is rare to find the former without the later.

Unknown said...

with so many birthdays gone by, I now have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel

mitabod: hot body

Doug The Una said...

Jim, I think it was Andrew Carnegie who said that he who dies rich dies disgraced.

Takk, Mo'a! Is that the "d" that looks like a Greek ∂ or the "D" with an equal sign stabbing it in the back?

Actonbell, life is a graver one.

TLP, my mother's kids used to sing that, too. Don't worry, I'm all for smoking you in a bong when the time comes.

Thom, the question is: which one made those arrangements?

Ariel, please share that story. I'm laughing at the summary.

Logo, there are only so many torches.

Saurkraut, that took me a minute. I thought you meant the apostle, rather than the plural.

Quilly, it is also rare to find a wristwatch without the latter.

Watch your footing, Karma. Smushed banana peel makes a mess.