Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A St. Patrick's Day prayer

May the road rise up to meet you
And the wind be at your back
May a snort slosh in your bottle
For each other thing you lack.
May the devil employ busy hands
And leave your pair to deal;
May fish find your plate on Friday
And leave you steak for meal.
May Sunday find you fighting
And Monday watch you abed,
May you recall Tuesday through Thursday
Each lie Saturday night you said;
And if it be your part in life,
The vagabond to play,
May your friends find you a tyrant
In every other way.

IRISH, n. A variety of goat with opposable thumbs and tongues.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to any friend I have left and, in particular, the Mooneys who have no choice in the matter.


Jim said...

Doug, I will wish you the same in return. Happy St. Patrick's Day! That is a neat poem, I am glad you didn't leave out the eating part--I'm fasting until I have some tests this morning and will make up for it in the afternoon.
Don't know the Mooneys in person but I do recognize your sister and family. Happy St. Patrick's Day to the Mooneys and the Pascovers and the rest of your family!

TLP said...

Dia duit!

This poem shouldn't get anyone's irish up. 'Tis a gud'n.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all.

Nessa said...

Great poem Doug and should be recited by every drunk in the land 9if they were capable of wrapping their tongues around the words.)

"Oh, he occasionally takes an alcoholiday." - Oscar Wilde

Did you lose my feed again?

Wordless Wednesday - Sláinte!

weirsdo said...

As an orange wearer, I bear no ill will.
I am confused as to how the fish is going to replace the meal with steak, though.

Anonymous said...

a merry
tilt of the hat
wish'n you and yours
a delightful
saint pats' day

i myself
shall enhance
this fine day
with a little

thinking chicago sf sac wc the rock
Thank You Friend
sharing Friends

k. riggs gardner said...

Here's an Irish song for children. Let's ALL do an Irish dance!

ALL: T’was a tip-top Irish mornin’ (pause)…

ALL GIRLS: When an old grumpy *TROLL*,
Stomped off looking
For a pot of gold.
And as he stomped
He shouted a verse.
It was part Irish blessing
And part Irish curse:

ALL BOYS: I’m told there’s gold,
Gold, my friend,
Resting in a pot
At the rainbow’s end.
May the road rise to meet me
So I won’t turn wrong,
And bad luck follow.

Actually, Irish dances are called jigs. Leprechauns do them all the time. There's even a troupe of dancers who do a version with amazing footwork. Their hands stay glued to their sides. The show is call RIVER DANCE. They tour the globe.

Ariel the Thief said...

That's a great St Patrick's day wish, it has to be told before the very first beer, though!

Anonymous said...

Loved the poem. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family Doug :) Erin Go Bragh!

broadcastellan said...

I guess St. David doesn't have a prayer.

TLP said...

Well, Harry, that could be because the Welsh didn't come over here and be all colorful-like.

k. riggs gardner said...

I disagree, TLP. Richard Burton was Welsh. He was a very colorful actor, but never won an Academy Award. And Harry, today is not St. David's Day. If you wanted a prayer, you should've been here on March 1st. Of course, most blog commenters here write Rabbit, Rabbit on that day, so you may have been out of luck.

tsduff said...

Green noted - though as with Weirsdo I sometimes wear orange.

Happy St. Patrick's Day friend - great poem. Not so sure about the Irish definition though... none of my Irish ancestors were goats.

Cooper said...

Happy St Patrick's may be a little late here but you are still in the throes of it - nice poem.

Ariel the Thief said...

I like Burton, too, despite of the Wagner series. A very young and very pretty actress-wanna-be interviewed him in Hungary in the middle of the 70's, she asked him very interesting questions like what he does with the lot of money he makes. Burton sat back and said, I spend it.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Jim. My sister and family are those selfsame Mooneys.

Top o' the marnin', TLP.

Yeah, Nessa. I didn't have the feed for your new old site. I'll get that fixed soon.

Weirsdo, it's a magic fish.

Bear, I might have guessed. Heck, I did guess. Where we headed next?

Karen, RIverdance is Leprechaun in origin?

Ariel, I haven't had the first beer yet.

Same to you, Thom.

Harry, does it feel like St. Dewi has a prayer? There's a patron I wouldn't hire on.

Probably true, TLP. There's Welsh Church outside Iowa City. outside Iowa City!

Good point, Karen. This place is mostly pagan on the first.

Terry, I find that kind of hard to believe. None?

Cooper, if by throes you mean asleep, yes.

Ozzy, that takes me back to an earlier age of nonsequitur.

Ariel, it's amazing how a reverent interviewer can make anyone seem a philosopher. I like to think I'm ready for people's curiosity, should it arrive.

Ariel the Thief said...

That will be the day when the media dies...

broadcastellan said...

It was sort of an in-joke, Karen, based on what Doug shared with me a few hours earlier. I know it wasn’t 1 March. Hey, I live in Wales.

k. riggs gardner said...

Why thank you, Harry Heuser. I had forgotten you live in Wales. I believe Ozzie and Doug are also sharing a "sort of in-joke," unless nonsequitur is a typo.

Will you share once more? How did you enjoy your St. Dewi's Day on 1 March?

Doug The Una said...

The day after, probably, Ariel.

Indeed, Harry.

Karen, Ozzy and I aren't acquainted. Probably a typo.