Friday, July 28, 2006


GENUINE, adj. Real, veritable, as, A genuine counterfeit, Genuine hypocrisy, etc.

2006 Update: Authentic, as may be certified by a friend of a friend or the guy at the bar.


dddragon said...

Genuine desire to be first this time!


Sar said...

Genuine: Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.

puppybrose said...

Genuine pleasure to think i was second, genuinely surprised to be third!

Miz BoheMia said...

Genuine... my bohemian amor for you hermano who is mostly dulce and so not a curmudgeon but shhh, I won't tell! Te lo prometo! TE DIGO QUE TE LO PROMETO!

Miz BoheMia said...

OH DIOS MIO! I thought I would be second and here I am 4th and 5th! *GASPETTY GASP*

Joel said...

Genuine relief and thankfulness that this is Friday...hoping the fatigue caused by a very harried week is reversible and that the weekend will give us motiveto face the next week.

Anomie-Atlanta said...

I am nothing but a facade. I cannot even make a quip about the meaning of genuine.

G said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
G said...

My comments are going through. Have I been banned? I've been nothing but genuine here.

G said...

That was supposed to be "aren't".

Anyway, this has taken the whole fun out of the quip.

genuine: the real deal.

Anonymous said...

I always think of Super Dave Osborne when I hear the word genuine. Genuine Saskatchewan Sealskin Seatbelts.

Joel said...

Love Super Dave.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh! I am forgetting my bohemian ways! That should have been amoooor.... Ha, ha, ha, haaaa! Fo sho!

Mistress Anna said...

A spot-remover for phoney shellac

karma said...

a genie trapped in the bottle too long. oops! did that sound like a verifier? ok, let me try the real thing:

qirji: a gay genie

Tan Lucy Pez said...

I have actually seen "Genuine imitation maple syrup," on the label of a syrup bottle in a gift shop. Soooo funny.

Genuine, adj., Describing a dangerous thing. Romanticism applied without reason.
See more at, description of the search for arguments for continuing to believe what you already believe.
Also see, Whatever you want it to be.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Oh Karma! A gay genie trapped in a bottle (or closet) too long! I loooooooovvvvvveeeee it!

abakiwed: abba kadabra, I wed (if the law allows).

Anonymous said...

Jen-u-whine when the task master is mean to you. Yes, sigh, yes I do. But he's soooo mean!

puppybrose said...

Genuine: that which cannot be faked well and/or over a long period of time. (i.e. leadership, talent, orgasms)

mireille said...

Absolutely, when purchased on a NY street: Prada, Gucci, Vuitton, Rolex. xoxo

Logophile said...

I am experiencing genuine fatigue.
Maybe I need more coffee

cj said...

genuine: something that is found naturally and comes with a certificate saying that it really is what it is.... just like diamonds!

brian said...

genuine: the guy at the bar who turns out to be a swine.

Lame. I think I am too fatigued to be more genuine.

Oh shoot! Logo already used that.

Doug said...

Dddragon, first and true blue.

Sar, has anyone ever told you you sound like Tammi Terrel?

Puppybrose, genuinely glad you're here.

Pro cierto, hermano. Como siempre, te creo sin pregunta.

Joel, the weekend's a trap. See if you don't end up on Monday. Nice summary, though.

Anomie, was it Groucho Marx who said sincerity is everything and once you can fake that you have it made?

G, you're never banned but sometimes challenged.

Jenna, do those seatbelts stretch?

Haha, Mistress Anna.

TLP's doing Karma and Karma, TLP. It's a genuine freaky friday.

Genuine Jenna's whine.

Puppybrose thats one great definition and three bad examples.

You forgot heroin, Mireille.

Maybe, Logo?

CJ, I have a stack of labels like that if you need one.

Brian, a cup for you too.

tsduff said...

Genuine: My lapel button which reads "silicon free"

O Ceallaigh said...

GENUINE, adj. Appellation Bordeaux Controllée.

I've seen genuine imitation leather. What I get for looking at wallets in Wal-Mart. Example of what's not in a name.

But I've not seen that on bottles of maple syrup. Pennsylvania's tourists must be even dumber than the ones that visit Maine.

¡Turista! ¡Turista!


brian said...

We just a genuine old fashioned gullywasher. A real humdinger of a storm. The genuine article. And you know what? It is genuinely the weekend. Peace out.

Mutha said...

We're about to get the same genuine storm here in before the thunder booms again, I will shut off my computer.

But, one more thing:
Genuine: what rings true, when the fit is just right and it cuts glass too.

actonbell said...

Is anything as good as it appears? I'm looking for a beautiful pastry that really tastes as gorgeous as it looks.
Does the genuine pastry exist? This will be a moot point as soon as the beer's poured, of course...

TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT's a genuine feeling.

hpvvio or hpwio? I should I know? Genuinely confused, not blind.

shayna said...

Where do we go from here
I want to know
My heart is melting like the winter snow yeah
What's happening here
I use to know
It was a sure thing
Now it's not for sure yeah
Let down my guards and I opened up to you
And I dealt with the cards that I was given too
But now unsure if all your words were genuine
And I have to ask this question can't pretend

a4g said...

Genuine, n. Having been found in Wikipedia, or the New York Times.

a4g said...

Or rather adj. (genuinely speaking)

Doug said...

Haha, Terry. I'm not sure that needs labelling but maybe should be anyhow to protect the inconsistent student.

O Ceallaigh, I think for a next career the tourist board may not be your choice.

Enjoy, Brian. Ah, me I miss rain.

Mutha, I love how that reads.

Actonbell, that will be your second I guess.

Shayna's back! Genuine Shayna.

Haha, a4g. Did you see the article in the Onion this week about "Wikipedia celebrates 750 years of American Independence?

Solace Cai said...

Wasn't/Isn't he a rapper? Since you know, Rap is so "genuine." Like any other music, they all have to look the same and sound the same to cut a record deal... doesn't sound very genuine to me.
(Don't get mad at me if you like rap) :)

a4g said...

Yes, Doug, and I've been drinking ever since.

Envy-- the red, bleary-eyed monster.

Doug said...

Solace, my rap days are long behind and I wouldn't get mad at you anyway. Opinions in this comment section are not offensive to the author of this website, Blogger or its affiliates.

Don't suffer a4g, I think the Onion reported that inaccurately.