Tuesday, July 25, 2006


REVERSIBLE, adj. A political platform.

2006 Update: One-dimensional.


Indeterminacy said...

Reversable: Main quality of The U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights

Joel said...

Reversible: Cool shirts and jackets when I was a kid.

Joel said...

Reversible: The NFL courtesy instant replay.

brian said...

Reversible: We must stay the course and not flip-flop to show our resolve.

Joel said...

...to add to Brian's sentiment

Reversible: John Kerry (sadly)

Sar said...

Reversible: The same backwards as forwards. See Palidromes.

O Bobo! Get Indy clear! He'd render a red nerd eh? Ra! El Cid nite! Go Bobo!

- author unknown, borrowed by Sar

Sar said...

Isn't that cool? I found a palidrome that includes the names of two of our blogger buddies!

*sigh* I'm easily amused.

The Village Idiot said...

OK I am back, with coffee and a fresh Brioche

Reversible: A Do Over

brian said...


A reversible, yet versatile politician is cursable?

Word verification is perfect for politics. "hygnyhc"

karma said...

a confused state of mind over what's in and what's out. Superman got over it by wearing his inner wear as outer wear

dddragon said...

Reversible: duvet covers and jackets. The fortunes of war and Blogger.

Anonymous said...

Reversible? What the...what kind of word is this? All the good definitions are taken. Perhaps if I reverse time and post a definition instead of backing up my laptop. Priorities I guess.

mireille said...

Like when a poem has parts that repeat, um, a refrain. You know, re-verse-able. xoxo

Joel said...

Speaking of Superman (Karma's reference)...his bad days were reversible courtesy his ability to reverse the earth's spin and take it back in time.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Reversible, adj., Pentimento. See more at, Let me outta here!

First Nations said...

reversible: a strong, adamantly held position, most often based on faith.

woo hoo, dougie!

Rio said...

my biggest regret is not getting that reverible bathing suit 5 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I was all excited. "Yeah! It's a do over. A Mulligan." And then I saw VI already said that.

Sigh. I'd like a definition do over, please.

Anomie-Atlanta said...

Reversible: See also indictment of Dallas Austin and bribe

G said...

I got nothing - should not have read the comments, wish that were reversible. Then I would not have Mireille's little wit playing the Violent Femmes in my ear right now (which now that I think of it is a throwback to Jonathan Richman) - "Third Verse Same as the First..."

I'll just reverse my way out the door - poof!

The Village Idiot said...

Jenna, You are slipping, beaten by an Idiot?

We still love ya though!

Anonymous said...

*sobs into hands* I KNOW!!! What is wrong with me? Do you think it's reversible??

puppybrose said...

yeah... i keep coming and going, and going and coming (and always too soon...). i have nothing. my mind is blank. i'm pretty sure this condition is reversible, but i fear that, for the foreseeable future, it is not.

Doug said...

Indie, they're living documents.

Joel, or the flea-flicker.

Brian to cut and run?

Joel, and Bill Clinton and, oddly, GWB. The latter can face you from inside a closet and say "stay the course"

Sar, I thought you wrote that yourself until I realized it didn't make sense and was perfectly spelled, quite a reversal.

V.I., you want to try that again?

Curable, Brian.

Karma, that's biological.

Dddragon, *claps*

Jenna, you put your novel ahead of blogging? That's way reversible.

Obla-di, Mireille.

Yeah, Joel. I was never really convinced of that one. Flying and stopping bullets, yeah, that I can buy.

TLP, that's the closet.

First Nations, you changed my mind.

Rio, that's about 1000% funnier to those of us who have read every post on your blog. If I could turn back time, I'd buy you that bathing suit.

Jenna, why don't you do "Backup"

Anomie, it took some Googlery but I get it now. Nothing worse than public servants who don't stay bought.

G, why can't you get just one word?

Puppybrose, it comes and it comes.

Mutha said...

Reversible: The notion that hope springs eternal, all can be set again, hurray for second chances...and thirds...and fourths.

And G! The VF lyric you mention goes on to say just that...
"Just last night
I was reminded of
Just how bad it had gotten and
Just how sick I had become.
But it could change with this relationship..."

See?! Reversible.

O Ceallaigh said...

IRREVERSIBLE, adj. Pertaining to the qualities of compassion and forgiveness; said to be an attribute of the Christian Churches. Formerly spelled ire-reversible. Both the spelling and the meaning have been lost in modern times. See CHRISTIAN COALITION.


Anonymous said...

Oh. Damn. Back up would've been brilliant. I blame the heat. And laptop stress.

Yes...back up your hard drive especially in times of "laptop stress" for any damage done is irREVERSIBLE and you're, in a word, screwed. And not even in a wear a big, smile way. So, everyone, practice reversibling your computer. Thank you. Class dismissed.

Logophile said...

public opinion, political parties, and Columbia parkas

mostly covered above, but that immediately composed itself in my head when I saw the word and I was not going to pass it up.

G said...

Mutha - See! Just needed someone to help me through - it was there all along! You rock!

Doug - could you give me a clue?

Yes OC - see The Crusades.

Joel said...

Reversible: An action difficult for my first car, a 1963 Ford Fairlane.

LeesahEm. said...

reversible-the process of aging (at least that's according to the plastic surgery and eye cream ads I see all over the place...now where's that eight grand I left lying around for my mini-face lift and botox?)

Sar said...

Doug - *Smack!*

Doug said...

Mutha, I think the only thing more reversible than pessimism and optimism is pragmatism.

And At-one-ment, OC?

Thanks, Jenna. Definition? You wanted the do-over so back up.

Logo that was well-written. It's worth repeating some ideas for a sentence like that.

G, I was just playing on your Violent Femmes theme, but, sure, Feather, v.t.

Joel, I had an 80 Zephyr. Those cars were meant to be one-way.

Masil, that was yours? My lips have never been so full and luscious.

Sar, that's the kind of reversal I know best.

puppybrose said...

Reversible: that which is that which was and might be that again.

(in my head this made perfect sense. then it didn't. then it did.)

actonbell said...

Some things are reversible, and some just aren't. If I put too much sweetner in my coffee, there's no do-over. (sob) The only solution is to gulp down some too-sweet coffee, then add more of the plain-black stuff. But still, I've wrecked a coffee-drinking experience that I'll never have again. That's a fiasco that is not reversible.

Oh, rio--I like the idea of a reversible bathing suit! Same tan lines, same suit you love, but with a slightly different fashion statement. Oh, now this is uplifting:)

mireille said...

*Uplifting* ... heh ... refers to how much spandex is in the reversible suit. What a great idea. I like that too. Never mind, Doug. ♥ xoxo

Doug said...

Puppybrose, if you follow that's also that which ain't, wasn't and won't be at the same time.

Actonbell, you are so low impact! Pour the crap out and have another cup. Problem solved. Think of it as helping the campesinos in Colombia.

Mireille, having only an asthetic appreciation of women's bathing suits, if you reverse an uplifting top does it become depressing?

mireille said...

LOLOLOL! Depends on what size it is. LOLOLOL! xoxo

G said...

Doug! You just knocked me over with it! If I printed that I would be banned from your blog.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

LOL! Doug your comment about "if you reverse an uplifting top does it become depressing" is the best blog-bit I've read all day!
Bathing suits become depressing in general as you age. Just the fact that things do need uplifting is depressing. That fact can be reversed of course. All it takes is money and the right plastic surgeon.

actonbell said...

LOL, indeed! Good one, Doug. Oh, my, and right before turning in, too:)

upgjnvl-up&go jump to the navel
(really, I'm not making that UP)

puppybrose said...

it's true! i came back here to offer up one more pathetic "definition", then had to reverse my decision after reading that comment! so... um...Saturday you alluded to the fact there'd be more...uh... er... explicit content on this blog, is referring to a "reversible uplifting top" as "depressing" what ya had in mind? (still tame, but hey, it's a start.)

(by the way, Doug... nice use of "Googlery" earlier. by golly, when it's penned by the likes of you i believe it just might catch on!) xo

cooper said...

reversible my comments are not when placed on the blogs of others and the button is pushed.

I really thought the aging thing was mone but then I kept scrolling down anf that masil has taken it......I'm out.

G said...

No Puppybrose, there are some secret song lyrics that I am not at liberty to type here for if I did my ban from Waking would not be reversible.

puppybrose said...

g: i hear ya sister! not that i would know what any of those objectionable lyrics might be, mind you...(on the other hand, tiny trash can = reversible comment, right?)

Cooper: you are wa-a-ay too young to have to worry about wrinkles, reversible or otherwise (so is Masil, for that matter)

here's the deal: wrinkles are reversible at the same rate as fortunes. the more you spend, the better you look. but then you'll have nowhere to show off those good looks, because you'll be broke. and by the time you manage to save a few, paltry bucks, chances are your skin will have reverted back to its former, less youthful condition. in other words, lose/lose.

that said, there are those who believe that it's better to look good than to pay bills. but that strategy doesn't work for everyone. and could cause a reversible marital situation for me if i don't reverse my opinion post-haste.

puppybrose said...

as opposed to "hasty post" which is what i just did. sigh. where's my little trash can when i need it?

G said...

Why does my comment have a little trash can - I bet my comment will be gone in the morning. I'm glad you don't have a trash can as that was a good comment. Now don't try to put it in mine.

Good night all.

SquareGirl said...

Reversible: Flakey OR non-Republican.

Whay are we at war again??

ariel said...

"If I put too much sweetner in my coffee, there's no do-over. (sob) The only solution is to gulp down some too-sweet coffee, then add more of the plain-black stuff. But still, I've wrecked a coffee-drinking experience that I'll never have again."

Actonbell, truer words have never been spoken!

The ZenFo Pro said...

For some odd reason, I've never posted a comment here...just realized that this morning...

Watching the news this morning, yeah...very appropriate update.

Doug said...

Mine, Mireille?

G, I'll ban you just as quick for making me sound like a tight@$$! (But thanks for not typing that)

TLP, why is there never a plastic surgeon around in an emergency?

Reggae, Actonbell?

Puppybrose, I'm dying to trot out Wikipediot, too.

Cooper, come on back.

Squaregirl, and who with?

It's true, Ariel we all failed to recognize the most essential truth of the day. Thank you for saving us from ourselves.

Welcome, Zenfo!

puppybrose said...

i know for a fact i'm not the only Wikipediot to frequent this blog... i'm guessing you'll be trotting soon. xo