Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Special Guest Guru

This week, my first return guest is blogging mentor, long time friend and birthday girl, Pia Savage. Pia was asked to define Boomer. Here is her response:

For the one person who might not know this, our Duke Dawg Doug can be sardonic, or did I mean Satan? Whatever. He would ask me to define Boomer, the word that follows me around like a pit bull who hasn't been fed in days.

BOOMER, n. (slang) 1) people who were born between 1946 and 1964, and believe as our beloved President does that they are morally and physically superior, are immortal, and won't ever become old because old age doesn't fit their needs. They also seem to think that every disease will be cured, innovative housing for older people will be magically made without working for such goals to come true.
2) People who devote arduous amounts of time to talking, in person and on the Internet, about how they had the best childhood in the history of childhood, and will drag out their prized mementos to prove it. This includes 50 year old crusts of pizza as well as Davy Crockett lunch pails that are in the same moldy gross state as the pizza crust. Hey, it was only 35 cents and if you look in the right light you can see Elvis's face.
3) People born after 1964, or who refuse to identify themselves as Boomers, and blame every known and unknown problem on Boomers.

About Pia: Pia was born on this day, between 1946 and 1964. Happy birthday, Pia! Where was I? Oh, right, Pia. Pia was, with Karma, the first of my blogging friends beginning back when my blogging was confined to disability policy. That's a true friend, right there. She is the author/maven of Courting Destiny and an eagerly anticipated book to be written any old day now.

Pia is something of a celebrity in the blogging world. Everyone who has ever used Blog Explosion knows her site with the pink background and the Alberto Vargas artwork and those of us who actually read the sites we've surfed to have been treated to the unique Pia style. Reading Pia is like being a tourist in Manhattan. In each of her posts, the reader meanders via several parallel, engaging tales, a reminder of how many stories there are to tell in the naked city, finally reaching a destination that startles even though you knew you were heading there all along. It's a new style to me, and uniquely Pia's, that makes reading a thrill.

Pia is the first second-time guest on this site, having defined Picaresque back in October. She was also the inspiration for the second fictional story and first celebrity imitation on this site. She co-founded Bring It On!, a left-leaning political site. Although I mentioned this in her previous guest post, I'd feel remiss not mentioning the role Pia has played in the evolution of many weblogs of including this one. As many people as read Pia, there are almost as many blogging or blogging better for her influence. Pia lives in New York City, if you couldn't tell.

How to be a future guest on this site: Just send an email to dpascover at mac dot com. On a future Wednesday, after posting that week's guest, I'll send you an email with a word to define. You'll be expected to return your definition along with a graphic representing either your definition or yourself by the following Saturday. The only rules are no profanity and no novels, please. And whatever I make up at the last minute.

I will be contacting previous guests who regularly comment here to repeat in no particular order. Previous guests who haven't been much heard from since their guest post should recontact if they would like to repeat.


neva said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIA! a fellow boomer? good to know!! xoxox

Joel said...

Happy Birthday Pia! And speaking of integral part of last night's symphony and light show courtesy mother nature.

pia said...

Thanks Doug for that wonderful introduction

Of course I secretly think that baby boomers rule :-) Just not the blogosphere, not yet. Most are still trying to figure out the meaning of the word "weblog." And I should stop

And my intials are in word verification--which must mean something

O Ceallaigh said...

Happy Birthday, Pia! Congratulations and well done.


     Effete and impudent snobs. - Spiro Agnew

Ones who have discovered that, because they outnumber everyone else, they can get their way with screaming and temper tantrums, leaving the damage to be fixed, if possible, later, after they've gone.

csssh: visualize [world] peace. Too easy.

neva said...

Boomer, n: One of 76 million Americans who help drive the economy, politics, and programming on Nick at Nite. Purveyor/purchaser of (often cheesy) nostalgic memorabilia. Muse/fodder for Doonesbury. Potentially parents to anyone born after '64 (think about that)

iamfqn: i am a former queen

Joel said...

No discussion of BOOMERS would be complete without mention of Boomer of the great lefty quarterbacks in NFL history.

Joel said...

...and while I'm exploring sports applications...a discussion of college football history would have to include a significant chapter on the Boomer Sooners from Oklahoma (the land of my birth).

Sar said...

Happy Birthday to our Pia! You don't look a day over 12. ;) But thank goodness you are otherwise you wouldn't have all that interesting life experience you share with us (as Doug so eloquently described).

Boomer: He could--go--all--the WAY!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pia!

So, I'm the first non-boomer up, hm? Kewl. I'm finally first at something on this blog.

Sar said...

Joel - I almost went with Esiason but at the last minute I went with Berman.

*high fives Joel for a sports comment trifecta*

And eh hem, Jenna, I beg your pardon! There's a reason I'm an '80s chick ya know. ;)

Pia Talks said...

Was seven, and always the tallest person in my class, however....

Some boomers think they rule the world; the one I mentioned who isn't me definetly does

I just rule my own little universe--totally in my head

And the first book Electric Haired Chick: tells almost all: a memoir about sex,drugs, rock & roll and adoption is in first draft form

Mo'a said...

Happy Birthday Pia!
I was 4 years old when the first Boomer was born. I have had all the benefits of the boomer generation and non of the preceived stigma.
I guess it is my destiny to live on the cusp.....I am on the cusp of the Baby Boom and on the cusp between Cancer and birthday is July 23.....and it is more and more aparent to me that I am on the cusp of the blog explosion.

Kyahgirl said...

Hey Pia, nice to see you here! Happy Birthday too.

Your definition made me laugh.....I think one of my older sibs has a Davy Crockett lunch pail kicking around somewhere!

Nice write up Doug. Its good to meet some of your original blog pals.

Anonymous said...

I know, Sar, you beat me by a minute but by then I had posted. So what could I do? Delete my comment?? I can't WIN on this blog. Harrumph. I didn't see that until now as I had to take my non-baby boomer butt to work. verifier says indaman. I thought this was a family blog. Huh.

G said...

Pia - Firstly Happy Birthday!

I know there are people who are not Boomers but they are our parents or post boomers (and the lovely Mo'a) :)

Look was the word boomer, guru, mentor? Whichever - all words I attribute to you. It's that style that Doug spoke about that is uniquely you and makes Courting one of my first and favorites. Great job, love the pics, and will check out the links.

Mazel tov all around.

Boomer - see "What's so funny bout peace love and understanding"

The Village Idiot said...

Happy Birthday Pia!

Boomer Anything that makes a sudden loud noise

see Child

mireille said...

But, but ... won't ever become old because old age doesn't fit their needs ... isn't true??? Happy Birthday, Pia! xoxo

Anonymous said...

How come blogger only acts up on Guest Wednesdays? It's giving me a booming headache.

neva said...

but, mireille, it *is* true! we're not getting old, just older.

speaking of trifectas... was this boomer not TEH FIRST to comment for the past 3 days? i believe i was! (just sayin'... i miss teh Penguin. who's not a boomer, but certainly a welcome voice in the booming blogosphere!)

oh, and instead of "Nick at Night", i should have said "TV Land" in my earlier comment. i stand corrected, having corrected myself... responsible boomer that i try to be (on any given day).

Doug said...

Thanks, Neva. Neva, meet Pia. Pia, Neva. Neva, this is Puppytoes.

Joel, that sounds awfully good to me.

Pia, my honest pleasure. I think your initials in verifier means that the world is a symphony played for you on your birthday. Or it could be a coincidence. Thanks for being a guest.

O Ceallaigh, if only Agnew had known generally accepted accounting principles as well as he knew people.

Neva, I like your definition. People born after '64 are hardly worth mentioning, though. You must just have meant the parents.

Joel, amen. And here's to the blondest man in football.

Jenna, here's to the baby bust generation! May it continue forever.

Thanks, Sar

Pia, how's the dental plan in the world in your head?

So, Mo'a you might have babysat the first boomer. That makes you a real pioneer.

Kyahgirl, thanks. I had Evel Kneivel, Emergency and the Incredible Hulk. There's probably still a sandwich in one of them.

Jenna, not long ago this site took a turn toward the unwholesome.

g, howdy to another Pia University graduate. I wouldn't have brought up Elvis Costello, though. That makes a boomer a recent convert to lounge singing.

V.I. or a man with a wayward hammer.

Mireille, I think in your case you won't become old because you don't fit dotage's needs.

Dunno, Jenna. More than a little irritating isn't it?

Neva, thank you for self-correcting. I'd have trouble keeping up if I had to do it on my own. And good job as deputy penguin.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Happy Birthday Pia! Good job on the definition.

'Round here a boomer is a thunder storm.

G said...

Elvis has nothing to be ashamed of.

Kyahgirl said...

Deputy Penguin :-) I love that nickname for Neva/puppytoes/sophietoes/onehotpuppy/snuppy. She needs a few more handles!!

First Nations said...

i refuse the label 'baby boomer' because the phrase is dorky.
although i do miss my 'Snoopy' lunchbox.
i am a member of the Pepsi generation. diggin it, diggin it, diggin IT! (10 points for whoever remembers that ad campaign, kiddies!)

happy birthday! anyone who can quote spiro agnew at whim?...dang. am impressed.

tsduff said...

Boomer: a dog BOOMER THE DOG.

I think the baby boomer label is highly overrated and overused. I was born during said era, and I'm no different than the next human being on the planet.

Happy Birthday Pia - nice post. Blogger is being a pill.

puppybrose said...

"neva/puppytoes/onehotpuppy/snuppy/deputy penguin" by any other name is still a baby boomer (and proud of it. what? it may be a label, but it's not the worst thing i've been called in recent days...)

tsduff said...

Okay, try this... BOOMER

puppybrose said...

you mock me? do you know me well enough to do that?

that said... i stand corrected. i was pretty sure my 22 year old hurled a mouthful of obscene names at me two days ago, but this... well. gosh. i'm speechless. a speechless boomer, but speechless, nonetheless.

Doug said...

TLP, around here we don't have a name for that.

G, it's a quarter of three. There's no-one in the place except you and me.

Kyahgirl, we should have a name that blogger contest for the next seven names.

Not to fear, First Nations, I never use that label. I find "Senior" to be much more dignified. (Note: I missed the cutoff by three years)

Terry, if you were a real boomer you'd know there is no other person on this earth.

Puppybrose, did someone use an obscenity with you? I'd like to have a word with them. It's a weak place in my vocabulary.

Terry, I vaguely remember Boomer. My childhood dog, the late great Vegas looked like a tri-colored version.

Puppy, I don't see where you were mocked but I hereby declare open season on Puppytoes. Everyone, remember to wish Pia a happy birthday then go mock Puppytoes/Puppybrose/Neva/Snuppy/Hotpuppy/Amelia Bedelia, etc. (Actually sorry to hear you got it from the son. It's never too late to beat them.)

Logophile said...

maker of loud repetitive percussive noises,
see also
Democratsand Republicans with microphones,
Idiots with axes,
children with EVERYTHING

puppybrose said...

doug: i am laughing (and laughing and LAUGHING)! and, having been thusly and so thoroughly mocked, declare you, oh early onset curmudgeon, an "honorary boomer"... no, don't thank me now, wait 'til the aches and/or pains/lost vision/thinning hair/membership to AARP kicks in!

still, it's *good* to be a boomer, right Birthday Girl??

garbw: i vant to be alone, too. Uoh wait, that's your line)

Pia Talks said...

"It's a quarter to three...." Very good use of a song lyric by somebody from Long Island where Gina lives

Actually am going to challenge Gina to a battle of Long Island bar bands---because I'm a native to Jersey ones--because she's a native of that state

It's my birthday and I can change the conversation

Always think "baby boomer" is overused

Decided today that what's wrong with this country is that everybody thinks in terms of generations

Too easy to cast blame and stereotype

But I'm not into issues for the rest of the summer and this might be too close to one

puppybrose said...

i think the first mistake is to take any stereotype too seriously. for then it is certainly possible to overuse and/or abuse. but that's just me.

i have no particular attachment to the term boomer. i believe there have been times in our history, when it's made sense to narrow the field down just a tad, not to lump anyone into this box or that crate, but to look at the general forces behind changing trends and/or attitudes. not necessary, but sometimes helpful.

i'm not fond of categories, either, and i sure as heck don't care to be pigeonholed. what's in a word? boomer may denote a generation, but it's hardly the definition of "me".

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to Pia!!!
I was born in 1963, so I qualify as a Boomer.
We Boomers are a varied bunch. I think we are pretty darned great!
Old age most certainly doesn't fit my needs. I hope we find a cure for it soon, or I'm gonna be a disgruntled Boomer.
Stay forever young, Pia!!!!

Happy Wednesday to you, Doug.
Hope it's a goodie!

G said...

Doug - Looks like Pia cut in!

Ooh yes the challenge! And music - better go study the jukebox - anyone have a quarter?

actonbell said...

Happy birthday, Pia! We boomers are not getting older, we're getting better. Pia's proof:)

shayna said...

Happy Birthday PIA!!!

Here's to you...

"Baby I'm a Boomer, look out here I come / Ya know that slice of life, I've sure got me some / Been there, done that, seen it all changed. Life was free and groovy, now it's all pre-arranged"

Great decision, Doug on having the Pia back! :)

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh! A Partay! And for PIA! Sizzlin' fo sho! Certifiably funkified!

May this be the year where all your fabulous dreams materialize and BOOM with much pizzazz into a much deserved reality my dear Pia!

And the only relation to BOOM, other than parents who are BOOMERs, once could say, if one was allowed to,would be a good BOOM BOOM, but since one is not, one will say nothing, NOTHING I SAY!




The Village Idiot said...

Logo -- Idiots with axes? Please clarify. Axes make more of a thud than a

Doug -- My hammer is never wayward, it just sometimes missses it's target

a4g said...

Boomer, n. Member of the generation that discovered, among other things, that easy credit was actually a virtue.

Easy credit is also apt description of all the other things they discovered.

[Thankfully, I sit from a vantage two years distant from Boomer, and can dispense such wisdom with a clear conscience, (and perhaps a touch of envy.)]

Logophile said...

idiot~ The sound may start as a delightful lil thump in the ears of the idiot with an axe but as the sound travel to the ears of BBQing neighbors, the sounds takes on definite boom qualities, and no, its not endearing at all.

Joel said...

"Boom Boom Out Go The Lights"
Pat Travers Band

SquareGirl said...

Happy birthday Vargas gal Pia and fellow Cancer (we're still in Cancer time correct?)

Doug said...

Logo, I'd rather dance with idiots with axes than live near fools with taxes,

Oh, great, Puppybrose. I just lost half my hair.

Pia, I already gave you a topic for your birthday. Typical 42-59-year-old!

So, puppy, are you pro-stereotype or anti-category?

Thanks, Jamie Dawn, and to you, young lass.

G, I'll email you one.

So are you, Actonbell, although I never had the chance for a proper baseline. It would be shocking if this were worse, though.

Thanks, Shayna. Still taking new guests, by the way.

Miz B, hermana, eres mejor que bueno y linda tambien.

Good point, VI. After all, it was your thumb that was wayward. I bet the hammer didn't hurt a bit.

a4g, that's why I make fun of them, too.

Good memory, Joel. I hope.

Thanks, SG. There's a pair more tomorrow, I think if it weren't for July there'd be about 4 blogs. Ave July.

ariel said...

Happy Birthday, Pia! I loved your definitions. we have boomers, too, because at the beginning of the 50's one minister gave the command that girls should have children for glory, and wives should have children for duty, and so Hungary will be great again or at least crowded. I am actually with one of the results. he believes in no God.

Miz BoheMia said...

*Blushetty Blush*... you so know how to make bohemians good golly gosh!

Y tu eres un simple encanto! UN ENCANTO TE DIGO!

Minka said...

Pia makes booming seem the only thing to aspire to.
Wonderful choice of word for her. Amazing definition and wood write- up and I also really mean it...well except the part with the write up maybe ... *grins*

dddragon said...

Happy Birthday, and funny definition. I'm a Boomer, but didn't know it until fairly recently (not knowing the back end year... boy, they extended that expiration date, didn't they?)

G said...

Joel not Jerry Jeff Walker? Well when I get my quarter from Doug, that's the first song I'll play.

Doug said...

Ariel, that was a fantastic paragraph. Man, I wish you'd start a blog.


Thanks Minka, as long as you're sweet to everyone else you'll always be welcome.

Haha, Dddragon. Your generation never did know when to quit.

G, up against the wall, redneck mother!

G said...

That's the one. Songs like these remind me of all that I've forgotten (with good reason :)

joel said...

G - I think Jerry Jeff Walker was before my time?

Joel said...

G - think you were thinking of Johnny Lee Hooker...Pat Travers covered it.

cooper said...

don't know how I totally missed this one pia.

The hazard of work I guess.

That was a great definition. I wish I had seen it on your birthday.

Doug said...

G, let the internet be your memory.

Joel, I think he was probably just one state south.

Cooper, work is a blogger's death. A job is a blogger's life.