Saturday, July 22, 2006

Northwest Passage

Story #54, A tale of progress.


To hear the story, hold the tree steady.


To read the story, check Babe's ears for mites the size of dogs.

And happy birthday, Sunday, to the artist, Mo'a!
And just as notice, I'll be travelling tomorrow and the whole next week so my apologies if posts get erratic.

This week in The Prattler, "Curious Character." Fair warning: more or less a mindless rant against the character of the President by a tired, cranky and past-deadline curmudgeon. Hier stehe Ich, Ich kann nicht anders, so hilf mir Gott.


Mutha said...

It's not easy being green...thanks Doug, I'm a fable fan.

Mutha said...

And I don't think I've ever been first...or second. Wooh hoo! (Victory Lap)

Sar said...

Woo hoo...go Mutha, go Mutha. :)

Hey, It's Masil's turn! I remember Masil being here, when I first showed up yester year. Here's to a true WA veteran (especially since she's enviro-friendly!)

Btw, Doug, I was under the impression Babe was a pig.

puppybrose said...

so, while Johnny Appleseed was busy in OH, Il, and IN, Masil was takin' care of things in WA? i did not know that. that said, anyone who's had the (dis)pleasure of cleaning up after a dog understands the potential to fertilize massive areas in a relatively short amount of time!

LOVED this story! (as usual) especially since no trees were destroyed in order to tell it! (computers are "eco-friendly", right?)

(speaking of pups who may--or may not--require cleaning up after... how's Willie?)

AP3 said...

Another great story! And puppybrose is right... this post has minimal environmental impact. Still, Masil might want you to consider carbon offsets.

ariel said...

LOL @Puppybrose!

it's a very funny story, I lauhged so much. I'd think it's odd that an adult man and hero of children's stories lives with an ox, but we have some odd fairy tales ourselves, I admit.

ariel said...

and Happy Birthday to Mo'a. I love this month, one party after the other.

Doug said...

Run your lap, Mutha. It's great to see you back.

Sar, Masil's been around a long time. She's a really neat lady. Her site is No Vacancies (link on the right)

Thanks for asking Puppybrose. Willie's doing great although the pent up energy is driving him a little nuts. I keep him in to keep him from running and jumping so he jumps on furniture instead.

Haha, Aral, you know I just realized, didn't your story have almost the same subtitle?

Thanks, Ariel. They were just friends.

karma said...

i always suspected our Lisa was a heroine of some sorts. glad you confirmed it, Douglas.

ariel, did i tell you how well you've grown?

jlegba: jiggle a leg, Babe

karma said...

ohh, happy birthday, Mo'a!

Douglas, i don't know why you post at the exact same time as me. are you stalking me? (no pun intended)

mireille said...

Awwww, I love this story. Masil, Babe and Iniki! xoxo

actonbell said...

Wow, great story, Doug! And I didn't know Masil and Iniki were superheroes. Fantastic!
And birthday greetings to Mo'a:)

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Happy tomorrow to Mo'a!

Another good story. Happy travels Doug.

dddragon said...

Happy Bday Mo'a! Safe travels Doug!

We've some neighbor cat fertilizing parts of our backyard. Can't say that I care for being that eco-friendly!

Logophile said...

Fabulous fable, I love it.
Carry on, Masil, the trees need all the help they can get!
Stupid men and dumb ole axes.

Doug said...

Karma, Lisa is the heroine of hipness. And I agree, Ariel may be aging quickly but gracefully too. And no, I wasn't stalking you. *shifts eyes to the left then right*

Mireille, pretty good cast of characters, huh, Mireille?

Actonbell, how could you not know they were superheroes? Haven't you been reading her site? Wonderdog and Phlebotogirl!

Thanks, TLP. I just hope I flag a decent ride to the airport, unlike last time.

Dddragon, why not let Chatham out?

Hey, Logophile!

Jamie Dawn said...

Masil's got quite a system going.
Cute story.
Masil must have visited AR too. There are trees EVERYwhere.

Mutha said...

Oooo, "cute"...that is the feedback that can be the hardest to hear. I would imagine especially for a curmudgeon...:)

Joel said...

Great story Doug!

Very happy to hear Willie is on the mend.

Happy birthday (Sunday) Mo'a...have a spectacular day!!

O Ceallaigh said...

Under the giant’s weight, the axeblade sank into the soft ground. Babe filled the hole and this became Puget Sound.

Gee. And all this time, I thought the lushness of the marine life in Puget Sound was largely due to runoff from the Fraser River and other streams draining the Cascade Mountains.

Neat story, Doug. And Happy Birthday Mo'a. What's with all these July birthdays anyway? Sure give a whole new complexion to the phrase "the gales of November".


Doug said...

Sounds like, Masil, Jamie Dawn. I know she lived in Kentucky, maybe she had a weekend leave or something.

Mutha, it's true it doesn't sound that much like "Nietzchean"

Thanks, Joel, and thanks and on behalf of the travelling Mo'a, thanks again.

O Ceallaigh, I guess that was supposed to be the gals of November.

G said...

Doug - I have the same problem with Julian (as you do with Willie) and he has not been bitten by a coyote, hmmmm, no, never mind.

Now we see the root of global warming - Paul Bunyon. Thankfully Masil was doing her part to counterbalance.

That was fun - Julian enjoyed the visual more than the story, but I liked the story too.

Anonymous said...

Oooh a Tall Tale. Deeeevine.

Happy travels, Doug.

Jamie Dawn said...

Did you say you will be posting some erotic posts??!!???

Oh... my bad... it's erratic posts.
I thought maybe you'd been persuaded by Jenna to turn a new leaf. I was beginning to wonder what words we'd be having to define next week. WHEW!

G said...

Doug's starting an erotic blog!?! What the deuces, oh, erratic postsJamie Dawn - see how rumors get started!

Well, I didn't see the vacation memo, probably right in your post there perhaps in German? My translator is not avaible so I can only take a guess.

Have a great vacation, time away, break, whatever, enjoy and we'll (well I'll and maybe T&J a little) miss you. Have fun (well as much as curmudgeons can have).

puppybrose said...

ditto Jamie Dawn and G... EROTIC POSTS? (i thought that for a nano-second when i first read it, too) heh heh...

travel well and safe, Doug... and hurry back!xo

Doug said...

G, I find milkbones can help a lot.

Thanks, Jenna. By the way, I'm writing this from the other Jenna's home in Portland.

Jamie Dawn, G, Puppybrose, I'm at a conference this week in Portland (also home of my sister and mother) so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get online at the normal time to post. Same calendar, possibly different schedule for posting. That's all I meant. Oh, and that this site will now feature explicit content.

G said...

I'll try the Milbones Doug. Portland lovely this time of year!