Monday, July 24, 2006


MOTIVE, n. A mental wolf in moral wool.

2006 Update: The first fabrication in a simple explanation.


Anonymous said...

Am I first? Gasp!

Motive: the answer to the question why.

dddragon said...

Motive: the reason for EVERYthing.

rnqmuzik: running quickly from elevator music.

brian said...

My motive for going on vacation was to relax. To get away from work. So what do I find when I get back today? My awol coworker's motive was to quit last week. So now I am running the service write up by myself. Again! So I guess my motive should be to make lots of money and not blog. My motive in telling y'all this? So that you don't think that my motive for going on vacation was to slip back into darkness. I am here. I am well. I am very motivated.

Mutha said...

Motive: A powerful mental force used to shift momentum, and alter a course of events.

Joel said...

Motive:Often the missing piece of the puzzle necessary to solve the mystery.

Anonymous said... to have a strong, unbreakable alibi to back up my, er, your motives.

Joel said...

Motive...often unexplainable when dealing with criminals and teenagers.

karma said...

a small fire lit under someone's ass to get him/her moving


vnpudhik: a side effect of Viagra

joel said...

Motive: The lack thereof provides the basis for a multi-gazillion dollar industry (see also Tony Robbins).

Sar said...

Motive: the truly effective alarm clock powered by the desire to play in blogsphere.

The Village Idiot said...

Motive: It's Like Motown...only different.

I will be back, after my brain kicks into gear

Anonymous said...

My paycheque is the only thing keeping me from quitting this crap ass job. Somehow on days like this it's just not a strong enough motive.

Doug said...

Jenna, that's the first why. What's the second?

Dddragon, so you're saying nothing is truly random?

Get after it, then, Brian. And welcome back.

Mutha, you make it sound like an apocalypse or a diet or something.

Joel, I know Colonel Mustard did it in the Study with the Lead Pipe. But what I want to know is why.

Jenna, I was blogging.

Joel, mostly teenagers.

Haha, Karma. A burning goose?

Joel, I'll look up Tony Robbins. In a minute or two.

Sar, because screaming kids are too easy to ignore.

V.I., you won't always be a young man.

"Paycheque," Jenna? Man, I wish the LA Zoo had a Canadian House.

G said...

In mathematical terms, where two lines meet in a point is an angle, therefore the motive is where those two points began.

Is it the third time that's a charm - here goes...

Logophile said...

“There is no act, however virtuous, for which ingenuity may not find some bad motive.”
Thomas Jefferson

Seems he had Bierce's number, eh?

O Ceallaigh said...

MOTIVE, n. The power (petrol, electric, or push) that lets you go out and cut the grass. MOTIVATE: see THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK.

Are you sure your paymaster's not from Prague?

Dusty Doggy said...

I never need a motive for taking a nap

Anonymous said...

Oh pardon me "pay check" I forgot where I was for a minute.

I have found sufficient motive. Now I just need an alibi.

Tom & Icy said...

I don't need a motive for taking a nap

Lammy said...

I don't need a motive for taking a nap

puppybrose said...

Motive: the *real* reason behind the reason for EVERYthing (with apologies to 3D!)

i don't need a motive for taking a nap, but a good excuse is always helpful.

mireille said...

Ability, as in sperm, to move freely and of their own accord. Oh. That's motile.

Motive. Um. An interest in stirring the pot on an otherwise dull day.


pia said...

Doug left a comment saying that no boy deserves to be called a snowflake--took me two readings to get why no girl should be---slow today

I can't think of a good motive to have left the above comment other than I felt like

And do you think I should join Sar in the spelling bee?

Doug's comments seem to be frisky today, and the motive is?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the Portland air, Pia?

My alibi is going out of town. Damn it.

Indeterminacy said...

Motive: A word invented to go along with the adjective ulterior, as there was no other word it could be used with.

Doug said...

Well done, G. I spent 10 minutes this morning trying to make Motive side A in a right triangle, with action side B and the hypoteneuse the explanation. No way to make that funny, though. I just couldn't make it funny, especially when I tried to bring pythagoras' theorem into it.

Logo, yup.

O Ceallaigh, I think you're about to invent the votive motive.

Haha, Dusty, and life is just a series of naps with inspirations between.

Lammy, you should nap with Dusty.

Puppybrose, plagiarism is motive without inspirations. Dream well.

Pot of what, Mireille? Tread lightly now.

Pia, I'm at a conference and cranky. Apologies to all I offend accidentally. Those I offend intentionally need no apology, because they already get to be a majority.

Jenna, the Portland vapors.

Indie, I suppose because a superior motive is just called crime.

puppybrose said...

Motive: the big picture and/or fine print.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Mo'tive, less tive, who cares? I'm pretty paws-a-tive that we should hire a de-tech-tive to see what the dog here is up to with this word.

This is a dumb comment. Too emo-tive, no per-spec-tive, and I have no idea where I was going with the narr-a-tive.. My motive was not vin-dic-tive, I'm just too talk-a-tive. Not very crea-tive. Somebody please take the initi-a-tive to get the hook and get me off the stage....I can't's ad-dic-tive!

actonbell said...

haha, TLP!

Motive rhymes with votive, and assures us that everything will be illuminated.

(oh, I don't know)

aeawaxj-hey! that's a good Scrabble deal.Just let me think about it...

Jamie Dawn said...

Motive comes from motivation, and all motivation comes from the need for chocolate.
I'm too busy today to blog in the manner I am accustomed. I have no time to read the comments of my fellow Doug disciples. For that, I am saddened.
I hope this comment finds you doing well wherever you are, and I hope your hotel pillow is not too soft, not too firm, but just right. :)

actonbell said...

Um, Paul Bunyan's still choppin' down that rubber tree. Just so you know...

cooper said...

motive: The reason for murder, and the non ending monotony of my blog at this point in time.

Doug said...

Biercean, Puppybrose.

Haha, TLP. With a hip, hop and a hippity hippity hop.

Actonbell, very connotive.

Jamie Dawn, you should really stop and smell the roses. Anyway you get here is grand with me.

Actonbell, all motivation no common sense, that guy.

Cooper, I hear you. Sometimes it's the world's biggest fun, sometimes it's work without dental.