Friday, August 13, 2010


AVENGE, v.t. In modern usage, to take satisfaction for an injury by cheating the inflictor.

2010 Update: To counter-trivialize, at any expense.


TLP said...

Tit for tat.

Nessa said...

I will not turn the other cheek.

Mo'a said...

Sliding down a chute??? ...and getting your own reality show...modern version of revenge.
Not that I approve...does anybody know how to suck it up?

Jim said...

Monday my plastic surgeon told about the first plastic surgery. It was to replace a nose that had been cut off.

Seems in dueling if the opponent is left defenseless about the only thing to do (it would be unhonorable to kill a him then) is to make sure the offense has been avenged.

So cut off the nose. Forever he would have to walk around showing that he had dishonored such and such. People knew. Now you do.
I needed the surgeon to stitch me back up after removal of some squamus cell carsinomo at and beside my ear.
The conversation started when I asked him how to stop the bleeding for a cut off an ear. And about how they stopped the bleeding back in the old days?

the amoeba said...

VENGE, n. One of the dogs of war.

"Look, dude, a venge!"

"But why, dude? What did they do to us?"

"Who cares, dude? We gotta go after it. It'll be gnarly. Charge!!!"

Anonymous said...

AVENGE, v.t. - Dr. Laura She's something else!!!

~Karen said...

Tom &amp Icy can only use boric acid and bleach to combat the hundreds of cockroaches which infested his house.

I learnt that from another blog. Does that still count as a VENGE, n. comment?

pia said...

I love Nessa's definition

Anonymous said...

avenge, the engine of our economy
history of man thru the ages

overrated in providing glee
as peace must start with self

the blood of the planet

peace and out ,have a lucky
Friday 13

tsduff said...

Avenge is one of those bad A-words... no good for anyone.

actonbell said...

Average avengers almost always achieve aggression.

TLP said...

Amen Acton.

tsduff said...

Once again we did not give in to the urge to drive all day today - we had great thoughts of driving today down to your wild backyard with our new smoker... okay, so don't get cocky. You never know when it might happen.

The Old Mule said...

Avenge: A bitter soup with constant stirring and little broth.

Logophile said...

Any kind of trivia is ok with me, even if it is about granite vs. formica.
I might have missed something important there.

~Karen said...

Trivial Pursuits!!

Formica is a brand of composite materials manufactured by the Formica Corporation.

What year was invented?

Doug said...

TLP, I tawt I taw tat coming.

Nessa, I'm not surprised. You belong to at least two tribes not famous for it.

Mo'a I'm not sure, but I might.

Jim, that was pretty interesting. I hope you're well and stay well.

Amoeba, my kingdom for an explanation.

Thom, I know what you mean. Impressive talons.

Ah, sure Karen.

Pia, on the contrary. I think you turn the other cheek before the first one's slapped.

Bear, I try not to inhale.

Terry, you mean like Alimentary and Allorsaur?

Ah, Actonbell. Absolutely!

And also amen and alleluia.

Terry, the door stays open.

Nicely boiled, Mule.

Unlikely, Logo.

According to the Great Wikipedia, Karen, 1912. Did I pass?

the amoeba said...

"An explanation, dude! The dude wants an explanation!"

"Sweet, dude! Does he really have a kingdom?"

"Well, he's got a blog. Does that count?"

"Not at Starbucks it won't, dude. But he's a good dude anyway, so ..."

"Hold it right there, dude."

"Hold what, dude? My hands are ..."

"You remember the last time you tried to explain anything?"

"Dude, that was ..."

"Thirty days, dude. And three thousand clams."

"So what do you want me to do, dude?"

"I want you to don't. Dude."

Doug said...

In other words, "Cry 'Havoc!?'"

the amoeba said...

Where the Dudes are involved, Dawg, what else?

Doug said...