Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little leviathan

Was it not Hobbes who said that fancy
Is decaying of the sense?
And the dreams that come come along
As our sense relents?

Invention is that fancy
As it's copied into being
When hands describe the fading thought
Of objects we'd been seeing.

So what is this creative spark
That quickens blogging bards?
The decaying of our own sweet selves
Into dots on memory cards?

CREATIVITY, n. The final flourish of a fading complaint.


the amoeba said...

So the nephew's been making pictures for (of?) Uncle Dougie again?

CREATIVITY, n. The ability to render something old in a new way. Which is how "creativity" got to be one of those "8" words.

TLP said...

CREATIVITY: Something out of nothing. (Wish I could do it.)

Jim said...

Little Leviathan is not played by any station that my radio picks up. Perhaps when I travel ...

Where is Casey when I need him?
Casey Kasem has moved his American Top 40 to Sirius Satellite Radio.

~Karen said...

Honestly, Doug. I know I haven't read every single post in the history of this five-year-old blog, but I'd say 'Mission Accomplished' !! You've redefined misanthropy. Just maybe not for a fresh generation.

Once again, I find myself in agreement with the Amoeba. Perhaps it's time to refashion Prattle.

When you hear hoofbeats think horses not zebras (unless you're in Africa where you would think of giraffes).


Anonymous said...

CREATIVITY, n. - Making sense out of nonsense or something out of nothing. Take your pick. It's within us all :) Now where did I put mine?

~Karen said...

Someone remind Thom that according to Quilly, "Thom has taken over Gattina’s meme invention, Muffed Target Photo Meme".

actonbell said...

You mean like The Loch Ness Monster?

cooper said...


making thoughts you have of things that haven't been into things that are.

quilly said...

CREATIVITY, n. the by-product of excessive hot glue and enthusiasm

Nicole said...

Aren't we all just dots in the Universe?
Humans just like to think of themselves as more.

Doug said...

Amoeba, I haven't been granted any nephew art in a while. Guess they're waiting to see how I do on the upcoming birthdays and Christmas. What's an "8" word?

TLP, so it's the opposite of bravery, making nothing out of something?

Jim, I wondered where he'd got off to. Outer space was gonna be my guess, too.

Karen, thanks? I think Prattle can be a while.

Actonbell, to be honest, I have no idea what I mean.

Cooper, that's a good definition.

Quilly, so its like wrist-burns?

Nicole, .

the amoeba said...

An "8" word, Doug? Y'mean, like "cre8ivity"?