Tuesday, August 31, 2010


HARE, n. A quadruped of the genus Lepus, of which the principle variety is the jackass rabbit-the Felis Nevadensis, of Humbolt. The jackass rabbit is sometimes called Cervus Chismori, in honor of a celebrated sportsman who in moments of excitement commonly swears it is a deer.

2010 Update: A long-eared lagomorph, Coniculum curriculum, endowed by its creator with the gifts of swiftness and eavesdropping. Unlike the interfering neighbor, or Avis adamantus, custom reports the hare having wasted both talents.


Nessa said...

Yes, hare I am.

Jim said...

Hare, hare now!
Did you just call me a jackass?
Reminds me of the world's largest rabbit over in Odessa, Texas. Thanks, Doug.
Oh yes, we are home now. Today is retrieving the pets, unpacking the suitcases, and doing clothes washing.

the amoeba said...

Um, Dawg, isn't this post, like, a day early?

Today's earworm: Little Bunny Foo Foo.

tsduff said...

Amoeba - My sister just sang that song to me yesterday as I went through the Facebook app of Fairyland... very funny to hear it again today in such a perfect usage.

Doug, today I'm the tortoise, not the hare. Maybe tomorrow I'll switch.

Anonymous said...

oh yes,those moments when a hunter
should act more like a turtle
then a hare...
first day of hunting season in pa,
the deer would intermingle with the cows,in the lower pasture...
yet without fail,,every year ,
hare finger
would down a cow,or worst a
fellow warrior

question,is it hunting when one creates feed station prior to season,then creates nest in tree
to pluck off,food conditioned deer


fear of males

TLP said...

You're ahead of yourself hare. Tomorrow is Rabbit Rabbit day. Dumb bunny. (And I mean that in the nicest possible way.)

Thom said...

HARE, n. - Jackalope

Ariel the Thief said...

Hare sounds so Arabic to me, a beautiful, tall, elegant, dark princess with that half smile never seems to leave her lips.

Quack Birder said...

WOOT! WOOT! Hare's to ya! LAGOMANIA!

actonbell said...

I hope you're hare tomorrow, since your Wednesdays are special, 'n' all.

quilly said...

This is a rather hare brained post, don't you think? Oh wait, I think that statement answered my question ....

karen a. said...

I'll have to agree with quilly. This post is convoluted. And what does her darling amoeba want us to do with a Little Bunny Foo Foo earworm, anyway? I might as well just reference pantheon.org's Encyclopedia Mythica:

HARE, n. Hares were strongly associated with witches. The hare is quiet and goes about its business in secret. They are usually solitary, but occasionally they gather in large groups and act very strangely, much like a group of people having a conference. A hare can stand on its hind legs like a person; in distress, it utters a strange, almost human cry which is very disconcerting to the listener. Watching such behavior, people claimed that a witch could change her form at night and become a hare. In this shape she stole milk or food, or destroyed crops. Others insisted that hares were only witches' familiars.
These associations caused many people to believe hares were bad luck, and best avoided. A hare crossing one's path, particularly when the person was riding a horse, caused much distress. Still, the exact opposite superstition claimed that carrying a rabbit's or hare's foot brought good luck. There is no logic to be found in superstitions.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit Rabbit (Sept.01.2010)
a new day has dawned
though darkness
still fills the air
smoker grounded in lava base
awaiting your pleasant face
you in the neighborhood ???

Doug said...

First pun of the day, Nessa.

Jim, the Colorado Jackelope is the world's biggest rabbit.

You know, Amoeba, yeah and I did think of that but today (yesterday's tomorrow) is Wednesday so it would throw off my proper credit assigning device to post a word from Bierce and to tell the truth, we have now reached a point where so much of the book has mined that it takes me forever to find a word for the day unless I do them in alphabetical order. In these last days of Waking Ambrose, I just don't want to work that hard.

Not if you want to win the race, Terry.

Bear, when I was cowboying, bringing the herd out of the mountains before the opening day of rifle season was a prime directive. When you're drunk enough, everything's a buck.

I take it the nicest possible way, TLP. See my reply to Amoeba.

Right, Thom. I bagged one outside of Durango, you bet.

Ariel, are you thinking of Hare Krishna? Still, I like the image.

You still ain't right, Sister lagophile.

Actonbell, so I am but almost weren't.

Quilly, that's kind of the house specialty.

Karen, I think your conclusion might be correct, it depends on if you like B.F. Skinner or Joseph Campbell better.

Bear, I wish. Smoking meat under a live oak, talking to the hen and listening to you and Terry sounds like a great afternoon to me.

cooper said...

hare, I know him well. He is mad, almost as mad as the hatter, and usually only seen at tea.