Wednesday, September 01, 2010


An ancient art of flame or pin,
Juggling grants relief from sin
For what could ever be more pious
Than to keep aloft the weights that try us?
But the objects we raise with the hand
Don't err nor grieve on air or land
While as our tribulations mount
It's we who are held to account.
So I wonder if, when heaven's scoring,
Bouncing ain't as grand as soaring.

JUGGLE, v. To deprive a planet the company of its kin.


TLP said...

The job's gettin' to ya, huh?

Juggle: Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Ending up feeding and clothing no one.

TLP said...

The entire state of California needs to say Rabbit Rabbit for better budget luck.

the amoeba said...

Too right, TLP. And in addition, everyone ends up blaming everyone else but the real culprits, the guy/gal in the mirror. Learning this principle will serve the good people of California (and elsewhere) far better than either rabbits or luck.

Y'know, Dawg, if juggling were done with actual jugs, it would be more entertaining. Not to mention shorter. Which amounts to the same thing.

Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit, rabbit, Doug! I don't understand a single word of the poem. *wipes gravy off her mouth*

tsduff said...

I have to agree that bouncing has nothing over soaring... and I don't bounce. Ha ha - I'm glad you didn't say jiggle :)
Rabbit Rabbit Doug!

actonbell said...
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actonbell said...

*sigh* Rabbit, rabbit. It's fun to defy gravity, I suppose.

C.J. Duffy said...

In my dreams I defy gravity but usually wake up with a bump when i fall out of bed

Jim said...

Rabbit, rabbit.
9-1-10 (9110).
I think a famous juggler or actress lives at that address someplace but I forgot who or where.
Malibu? :)

Jim said...

Forgot to tell you, I like the poem. I am supposing neither of those skills, bouncing and soaring, has much weight in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit, rabbit.

JUGGLE, v - Why do I think of clowns? Bozo is the bomb.

karen a. said...

"In these last days of Waking Ambrose, I just don't want to work that hard."

Why Doug, surely you can't mean that!! Don't you find choreographed commenting entertaining?? Personally, I think of a Cirque du Soleil performance of the pen, so to speak.

Oh, I almost forgot !! Leporid, leporid.

cooper said...

juggling, the Nid-Atlantic knows it as money laundering.

karen a. said...

Bravissimo ... Encore, encore !!

Doug said...

Ayup, TLP. Twice.

Amoeba, you should have been a stage manager. With a mirror.

Rabbit rabbit, Ariel! Why is the gravy crimson?

Terry, jiggle is a word I've learned to use carefully. Like caw.

Actonbell, I'm a glutton for gravity.

C.J., maybe if you dreamt of drowning you'd wake up among the treetops.

Probably Malibu, Jim. I dunno, Bonnie Hunt?

Sure is, Thom. Four more years!

Karen, all choreographed things must end.

Excellent, Cooper.

Exactly, Karen.

Quilly said...

I cammented. Blogger is at it again. It hates me, I tell you! Which leads me to your next word ....

karen a. said...

Hi Quilly! -- You have to visit Thom's Place 4 Well Whatever! He's posted some really awesome photos of a fun-filled day he had last year!

By the way, your Blogger sounds like a juvenile deliquent.

Have an excellent weekend my friend :)

Nessa said...

Rabbit, rabbit.

Juggling is what happens when you have a republican governor with a democratic wife.