Thursday, September 30, 2010


CREMATION, n. The process by which the cold meats of humanity are warmed over."

2010 Update: The expedited return of ashes to ashes. A university lecture for the dead.


Ariel the Thief said...

Cremation, fasting things up with heat.

TLP said...

When my warranty expires, I want to be cremated. Then in my next life I'll be ice cream, right? This has something to do with a creamery?

Susan at Stony River said...

Dang, TLP beat me to it -- I was going to say it was what I put in my coffee each morning.

Mo'a said...

I believe in it, it will be done.

Hmmm!!! are blogs a thing of the past? FB nations?

Anonymous said...

Sam McGee...

inspected the oven
some years back
to assure
my fathers'
to be a solo
on his journey
from this
earthly plane

Peace Be With You

tsduff said...

Cremation: ...The method of cooking preferred by my sister Tammy for all of her steaks.

Anonymous said...

CREMATION, n. - Me cooking!!!!

karen a. said...

i know !! i know !! it's one of those university amphitheaters where a professor emeritus with shocking-white hair cuts up a cadaver and drones on about what he's doing while all the students roll their eyes towards the heavens and then applaud politely when he finally finishes and then in the middle of the night igor sneaks into the morgue in the basement and steals the abnormal brain formaldehyde jar - right?

actonbell said...

Ew, I don't like Ambrose's definition at all. How gory.

Cremation is so tidy. No old graveyards to maintain.

karen a. said...

and blue, blue eyeballs formaldehyde jar

sauerkraut said...

Hansell's place to tell Gretle some bedtime stories.

karen a. said...

@IAmSauerkraut #TheGingerbraed House ?

Nicole said...

Cremation: Make me some diamonds baby,....

Nessa said...

Rabbit, rabbit.

Cremation is the connecting link to claymation when man was molded from the clay of the earth.

karen a. said...

Friday, Friday.

Good morning.

Doug said...

Yup, Ariel. And robbing the worms of a wholesome meal.

TLP,you have the cone on upside-down.

Hey, Susan. You could have used that one Tuesday, too.

Mo'a, I don't know. I can't see Facebook being as much fun as this blog was, although I can see it being as fun as this blog would be if it continued much further.

And unto you, Reverend Bear. Sam McGee is a name for a cowboy poem.

Terry, that's unforgiveable. I'm sorry but I don't like Tammy.

Stay away from the steaks, then, Thom.

Precisely, Karen.

Actonbell, who will speak for the voiceless worm?

Karen, you're getting ready for Halloween a little early, aren't you?

Sauerkraut, you're thinking of fondue, I think. I wonder why we don't fondue more cadavers.

Yes, Karen, probably the pot in the gingerbread house.

Nicole, it's the only way.

Nessa, that was a strangely brilliant definition.

Good morning, Karen.

Anonymous said...

Cremation of Sam McGee
by Robert W Service

Doug said...

Bear, I even thought of Service when I saw the name. Well done.

Nessa said...

i won't let it happen again. ;)

karen a. said...

Waking Ambrose Thursday means it's time for...

Fantastic Fables

How many did Ambrose Bierce write again?

181 Original Fables.

You can't win if you don't play.

I'm going with Parasites tomorrow.