Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Redneck Love Song

I hauled my ol' gal off the porch
Yee-haw, darlin! Yee-haw!
And sawr her grinnin' 'neath the torch
Yee-haw, darlin, yee haw.
We puht 'ur signs an' t-shirts on
Jump-start the truck and then we're gone
Yee-haw, darlin! Yee-haw!
The skoal we dip is cool and moist
Yee-haw, sugar, Yee-haw!
And Sarah Palin's in fine voice
Yee-haw, honey, yee-haw!
The angus bull' s nary as proud
As I git when my gal protests loud.
Yee-haw, darlin! Yee-haw.
I look at her peepers, she caught mine, too!
Hot dog, darlin, yee-haw!
And I reckoned what we oughter do:
Yee haw, sweetheart, yee-haw!
Is pawn her fourteen carat pendant,
Sell hogs, pitch hay, vote "independent,"
End the FED an' repeal the fourteenth amendment.
Yee-haw, Darlin, Yee haw!

TEA PARTY, n. A do si do to quote De Toqueville.
This is my stab at Susan's microfiction Monday, but not concise and on the intermittent Wednesday. You can (and should) read the original of this poem by clicking the post title. And TLP gets her wish here.


Nessa said...

Your little ditty was quite jaunty. I guess we are currently fulfilling De Toqueville's less glowing predictions now.

Ariel the Thief said...

You sound more black than the original! I love it, very funny.

Anonymous said...

Long stab at Susan's MM LOL I like this. Much better than the original if you ask me. Well the Tea Party has some victories yesterday.

TLP said...

Wonderful! I read and LISTENED to the original poem. So, now, Douglas, you need to listen to the original poem and make a recording of your poem. I know you'd do a great job.

Excellent stuff here today.

I love the picture you used also.

Doug said...

Well, Nessa, prophets of doom live forever in the hearts of their believers.

Ariel, the original is pitch perfect. Maybe Dunbar's Hungarian accent isn't the best.

They did, Thom, it was reading about that and then trolling Susan's site that made this post.

Thanks, TLP. Thy will be done.

TLP said...


I'ma grinnin' from ear to ear!
That was terrific! Bravo!

I don't care what Sarah Palin has, we've got DOUG!

Ariel the Thief said...

Loved it, too! Thank you, TLP! An old, old black man you are, Doug. *grinning*

Doug said...

Oh, and TLP, the picture is from Susan's site. She posts a weekly picture to write a twitter-length story for every week and this is next week's.

Ariel, then you are a little gipsy vampire. But I take it as a compliment.

pia said...

It was lovely. Every redneck I know would be bowing their head in shame--the ultimate compliment

cooper said...

Distinct species of mankind indeed.

cooper said...

Loved the recitation.

Anonymous said...

tea party..from the belly of grand old parasites , though they , as the british before them , now realize that tea and a belly wound do not mix

greetings all

Doug said...

Pia, it's exciting that you know other rednecks now.

Thanks, Cooper.

Bear, I saw that episode of M*A*S*H. I don't drink tea and haven't yet had a belly wound, but I'm ready if it ever comes to pass.

Ariel the Thief said...

I haven't noticed the way they hold hands before, it is she who is grabbing him with herself, seemingly by his hand, in real... I should see more paintings of this person to be able to tell if he/she likes that couple.

karen a. said...

A 'do si do' is a basic dance step in a square dance, isn't it? And 'De Toqueville' was French but you've spelled his name wrong. It's 'de Tocqueville,' with a "c". The only possible correlation I "see" between the two is that 'do "si" do' is from the French term 'dos-à-dos' - a dance move meaning 'back-to-back'. And Paul Laurence Dunbar's refrain is 'Jump back, honey, jump back'. This inspired your version of -- 'Yee-haw, honey, Yee-haw! which is something one might hear at a square-dance.

Of course poetry is always subjective so I may be over-analyzing.

Doug said...

Ariel, I don't know who the artist is. Maybe Susan will.

Maybe, Karen.