Tuesday, September 28, 2010


CREMONA, n. A high-priced kind of violin made in Connecticut. A genuine Connecticut Cremona is supposed to be mentioned in the following lines of Omar Khayyam:
Hey, diddle, diddle!
The cat got the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon,
But the little do stayed
To hear the thing played,
And died of the very first tune.
2010 Update: A small Italian city notable for her prominent religious figures and renaissance culture, and so indistinguishable from other small Italian cities.


quilly said...

Isn't that the stuff I stir in my coffee? Maybe I should go have some. It might help. And where the heck is everybody?!

Congrats on winning Punny Monday, Doug! You had the first right answer the the best (and only) wrong answers. But even if there had been 20 wrong answers, yours would have been the best.

actonbell said...

Quilly, I thought the same thing. A violin--really?

pia said...

It sounds like some not usual version of pasta to me

Anonymous said...

CREMONA, n. - What happened to the Stradivarius? You know I think when I sing people die on the first note LOL

Nessa said...

This reminded me of the movie The Red Violin. That was a killer instrument, too.

karen a. said...

2010 Update: A resident of Cremona

The city-states of the Italian Renaissance period were Venice, Milan, Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Siena, Genoa and Cremona.
Each of these city-states were self-sufficient entities of their own cultural worlds.
The Cremonas, however, were also self-infatuated -- for no conspicuous reason whatsoever.
Over time the Cremonas earned a reputation for being "Legends in their own minds."

Doug said...

Why thank you, Quilly. And thanks to the academy.

A-bell, Amatis and Stradivari are from Cremona. I've known that since yesterday, about this time.

Pia, there's a lot of those. You might be right.

Thom, I'm not good with tunes, myself.

Haven't seen it, Nessa.

And there we are. Thanks, curator.

Jim said...

Been there, done that Cremona in Italy. I'll Google for Cremona, Connecticut.
Sorry I'm late. A whole day!