Thursday, September 23, 2010


ESTOPPEL, n. In law, the kind of stopple with which a man is corked up with his plea inside him.

2010 Update: A legal assumption that what a man has said he can be presumed to have meant, providing unamendable evidence that justice is blind.


Nessa said...

I like this word - it sounds so fake.

Women never have to worry about this as we are permitted to change our minds with impunity.

TLP said...

East L.A. word. ESTOPPEL that right now!

Anonymous said...

ESTOPPEL, n - Certificate It's all I remember from my days in the title business.. Does this mean that man is full of BS?

karen a. said...

I'm with Nessa. Women can get away with saying just about anything (especially if we're blonde) because women are from Venus and men are from Mars. Thom would be an exception because he's from Uranus.

Remember that time in March (Spring) when Thom said "Salacity: Iguana" ?? And then Doug said, "Thom, I'm going to trust that you know what you mean." And the next day (everyone else is defining a new word) he jumps back to answer. He says, "Yeah I do Doug and I know it doesn't fit very well or well at all but it's the only thing I could think of. LOL Someone has to keep everyone guessing and it might as well be me :)" And then the next day after THAT Doug says, "Thom, you'd be my pick."

I mean only someone who is from Uranus would say "Iguana." And guess what his Twitter name is ... "boobsquid" !!

Jim said...

I like estoppel by application of the law of equity axium of laches.
Latches says that "he who sits on his laches is lost." Meaning if one waits to long to act doing this costs him his right to recover in an equitibale action (ex; getting an injunction).
Laches is very similar to statutes of limitations in a legal action (lawsuit for $damages).

karen a. said...

Boy O Boy! This blog ends on November 6th, 2010. That's (31) business days.

In homage to this blog's greatness, I'm going to start The Waking Ambrose Anthology. As mentioned on Fable:

"Bonus prophesy: I wasn't trying to be coy in comments. This blog now has more definitions than Bierce's original publication and much of the work is now finding one that hasn't been done already. ..."

Golly, don't I have plenty of material to work with!?! I'm going to start reviewing my email records this very minute. I for sure have plenty of "Classics" still on file !!

Anonymous said...

just-us is often blind
and deaf to boot
often last place there is justice
is the court house

self doubts and insecurity

Doug said...

Right, Nessa. Impunity sure brings a lot of tears.


Thom, I'll leave you to your own conclusion on that.

Karen, I'm tested to ask about a comet.

Jim, I didn't know all that. Thanks.

It'll be ok, Bear.

cooper said...


Why it always paid to be the first child to "give my word I didn't do this or that" to some random adult authority figure ... whoever spoke first had this doctrine on their side.

Anonymous said...

Save the Manatee