Monday, September 27, 2010


CRESCENT, n. The moon in the early stages of its monthly growth, when it is a little too bright for burglars and a little too dark for lovers. An order founded by Renatus of Anjou is called the Order of the Crescent on account of its membership of lunatics. The services of this Order to San Francisco politics consisted in the establishing of a grand Perquisition to enforce the Salaric Law.

2010 Update: A fertility symbol employed by the moon to represent harvest and the seasons of human endeavor.


quilly said...

CRES-, abbrev. crescendo

CENT, n. a 100th part of a monetary unit

CRESCENT, n. a penny pinched so tight that it screams.

TLP said...

Shape on an outhouse door.

Nicole said...

My favorite time to take shots o La Luna :)

pia said...

I grew up on a street that was shaped like a crescent and thus cleverly called Crescent

Anonymous said...

CRESCENT, n. - By the light of the silvery moon. Crud, that's all I could think of.'s gonna be a good week with a start like this LOL

tsduff said...

I like to eat them. (rolls, that is)

Jim said...

First on my list is Crescent wrench.
My lunies? I often howl with the full moon. The moon, no matter what its stage, wakes me up when it is in alignment with the transom of our bedroom door.

karen a. said...

2010 Update I agree with Thom.'s gonna be a good week with a start like this LOL.

(But he still needs to catch up on his Wolfshausen homework because I'm not helping him anymore!)


Ariel the Thief said...

Why Crow, the thought that you eat the moon not at all surprises me.

cooper said...

That implement looks like something found on the outhouse door in some random horror movie. Or is that your outhouse Doug?

actonbell said...

I like them on the table with a little bit of strawberry jam.

Doug said...

Quilly, that's most pennies, no?

I wondered what those were, TLP. I thought they might be "to enter you must be this size" insignia.

Nicole, I can see why.

Pia, that was crescent moon bright, wasn't it?

Thom, nothing wrong with that. See above.

Terry, not moonpies?

Jim, the crescent wrench is very handy when you're socket set's disorganized.

Karen, that's the way to teach discipline and work-ethic.

Doesn't it, Ariel?

Cooper, more of, shall we say, storage facility. You know, for campers.

Actonbell, that made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

I'm so far behind I'm never going to catch up LOL Oh well I'll just enjoy it for what it is :)

Nessa said...

I like the rolls, too.