Monday, September 13, 2010


DEAD, adj.
Done with the work of breathing; done
With all the world; the mad race run
Through to the end, the golden goal
Attained-amd found to be a hole!
Ignoble end to all the strife!
To lie as ne'er we lay in life,
with legs uncomfortably straight
And rigid fixity of pate,
{ierced through and through by worms that live
To make, with needless skill, a sieve
Out of our skin, to sift our dust.
Vain labor! at the last they just
Bolt us unbolted till they bu'st!
-Squatol Johnes
2010 Update: Concise.


TLP said...

Dead: Permanently at rest.

Anonymous said...

Dead adj. - Caput

karen a. said...

2010 Update: The mad race run (with legs) through to the end ...

Nessa said...

Dead, Grateful.

Did you just make friends with the Grim Reaper?

Ariel the Thief said...

Dead, not there.

karen a. said...

Nessa -- You're close

I set out running
but I take my time
A friend of the Devil
is a friend of mine

the amoeba said...

Casey Jones you better watch your speed.

DEAD, adj. Quiet, unresponsive, at peace - and therefore a disappointment to tax collectors. DEAD RIVER: one that is quiet, unresponsive, at peace - and therefore a disappointment to whitewater rafters. There are nineteen - count 'em, nineteen Dead Rivers in the US, five of them in Maine. None of which stink. Or, at least, they didn't ...

quilly said...

DEAD, adj passport to eternity

Jim said...

Dead, deader, and deadest, what is the difference?

Jim said...

Or is it more dead?

cooper said...

the brain on drugs
the heart on ice
A whiskey laced liver
And RID treated lice

Anonymous said...

not sure that death is a concise event
is it a new beginning
the end
continued on yet another plane

too many questions to be concise



Nicole said...

And wouldn't it suck, if it would all start just anew?!

Doug said...

On the roof, Frisbetarian?

Thom, that is correct.

Karen, the end of legs is also feet.

Nessa, not yet, apparently.

Ariel, where then?

Karen, that's one of my favorite of their songs.

Amoeba, is a dead river a lagoon?

Quilly, it's a domestic trip.

Jim, deader and more dead. Less dead means alive.

Cooper, great verse.

Bear, I thought concision was a lot to ask, too.

Nicole, I think so, yeah, but I'll take what comes.

Ariel the Thief said...

Doug, that I dunno, that was just my strongest impression when watched death to happen, they are here now, then oops, not here anymore. Mystery!

Doug said...

They escaped!