Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Achtundachtzig
To hear this week's story, eavesdrop on the alleyway.

Or, you can read this episode from behind the window where Adalbert's desk once sat.

The story so far is here.


Anonymous said...

One can only hope.

Nessa said...

That's good to know. ;)

TLP said...

Well, then. That's all that counts. On the road to hell.

Anonymous said...

I always forget to come back...My intentions are much like yours LOL :)

karen a. said...

Or a Highway to Hell?

Anonymous said...

Doug, i view it as the
decanter is half full

some ideas ferment slowly
to product a full flavor

take your time
my friend

Peace and Happy Saturday

Anonymous said...

Always nice to know you have intentions, Doug.

TLP said...

Well. It is Sunday night.

cooper said...

In this case, good intentions are enough.

karen a. said...

But Cooper, I thought Thom was DeJudge of that!

Doug said...

Anonymous, some of my intentions are way better.

Doesn't it come as a relief, Nessa?

Hahaha, TLP. Keep me honest.

Thom, we're quite a pair, aren't we?

Karen, AC/DC reminds me of events better left forgotten.

Bear, I've never seen a decanter half full after you've had it for a whole minute.

Jenn, I can see why you might doubt it.

And the post is up, TLP.

Thanks, Coop.

Nope, Karen. I submit to Cooper's judgement. She's much more multicultural.

TLP said...

Well written and well read.

Things haven't changed in all things government, have they? As it was then, so it is now.