Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Redneck Speaks of Rivers

I've known rivers;
I've known rivers as long as long that start as mountain dew and that distill handily in all the things I brew.

My wisdom has grown damp like the rivers.

I bathed in the Colorado, just yesterday it seems
And build deer blinds by the Chattahoochee in all my better dreams
I looked down upon the Platte to reflect Hank, Junior's face
I sang Kern River by the Kern River and imagined lands of native sons where rivers run too wide to jump, and there's no work that needs done but tools every place.

I've known rivers:
Bubbly, lady rivers.

My wisdom is wet like the rivers.

RIVER, n. A natural border, dividing mice from fish.


Nessa said...

I've known Joan Rivers. Is that the same thing?

quilly said...

What lovely words! It must be Wednesday!

The Coeur d'Alene River, St. Joe, River, Clearwater River and Salmon River were all the playgrounds of my childhood. I was also very fond of Bumble Bee Creek. I have drowned many worms and cooled down on many hot Summer days in the waters of them all.

tsduff said...

Bubbly, lady rivers... nice imagery. Colorado River (brrrrr), Russian River (deceptively fast and deep), Tuolumne River (wild, beautifully scenic), American River (filled with Salmon)... all with their own merits. I've got peace like a river.

Ariel the Thief said...

It will be the Wednesday poems I'll miss the most when this blog shuts up. (Assuming that Doug Drones On stays. If not, the Wednesday poems will be missed only second most.)

Mo'a said...

I am in shock...what, what? Am I missing something that Ariel the Thief is privy to?
Wonderful poem Doug, although I know only one of the rivers...Colorado.
I know many rivers, but they are all too cold to bathe in. I actually almost drowned in one when I was three years old.

pia said...

This blog is going to shut up? But there's rivers to be swum--and up a lazy river I float (just discovered them since moving here)

My wisdom has grown damp like the rivers.

Love love love that line. Wish I wrote it

karen a. said...

Good morning ladies!! Ariel has reminded us that there are five more Miscellany on Wednesdays in the waning days of Waking Ambrose. But Mo'a, I must say, I've certainly read better poems on this blog. (No offense, Ambrose)

pia said...

Oh I see the source--Langston Hughes! great poem but I like yours better

Anonymous said...

RIVER, n. - Crap all I know is Down by the Lazy River but I rather know your rivers in that great poem :)

Anonymous said...

A river runs through it.

That was lovely. And yet a little naughty. But that's probably just me.

Jim said...

Nice poem, Doug. The Colorado is pretty cold to be bathing.
The Platte has nice sandy beaches for swimming and sunning. But I don't know of Hank, Jr's doings there. Perhaps Bubbly does.

cooper said...

peace like a river runs they say — in book and song.

Lovely poem Doug, one to envy.

Anonymous said...

combined form earths'
circulatory system

a pressure point may save
a human life
but a dam is sure to kill
many up and down stream

i myself am biased
and prefer the
meandering river
flowing along a course
of the least resistance,
yet always subject to change


actonbell said...

Very, very nice! But methinks your wisdom is not at all soggy. I haven't been intimate with any rivers, really. Maybe someday.

karen a. said...

good morning.

Doug said...

Equivalent, Nessa.

Quilly, that sounds like a nice start in life.

Terry, you really do have peace like a river, as below.

Thanks, Ariel. I'm still not sure what to miss or what will be missed.

Mo'a, I announced a couple weeks ago that when the current serial ends, I'll be closing this blog. I think it's here until early November, Inshallah.

Thanks, Pia.

But, Thom, didn't you grow up on the banks of the mighty Humboldt?

Probably, Jenn, but nobody minds it, I don't think.

Jim, looking at his reflection.

Thanks, Coop. It's easy to write admirable poetry if you plagiarize Langston Hughes.

Meander, bear. Meander. By the way, did you know that verb comes from the name of a river?

Actonbell, I suppose you're no naiad, then. We'll need some other explanation for the blue, blue eyes.

Good morning, Karen.

TLP said...

Great poem.

Anonymous said...

never a lost day,
when you learn
something new


Anonymous said...

Indeed I did :)