Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Neunundachtzig
To hear this week's story, eavesdrop on the alleyway.

Or, you can read this episode by following Adalbert's finger.

The story so far is here.


TLP said...

OMG! It's only Saturday!

TLP said...

Great voices again today.

If I were there, I'd take a shift on the watch. I might even get inside the prison. One way or another.

Anonymous said...

was once enjoying the
of the county...
my faithful 4 legged friend
waited on the steps for two
days,until my release...

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this Doug a great deal. I wish I was more up to speed with this :) But it was real good :)

karen a. said...

Hey Doug, TLP, Bear and @Boobsquid,

I just printed this week's chapter. Then I have some stuff to do.


This is from May 18th and then after that you need to do your own homework, o.k.?

Thom, let me try to catch you up because "the story so far" has gotten to be pretty far. This is the third of three stories that share characters and the little town of Wolfshausen in Central Germany. For this part (so far) Jermeiah is about 15 years old. He was a wild child (In Winnemuccese, a leppy) who raised himself in a barn eating vermin he could catch. He was discovered by Vater Karl, a priest, who took him in until he was adopted by Gretchen, another orphan who Vater Karl had had adopted by dying pig farmer about 20 years before.

When Jeremiah was adopted by Gretchen, Dietmärchen was a piglet and the descendent of Dietmar, the prize boar to whom Gretchen's adopted father left half his property. "Dietmärchen" is a pun and means "Little Dietmar" but also sounds like the German for "The fairy tales." Dietmärchen and Jeremiah are best friends who have shed blood to protect each other several times.

In this story, Jeremiah and Dietmärchen got in a fight with three boys in a forest, but a wolf took advantage of the chaos to attack one of the other boys and the community which was never comfortable with Gretchen or Jeremiah was angry, so Vater Karl sent the pair to Marburg, the capitol city about 10 km away to send a doctor for the injured boy and to find Dietrich until it's safe for Jeremiah to come back.

Dietrich is handsome carpenter who, in the first story got caught in a completely unconsummated love triangle plus one (love rhombus?) and wound up moving to Marburg to become a priest.

We all just met Trudi, so you know all any of us do about her.

Fellow readers, how is that for a synopsis? Can you think of anything else Thom needs to know if he decides to pick up the story from here?

Doug said...

TLP, moving back towards baseline late.

Bear, four legged friends are the friends two legged friends try to be.

Thom, I can catch you up if you'd like.

Karen, at first I thought you were going to synopsize since then.

cooper said...

Nice piece works with the photo from the seventh seal.

tsduff said...

Over-wrought to have missed so much of this saga. That said, I was amazed at your delightful definitions - and can truly picture Vater Johann standing and walking like a shock of barley - ha ha ha! Truly a great description - I think you are growing better and better with each chapter!

I may not be waiting, champing at the bit every Saturday, but hey, I DO revel in each and every chapter in my own time!

Ariel the Thief said...

Yeah, just saw The Seventh Seal again the other day and so wished it'd have been directed by someone can actually make movies.

barrent - my bartender for rent

karen a. said...

@Boobsquid! Doug said he would catch you up if you'd like ... can't you even PRETEND to try?!?!?!?