Monday, September 20, 2010


EUCALYPTUS, n. A tree holding, in the animal kingdom, the high and honored distinction enjoyed in the animal kingdom by the blue skunk. The variety most in favor is the E. disgustifolium. The medicinal value of its foliage is very great-it cures happiness.

2010 Update: The only ingredient in the recipe for koala.


TLP said...

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree...

I love the smell of Eucalyptus trees. I miss that about CA.

pia said...

It is a beautiful smell, and helps breathing a lot

Mo'a said...

Keeping up the thread of the always means Autumn to me...very appropriate Doug on this first day of Autumn.

Mo'a said...

thread of the Eucalyptus fragrance :)

Mo'a said...

OK!!! I have one more thing to say...a Koala's breath must also smell good.

Anonymous said...

EUCALYPTUS, n. - You know I don't think I have ever personally seen one of those trees. One of these days though I will. I think I have just smelled the manufactured version.

tsduff said...

Walking through a Eucalyptus grove after a refreshing rain clears the sinuses perfectly. The fragrant trees are not native to California - having once been imported/farmed with great excitement at solving the lumber shortage. This all ended in great disappointment when it was discovered that the wood was soft and split easily. The tree turned into a pesky weed and is only used as a windbreak in citrus groves. I am rather fond of the pretty trees myself.

cooper said...

We had them around our yard in Tasmania but I don't think I've see them around here. I think they grow better further south of Maryland.I love the fragrance.

karen a. said...

They do grow better further south of Maryland, Cooper. Florida grows the Eucalyptus for biomass feedstock. The University of Florida has an advanced cellulosic biofuels research facility in Central Florida.

Much further south than Maryland, in Brazil, are massive Eucalyptus plantations. The trees were imported to there from Australia in 1910. "The European Investment Bank and the World Bank have given full public support for foreign investment in Brazil’s pulp and paper industry and cellulose processing plants."

I imagine walking through a Brazilian Eucalyptus plantation is equally as fragrant as the Eucalyptus groves of Florida, California or the Pacific Northwest.

Anonymous said...

as with so many research projects,
they are not able to reproduce
the wheel............

the koala,
the bear..
both have a favorite leaf,
different but


quilly said...

You call Lyptus what? And does he answer?

actonbell said...

I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of walking through eucalyptus trees. And no one would eat a cute little koala.

Doug said...

TLP, that smell is a big recompense for living here or in Queensland.

It is nice, Pia, yeah.

Mo'a, I imagine that's where eucalyptus fragrance comes from.

Thom, if you ever drop by southern California, I'll be happy to introduce you.

Terry, they are also the source of most of California's blue scenario, unless you count the ocean.

Cooper, Tasmania must have been cool.

Thanks, Karen. I did not know that.

That's funny, Bear. Maybe you're part marsupial?

I don't know, Quilly.

Actonbell, I happen to agree. Koala's are for laughing at.