Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dawn of the Fall

The day has come to change the season
Though years like this, there seems no reason
No gold nor rust or scarlet's expected
From leaves that summer ne'er detected.
And the shafts of autumn cannot wither
What shoots in Spring did not deliver.

AUTUMN, n. A season for humility located between the seasons of sloth and disappointment.


TLP said...

In the comics this morning Sally Forth says, "Autumn lasts about 17 minutes now.*

I thought when I read it,she's right. It's my favorite season, and some years it just lasts a few days. It's supposed to be 90 degrees today.

*Not an exact quote...

TLP said...

I liked the poem a lot.

Jim said...

10:09 PM CDST, Doug.

At first I thought you were saying "the Fall of Dawn." I thought, OMGosh, not another!

Anonymous said...

AUTUMN, n. - My least favorite season. Lucky you aren't here right now. It's so hot and miserable and no Trade Winds...

I loved the poem :) Bring on Spring any day :)

cooper said...

Inspirational....meaning it inspired another future bad poem from me, though I admit rather like being a bad poet.

I needed someone to remind me that autumn has arrived, thanks. I only wish summer had taken those damn stink bugs with it.

Anonymous said...

oh what a beautiful moon tonight
may the fullness be a Blessing
through-out the season of
Autumn,into the new year.

the turning leaves are sure
a sight,
showing their
earthly might
the dimming days a delight
to reflect on the futures'
the waters become earthly cheers
as fires consume past fears

Bless & Peace

Doug said...

TLP, I think those of us who really like fall really understand why it seems so short.

Jim, I Just plain old would not go there.

Thom, Hawaiian living must give you a warped understanding of the seasons.

Cooper, bad poetry is what we have to offer. The world can accept or not.

Now there's good poetry, Bear. You otter teach me.

Anonymous said...

I'm warped no matter what season LOL