Friday, September 17, 2010


DECANTER, n. A vessel whose functions are most envied by the human stomach.

2010 Update: An ornamental middle station between bottle and glass designed to contain the difference between wine- and whiskey-drinkers for proper aeration.


Ariel the Thief said...

The difference between wine- and whiskey-drinkers is five minutes, Doug.

Ariel the Thief said...

Good definition, though!

supsh - what happens when the wine-drinker becomes whiskey-drinker too fast.

tsduff said...

Decanter: The step I usually skip anymore.

TLP said...

A jewish leader in New York.

Anonymous said...

DECANTER, n. - Is that anything like Here comes DeJudge? Here comes DeJudge? LOL Have a great Friday :)

quilly said...

My father was a decanter. Almost every thing he said was "can't do this", "can't do that"!

the amoeba said...

DECANTER, n. Retiree from the chorus line - 'cause you can't can-ter any more.

Jim said...

"De canter, de canter! Here, here, on Fantasy Island!"

Nessa said...

Dee can't err because she's on a roll.

Doug, I loved you song recording.

cooper said...

I take this to mean sediment does not a good whiskey make???

karen a. said...

It's Fable Friday!
Time to Play
Fantastic Fables!
by Ambrose Bierce

The Foolish Woman

A Married Woman,
whose lover was about to reform by running away,
procured a pistol and shot him dead.

"Why did you do that, Madam?" inquired a Policeman, sauntering by.

"Because," replied the Married Woman, "he was a wicked man, and had purchased a ticket
to Chicago."

"My sister," said an adjacent Man of God, solemnly,
"you cannot stop the wicked from going
to Chicago
by killing them."

2010 Moral Update: Hot Dog !! Only nine (9) more Fridays until November 6th !!

karen a. said...

Doug, I apologize for this additional comment. I am in error.

2010 Moral Update: Hot Dog !! Only seven (7) more Fridays until November 6th !!

quilly said...