Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Zwoundachtzig
To hear my dad read this week's story, join the penitents at right.

Or, you can read with Adalbert.

The story so far is here.
Um, a note on authenticity. So I wrote this and sent it out to be read and then bothered to look up Ignatius Loyola on Wikipedia where I discovered he was born in 1491 and, so, was about 8 when his follower gave the lecture in Nieder-Weimar. So let's pretend that was a Dominican, huh?

UPDATE SUNDAY: Happy birthday to my mother


Nessa said...

Cody was a sleep at my feet when I turned the sound on. As soon as your father started reading, Cody sat up and listened.

I learned so much from today's episode, Doug. I had no idea they had office cubicles in the 1500's.

Jeremiah is in heaps of trouble.

TLP said...

I always enjoy your Dad's voice.

Nice addition to the series. It's easy to pretend here. I mean. We pretend that a boy who eats raw rats has a pig for a best friend.... and we worry about their safety.

~Karen said...

TLP, I'm pretending a commenter from another blog named 'Ape in an Apron' read Teil Zwoundachtzig and wrote this:

"PishPosh; the only debate that matters is happening right here, in the comment section."

Thom said...

So that's your dad's voice huh? Excellent. I enjoyed this story today. I'm glad that you provide the written part as well so I can keep up with the names. I wonder how Jereimah is gonna respond?

tsduff said...

G and I needed to read as well as listen to your Dad's melodic voice... seems our computers had a rather difficult time picking up the sound all the way to here. Well written, and well spoken - hear hear.

Now, do you know how narrowly you escaped a visit from a Bear and a Crow today... we had a random but nearly culminated impulse to drive to Santa Clarita today. Seems we warded it off - and instead will go north and land in Paradise manana, but just know the angel of nature almost touched you tonight. :)

tsduff said...

PS: NICE piccie of Slugworth :)

actonbell said...

Hold on, his mother's coming!

Ha, that's such a funny touch, Doug:)
Great reading, too!

TLP said...

Happy birthday to Doug's other mother.

~Karen said...

Happy UPDATE SUNDAY birthday to your mother!

If I'm not mistaken, the last time your dad, Steve Pascover, read an episode was in January. I'm surprised his voice sounds the same.

actonbell said...

Happy birthday to Doug's Mom. We're ALL asking about your mother:)

cooper said...

Perfect episode for your mom's birthday.

Happy Birthday Doug's mom.

Nessa said...

Happy Birthday Doug's Mom.

Doug said...

Nessa, the cubicle yawns within.

TLP, if I'd only been given a tea set as a boy this blog could be done by now.

Karen, I think I'm the only one here that can follow that.

Yup, Thom, that's the block I'm a chip off.

Terry, I'd call that an escape without victory.

Thanks, Actonbell.

And thank you, TLP, Karen, Actonbell again, Cooper and Nessa.