Tuesday, August 17, 2010


PHYSICIAN, n. One upon whom we set our hopes when ill and our dogs when well.

2010 Update: A vulture ascetic.


the amoeba said...

Since most physicians these days aren't making enough in salary to pay off their student loans, not to mention their malpractice insurance fees, they sure as hell think they're living ascetic lives.

And university administrators are prepared to wipe the natural sciences off the faces of campuses nationwide by insisting that students pay full fees for educations that lead either to no jobs or ones that pay peanuts.

Meanwhile, the lawyers and insurance profiteers rake in their profits. Speaking of vultures.

pia said...

It is hard to think of something witty and/or clever to say about physicians these days when insurance companies are everybody's enemy and physicians often go out of their way to make it affordable and tolerable

Ariel the Thief said...

Like those guys in Scrubs? Kill as many people as in real life but so funny.

Doug, Ambrose almost sounds like you today.

Anonymous said...

PHYSICIAN, n - Money grubbing turd

Logophile said...

The rope in the
patient-insurance company tug-o-war.
Sure, we get rope burn off them but they are being pulled on both ends.

Anonymous said...

sounds like sourgrapes
all physicians
and lawyers i know
are honest
and advertise, so
Practicing...need i say more
consumer beware
nature aging

TLP said...

A person who puts his or her hands in places I wouldn't touch.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

physician: One who plays the human body like a clarinet.

actonbell said...

High impact collisions are an occupational hazard.

cooper said...

The good ones travel to Africa, South America, and nursing homes.

The bad ones rule the plastic surgery/cosmetic dermatology circuit - compensating their receptionists with a performance based system in which the basic wage is less than minimal and to make a real living the receptionist must sells a lot of product or schedules multiple repeat visits.

tsduff said...

Vultures do not know nor practice Asceticism, as they are mere birds who like to eat dead things. They do not exercise restraint nor abstinence in any way - and I fail to understand the reference. Did you know they pee on their feet in order to cool off?

Physician? May I suggest one who heals...

Jim said...

I know Ambrose is very therapeutic for you Doug. Adi is my love even when the whole world has problems.

I go along with the vulture aspect. Some people might count me in because I am an attorney but I don't have a practice and have been teaching most all of my life. I.e. fairly poor, for sure not filthy rich.

My favorite vultures to watch are the tow trucks sitting on the freeways waiting for a kill (crashed car).

Doug said...

Amoeba, if only complaints were food, every patient could barter.

Pia, I wouldn't know. I don't see a physician.

Ariel, that's funny. Laugh and the dead laugh with you.

Thom, don't hold back.

Logo, pull it tight enough and you more or less get a huge violin string.

Bear, and I don't really know any but their grapes are probably sour.

TLP, that's true.

Poobah, the musical metaphors are coming double time today.

Actonbell, wouldn't intoxoconduction be an awesome profession to go into?

Cooper, I had no idea how that worked. So we have no good doctors in the states?

Sure, Terry, suggest what you may. I did not know that about vultures cooling themselves. I guess that's why you don't notice one in the swimming pool.

Jim, they're sinister, those tow trucks.

actonbell said...


Doug said...

Sorry, Actonbell, my "huh?" was wordier than yours. That's how you say it. I couldn't figure out where the high impact collisions came from, but I tried to play along.