Saturday, October 15, 2005

Night of the Frogmen

Story #14, in which Doug uses a title based on a fact he left out of the spoken version of his story, that his companion introduced himself as "Frogman."

To hear the story, point to the Frogmen.

To read the story, salute the first African-American President of The United States of America

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Unknown said...

*tapping my foot* well, get on already. it was 10.30am here 10 hours ago

Sar said...

It's no secret the Matriach Pez is something of a ledgend in Blogsphere, but I had no idea her notariety had grown into having her own time zone -- impressive! :)

Now, about this post we're waiting for...*tapping finger*

Doug The Una said...

Ladies, ladies you flatter me so. I'll be around shortly.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sar said...

As I see it, the good news is if the Frogman thought you were ugly and Reagan was black, you must be one handsome devil, Doug. ;)

How's that for flattery!

Unknown said...

*doing cartwheels, with pounding heart* handsome, handsome, Doug is handsome

to be known by your ribbit

dddragon said...

what? no story as to why he was called "Frogman"?

Indentify: the pigeon-holes that we try to put people into, yet try to keep out of ourselves.

Lila said...

Huh. Interesting story. Once more, I'm impressed by all of your adventures!

TLP said...

Well, of course I have my own time zone. Everyone's heard of TLP time, no?

Another really great story. I do envy you your wonderful life. You have done much with your allotted time on the planet, and are still so young.

Saddle with a name. Also see To Burden.

Doug The Una said...

Sar, not bad for flattery but your logic is flawed. Thanks, though.

Karma, there are reasons I hide behind a fat beagle. Still, cartwheels are excellent exercise.

Dddragon. I probably wouldn't have asked but as it was I was mainly listening anyway. I expect there were 10,000 stories and opinions yet to go before I got to that one.

Thanks Aral. If discretion is the heart of valor and brevity the soul of wit their absence is the gut of adventure.

Thanks, TLP, it's fun to remember I wasn't always a lazy administrator. Sar and Karma's comments refer to the fact that I got a late start on this and had a post up saying that today's story would go up around 10:30 AM TLP Standard Time. Which it wasn't by the way.

LeMas. said...

This might be my favorite story yet. Doug, you are an adventurer like no other!

TLP said...

Yes, Doug, I knew about the post about TLP time. This is a small town. Word gets around.

I'm definitely in my own zone.

Tom & Icy said...

Identify (objectionable transitory verbalism): being called ugly by one whom is covered with green slime with a voice that goes like "Croak croak!" and whom is in love with a pig.


The irony is that it was Reagan who croaked.


Cooper said...

A confirmation, from me to my neighbor, that the dead hamster on their deck was indeed mine.

You've been way to many places and the weird people list keeps growing.

My friend kait wants to do one but .................................. she is intimidated.

Jamie Dawn said...

I would have been afraid to follow him like you did.
One thing's for sure, he identified you as a friend right off the bat. He invited you back to his place without hesitation.

Anonymous said...

Identify: To affix words to things, however randomly.

Enjoyed the story. It's funny how the mystery of chance encounters often makes the people we meet in them more memorable than those we see every day.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks so much, Masil. I was afraid this week was filler.

Just checking, TLP.

Icy, you're beautiful. That Kermit is a cad.

Clever, Gabriel. Your hurricane post up yet?

Alice, tell Kait we're a very friendly audience and Doug says Please!. Then tell Kait to tell you the same thing.

Did I say that Pia? I didn't say that.

Alcohol loves company even more than misery, Jamie Dawn.

Weirsdo, that's a great lesson to draw.

Lila said...


Doug The Una said...

Aral, you're a great sport and a great friend. Thanks.

GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Touche' Good story my friend :)

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Bubba.