Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Lost Holiday

Story #24, A Christmas story taking place on New Year's Eve.

To hear the story, wake up Santa. To read it, talk to the old man.


Yeah, yeah, Doug Drones On, blah blah blah!

Happy Holidays to all of you!


Miz BoheMia said...

Doug, that was beautiful... I hope Jerry is ok, wherever he is, happy, healthy and safe...

As for you dear friend, may you have a beautiful and special holiday season, and a new year with nothing but the promise of health, happiness and peace...

Thinking of you always...

Miz B.

Sar said...

The twirling helicopter body slam to ring in the New Year was probably the most sentimental and endearing affection a curmudgeon could ever give his foster son. Very touching, Doug.

Merry Chrismas to you, Willie The Wonderdog and Lady Walela. I'd give you a twirling helicopter body slam, but I'm afraid I haven't had my Wheaties yet. ;)

Fred said...

Have a Merry Christmas and great holiday weekend, Doug. I'll be by next week to catch up on all the posts I missed.

Ignatius M. Dedd said...

Best to you and yours, my friend!

TLP said...

Beautiful story, told in a loving way. *I salute you.*

Wherever Jerry is, you can be sure he thinks of you often and well, especially on New Year's Eve. And you will think of him as well. You are bonded forever.

Hope your Christmas is all things merry and bright!

Doug The Una said...

Aw, thanks Miz B. Feliz Navidad!

Yup, Sar, that's as warm as I get. It takes a lot of wheaties, nowadays. Merry Christmas.

Same to you, Fred, and not to fear. I don't give tests.

Thanks, Dead Guy. You too.

Thank you, TLP. I hope yours is merry, bright and chocolaty.

Unknown said...

Wow...that it is very cool way to start the new year...

Touching story...

Have a great holiday Doug.

Lila said...

What TLP said.

I didn't know you were ever a foster dad... how cool! That's a beautiful story, and a beautiful thing to do.

Anonymous said...

You never ever fail to amaze me. Everytime I think I know you....

That was the most beautiful story.

Thank you, man of few but always well chosen words and more actions than any person I know

Have a very merry Christmas

LeMas. said...

Believe it or not, this heartless cynic cried a little over this story.
Merry Christmas Doug.

Anonymous said...

I met Jerry twice at your home, Doug. He hardly spoke to me, found it difficult to look into my eyes when he did yet called me Grandma once without prompting after we played some sort of computer game together. On one of those visits, you and I visited his school because of some malbehaviors but all in all your weekly phone renditions of his accomplishments were heartening. We knew his road was going to be predictably bumpy but the short time he was with you was certainly less rocky than it had been. I believe his gift to you was better understanding the challenges of child rearing and how important those bumps are to any parent. So, Dearest Doug, from this wrestler to her wrestlee and to all your blog buddies, HAPPY FESTIVUS (thanks Sar).

dddragon said...

The weekends are never a disappointment as I look forward to hearing and reading your stories. Thank you for bestowing these gifts to us, Doug.

It's warm here today (over 40!) and when I was out shopping I thought it was like being in California again.

Merry Christmas and all that jazz!

Jamie Dawn said...

It's a busy day, but not too busy to stop by and check out your weekly story. This was a goodie! No, it was a greatie.
You touched that young guy's life, and I'm sure he remembers that you were cool enough to bend the rules a bit. The second Austin Powers movie is hilarious! No wonder you both laughed all evening.
Are square meals TV dinners? No, that would be rectanagles wouldn't it?

Merry Christmas, Doug!

Cooper said...

{{{{{ Hugs }}}}

Happy Day

Omnipotent Poobah said...


I'll remember not to fall asleep when ou're around. Great story!

Have a fabulous holiday my friend.

mireille said...

Jim and I listened to your story with great interest. Before he went to college, J was a "childcare worker" in a children's group home in Michigan in the early sixties ... and his Jerry was named Michael and would be in his fifties now. Our Christmas wish is that they both made it intact out of the system, maybe remembering a couple of decent guys who tried to help. ♥ D. xoxo

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Pia. Very sweet, as always. Happy Holiday.

Actonbell, thanks. I hope so too. Merry Christmas to you and Ekim.

Thanks, AP3. Actually the only time I ever bring it up is when (you listening, Mireille?) someone suggests I should have children. Sometimes I point out that I was a dad for less than a year and the poor kid wound up in the clink. Merry Christmas to you and Ylime, Aved and your hosts.

Thanks, Spiritdancer. To you and your daughter as well.

Masil, I've long since realized your cynicism matches mine in both breadth and depth. Happy holiday.

Mama, I'd forgotten about him and eye contact. He got over that with me pretty quick. One of my memories from your visit was Jerry saying Papi Brujo looked just like Sean Connery and your arguing with him about it while E tried to stifle a grin.

Dddragon, Merry Christmas to you, big Sis. (It's 80 here, by the way.)

Jamie Dawn, you'll be almost as surprised as I was by the home cooking Jerry and I did. Most group homes feed corndogs and I was pretty committed that our diet would be different. Probably the last time I ate right. Merry Christmas to you and the family, including Lambchop.

Hugs to you, Alice. Thanks. Happy Holiday.

You too, friend Poobah. It's safer now than it used to be.

Mireille, bless both you and Jim. That's good, hard work, isn't it?

mireille said...

la la la la la la la la *i'm not listening, Doug* la la la la la la xoxo

Minka said...

Merry Christmas Doug. No time to read the story with my old ones and they wanna sing some carols with me. Check in later :) All my love, Monika

AsianSmiles said...

Merry Christmas Doug, Jerry, Willie, Walela and the P family. Such a nice story from someone with such a big heart.


Unknown said...

did i ever tell you that you are wonderful? i am sure everyone here will agree that you not only made Jerry's life wonderful, but continue to enrich ours, as well.

thank you, Doug.

my wish for you is that you realize all yours in the coming year and all the others that follow ... and also, here's wishing you, Mama, Papa Pascover Willie, Walela, Jerry and all the other kids you may have fostered unbeknowest to us, the best of the season

*kisses Doug passionately under imaginary mistletoe although it is not a pagan practice*

Sar said...

*Fanning my way through the steam from Karma & Doug* - lordamercy woman! ;)

Mama - you're most welcome, and thanks as always for popping over my place. Mi Belle casa es su Belle casa. Happy Festivus to you, Pappa, and can't forget Uncle I like Mike! :)

The Reverent Eater said...

Merry Christmas, Doug!

Doug The Una said...

That's why I don't have kids, Mireille :P

Thanks, Monika, I don't blame them. Stille nacht?

Thanks, Asiansmiles and to your family as well.

Well, Karma, just so you all don't end up in stir. *blushing*

Nice, Sar. I'll pass your message along.

Thanks, Manchego, and to you.

Thanks, SCP. A sincere wish for a Merry Christmas to you and the little ones.

Anonymous said...

Touching story, but sad. The system seems wrong not to let foster children get continuous supervision from one person. What's with that? That kind of stuff keeps people like me out of that sort of work. I couldn't take the here today gone tomorrow games with kids.
[Foster kids everywhere breathe sighs of relief.]
Anyway, what an admirable guy you are, and I hope you will let us know if you ever find anything out about Jerry.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, dogs included (of course).

Anonymous said...

I think this is a good lesson not to use people for your own selfish purposes. Jerry was a test monkey, it's no surprise he rebelled. He needed permanency and was given a taste of what it would be like to be loved but with no promise of a long term future.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Weirsdo, to you too.

Taking in your comment plus anonymous, there's just nothing clear about how to help abused and neglected children. Their (original) families always want them and they always want their original families no matter how bad the situation. When Jerry was with me, his mother was supposed to be working on a plan to get him back. You can't give kids in that system more permanency without being much faster to permanently break up the original families. All the easy answers are gone when the original family fails. Anonymous, I understand your comment but Jerry was never a monkey and stopped being an experiment the minute he walked through the door. Merry Christmas, though.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a background of generations of abuse, I'm for giving the kids to people who can really love them and not too many second chances for the parents. When my mother was little, even after traumatic abuse she still wanted her mother to love her, but she should have been removed from the situation. It only led to my grandmother trying to kill her when she was 16.

Minka said...

Yes, "Stille Nacht" und "Oh, Tannenbaum". But then I gave up with teh German titels ´cause the people did not know the German words and it was me alone trying to keep in tune :) It was fun though. We sang mostly Icelandic versions...which means me humming a lot!

Doug The Una said...

Weirsdo, I had the same reaction, that if people can't keep straight for their children they shouldn't have them. On the other hand, CPS workers can also be overzealous and in a lot of ways that's worse. Plus, the number of good homes that will really welcome children who have been abused and neglected isn't anywhere near what we need for the system we have now, much less what we'd need if the courts moved faster. It is a big sloppy mess either way, though and I've given up pretending there's a simple right solution.

Monika, thanks for bringing us back to Christmas. I hope yours was perfect. (:o, Weirsdo!)

Minka said...

Friday, 12.08.06
I can´t believe that I never came back to the story. (I blame the Holidays!)
after one year, you still amaze me... and I hardly know you!
I am a foster child, my mom says a model A version.*busy beaming with pride*
And I love my mom to bits as you know, almost from the first moment I saw her. I bet Jerry had simialr feelings right from the start...we sense goodness, 'cause we are so devoid of it...we embrace it-sometimes invisibly so- but old habits die hard and dedication alone does not create a different human being.
You showed good will, heart and laughter. You gave him a lot!
I am sorry to hear you lost contact with Jerry...who knows...pathes cross and cross again, if you are willign to look!

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Minka. That was very kind. It's kind of cute, too to see the budgies above and the penguin below.

I remember Sabina's story of your first meeting and how you were surprised she spoke German so well, not knowing you had origin in common.