Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's with Friends

Right, an example of Pasadena area architecture.

Story #25 (Lordy, what an ego!,) or, A Night of Wine and Roses. In which Doug rings in a new year and learns the importance of old friends and new.

To hear the story, click on the Rose Bowl banner.

To read the story, point to the Soggy Bottom Boys.

Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you all.


Miz BoheMia said...

Serendipity... I AM FIRST! YEAH BABY YEAH!!!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year honey ... and all here!

Guess you learnt to open bottles and not throw them after that :))

Ariel the Thief said...

"for the last time in my life" ROTFL! more than one important lesson you have learned that night... I loved the story.

Tom & Icy said...

Considering all those adventres you've had, it's a stroke of luck that you are still alive!

Minka said...

Happy New Year, you criminal! It is a miracle you turned out to be who you are with all this past.
Anyways: You are fabulous and 2006 is the year of the DOG!!! in the Chinese horoscope.
Happy New Year, Gledileg Jol und Ein Glueckliches Neues Jahr to all of you, my comment buddies!

Fred said...

Parents can be so unreasonable, can't they?

Happy New Year, Doug. This is one of the better blogs out there; I really enjoy reading (and listening to) your posts.

dddragon said...

Serendipity, n. The path that brought us all together.

Happy New Year, Doug, thx for being my bro.

Sar said...

Serendipity: Sar and De Pity I feel for you having to go home and face Mama's wrath after she bailed out her punk, attempted murdering son (at only 15?!).

You did a great job telling this story, Doug. It was entertaining, surprising, and funny. A great cap to a year of great stories.

It still amazes me how much living you've survived to tell, but I'm equally amazed and thankful I found you, Waking Ambrose, and these wonderful stories. Not to mention all the wonderful friends (and a certain furry woo'er) that came into my life through you and your sites. And before I strangle myself with seredipity, let me just say...

Happy New Year I HEART DANGER Doug. :)

TLP said...

That's it! You have found our old house! Thank you so much. You know, I think I'm actually getting a bit teary here. You're a Prince of Serendip for real.

Serendipity,n., the unique and contingent mix of insight coupled with chance. See how I met my new son.
(AP3 was born while we lived there.)

Doug The Una said...

Geez you guys, am I supposed to be hung today and no-one said anything?

Serendipity, n. Miz Bohemia.

True, Karma, and the genies have really come in handy.

Very, true, Ariel, I learned a lot that night. Can't remember what, though. I'm delighted you liked the story.

Icy, if anything this story explains why I'll be in bed by 10 tonight.

Danke Schön, Mádchen, und Ich wünche sich die selbe. Ich wünch mich da∫s Ich besser Deutsch lernen.

Oh, they're irritible creatures, Fred. Same to you.

Right you are, Dddragon. Or Tom, anyway. Thanks for being a big sis. Never had one before.

Actonbell, you know I don't post scenes with graphic violence. Good news, though, I'm learning to walk again. (I don't know Alice's Restaurant beyond the refrain, I can imagine, though.

Thanks, Sar, it amazes me too. I'm sure it'll be a child's toy falling from an airplane that gets me. Danger HEART Doug.

Doug The Una said...

Cybermama, I'm glad. Ddd confirmed it before I put it up.

Lila said...

Wow, Doug! You were just a kid! Glad it turned out okay. Geez. You and your crazy past.

I can't believe you found our old house! Cool beans!

TLP said...

Came back after listening and reading the story AGAIN.

*sigh* You do HEART danger. Or at least you did at an earlier age. Acton Bell is right about Alice's Restaurant. This is so like it.

Bonez said...

What a hilarious story, Doug. Thank you for a great 2005 of Waking Ambrose. Happy New Year to you and yours!

mireille said...

Oh, Brother. And I liked the story. Glad about your purity. And tell us more about prison! *we're so tame and whitebread, not like YOU, dangerman* xoxo

Doug The Una said...

AP3, I'd waved to it once before when Dddragon mentioned it in a comment. Yesterday, I had my camera.

TLP, I never planned stuff like that. It must be my glow.

Hey, thanks, Tony. A great year to you and yours, and a peaceful one.

Mireille, I'm glad we're all still glad about my purity.

Actonbell, my sincere pleasure. I imagine you guys parking bikes on the lawn.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I had no idea I was hanging out with such a rough and tumble crowd, what a rogue!
Been getting to know you a little this year, Doug, and I look forward to continuing to do so in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, my ass

I'm glad you hung on to your purity for another night.

What a jerk those old guys in their late 30's can be.

If I can only figure out the serendipitous reason we met. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my son, my son! The call which I received around 3 a.m. after I let you go to that stupid pre Rose Bowl bash was one to the single mom trying to keep her pubescent sons hormones in check. It was your enraged mamma who bailed your sorry ass outta' da clinker. So that you can further understand why you strayed so far from the straight and narrow, Dougie, I was so pissed at the cops for handcuffing and bunking you with that ner-do-well/potential murderer/adult that instead of timidly taking you away and having you apologize for your misdeed , I lashed into them for their idiocy, further embarrassing you, poor thing.

Happy New Year to every one of your wonderful Blogbuddies, and to you to my son, my son!

Minka said...

Doug, your mom came to my blog and if you see her thank her for her veru kind words, please! I am was truly touched...Now I know why, despite being you, you turned out is in the genes:)

Unknown said...

Okay...I have had my moments of killers involved...but some definite interventions.

Thanks for sharing the story...

Happy New Year!

Doug The Una said...

Mwah yourself, Logophile. See you ought-six.

Happy New Year, Anonymous. I hope you have a satisying 2006.

Actually, it was to a pre-single mom, as I recall but only just. Gosh, did you and dad divorce because I was bad?

Thanks, Monika and you're right. I probably inherited an enlarged x-chromosome. I'll pass your message along.

Miz BoheMia said...

I forgot to mention how I loved the story! Glad you got out of that one unscathed... well, except for your mama's wrath!

Have a happy new year sweet friend!

dddragon said...

Hearing your mom's side reminds me of the time I failed the driver's test because our car wasn't working correctly.

The tester started in on mom (something like "how dare you let her take the test in a car that's not functioning correctly...") and then mom laid into the tester ("... and what's your badge number? ..."). The test ended up not counting. At least, that's what I remember of it.

That, and the car's idle not working and trying to do the serpentine portion of the test at 40 miles an hour.


Jamie Dawn said...

I love the word Serendipity. It gives me hope that really nifty surprises are awaiting just around the corner.
I'm amazed at your varied adventures. It's a wonder you've survived to tell the tales. It's not a bad thing to have a ruthless convict as a friend, I suppose. You never know when you'll be in need of his services.

Happy New Year, Doug! I hope 2006 is a wonderful year for you, chock full of serendipitous happenings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doug. When I read your Mom's comment, I thought I remembered being there. Makes no nevermind. You turned your life around and made something of yourself.

We did not divorce because you were bad.

Happy new year to you, your friends and commentators. I enjoy reading the comments, and the sense of community I sense. [I was always the sensitive one, right real mama?]

Doug The Una said...

Spiritdancer, may you never need a lucky killer and Happy New Year.

Thanks, Miz Bohemia, all second and third compliments go to a fund I set up for children with bad hair. Happy New Year to you too.

Thanks Jamie Dawn, or, as I like to think of you, Serendipity number 2005-07, and to you and yours.

Assuming that's you, pop, that was my recollection, too. Mom came up to get me and you were in the car. If you're trying to pick a fight with Mom on my blog it's your @$$! All future arguments about who's the sensitive one are to happen in front of Stevie.

Doug The Una said...

Oh, Dddragon, sorry! Almost seems better to take the test with bad brakes.

Unknown said...

hell hath no greater fury than a woman whose son is subject to trauma in a debatable situation. go, mama, go!

*adding fuel to the family fire while watching from sidelines with a beatific expression before silently slipping away*

Anonymous said...

Doug's dad [me] says Got it! 9and I nevcer use !}

Kyahgirl said...

Happy new Year Doug!!
I always enjoy your stories.


Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Karma or Kruella or whoever you are.

That's a good boy, pop!

Thanks, Laura, Happy New Year to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Sheet I'm psychic. Bet with myself how many comments you would have. Why? I don't know

Won something for being 35--though my second go around

Happy New Years Doug, Doug's dad and entire family, including the dogs

AsianSmiles said...

..a fumble that led to a touchdown.

Happy New Year Doug, and also to your friends and family!

dddragon said...

ribbit rabbit hiccup

Doug The Una said...

Pia, you just go ahead and let your inner statistician shine!

Rabbit, rabbit, Actonbell!

Happy New Year to you and yours, Asiansmiles.

Doug The Una said...

Oops, Dddragon, rabbit, rabbit! *scary roar*

Day by Day said...

Ahhh... I always had a thing for the "bad boy"... :)~ Happy New Year to you, Doug!

Lila said...


LeMas. said...

Happy New Year Doug! Don't go committing any felonies.

~Daydreamer~ said...

A very funny story there you got Doug! You're full of 'em, aren't ya?

Happy New Year again and all my best wishes!

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Day-by-Day, I've always tried real hard to be one.

Rabbit Rabbit and Happy New Year, Sis!

Masil, I fell asleep trying to concoct one. Happy New Year.

Thanks, Marwa! I have at least 25. I'm a little nervous about next week. It might be about a shoelace-tying incident. Happy New Year to you and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug! It's good to come back to another good story. I trust all charges were dropped.
Know Willie Nelson but NOT "Alice's Restaurant"? Tsk, tsk!
Happy New Year from me and the whole Stuffed Animal Planet population!

TLP said...

So, what's goin' on here? Is this a holiday for you? It's Monday ya know.

Doug The Una said...

Welcome home, Weirsdo! Happy New Year. Maybe my Monday post will restore a little my cosmopolitan credentials.

TLP, a new part of speech is a special challenge.

Semisweet1 said...

You saved a real good for New Year's, Doug. Well-told, well done.

Semisweet1 said...

You saved a real good one for New Year's, Doug. Well-told, well done, Doug.

Had to redact. No pill for it.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, S.

Cairo The Boxer said...

Great house! My parents went to a (UCI) graduate housing apartment and drank it up with college students to ring in the new year. Boy it must be nice to go to a real house.

Doug The Una said...

Cairo, old age in an underappreciated blessing.