Tuesday, September 12, 2006


REBEL, n. A proponent of a new misrule who has failed to establish it.

2006 Update: A free-thinker unwilling to heed the reins of conventionality or the brakes of tradition, halting only for the obstinacy within according to the latest fashion.

I have the privilege today of having a guest post on Courting Destiny. I think more people see Courting Destiny in a day than have ever read Waking Ambrose, so, please, try to make me look cool. Does anyone out there know how to tie a windsor knot?


G said...

How could it be? Can't pass this up - my first?!

He's a rebel and he'll never ever be any good...

Mutha said...

rebel: the answer to the drumbeat that first murmurs in preteen years and for some is ringing in one's ears from the moment one hits air.

Indeterminacy said...

Rebel: The vanguard of a new status quo.

Anonymous said...

Rebel? Born to be wild, baby! WIIIIiiiiild.

The Violent Vixen said...

I started to say "I am THE Rebel," but then I realized, that if you call yourself a rebel then you, in fact, are not. A rebel is any person who blogs for any other reason other than because it's aparently the cool thing to do now (sorry doug, you don't qualify. Just kidding!)

TLP said...

A Confederate soldier.

Or James Dean.

Something caused by frustration and boredom.

Charlene Amsden said...

rebel n. one who behaves contrary to the wishes of ones family
see also: selfish; contrary; teenager

Anonymous said...

rebel: the one who yells "more more more" but doesn't know "why why why", much less "what what what" it is they want more of.

i can't be held responsible for this response, my brain rebels when denied its morning caffeine.

Minka said...

rebel,n. toddlers, teenagers and sometimes early onset curmudgeons :)

Minka said...

"Great things are done when men and mountains meet."
-William Blake-

Sar said...

Ooh Ooh, Mistah Pascovah!
*waives hand wildly*
I know this one!

Rebel: One who sees rules as maliable at best.
See Gabriel C. Zolman.

The amoeba said...

REBEL, v. To put the damned thing back on the cat.

"We are not rebels. We are conservative." - Jefferson Davis

Which was true. Sometimes the guy with the gun is worshiping those brakes of tradition. Ain't that so, boy?

mireille said...

adding onto G's:

And just because he doesn't do what everybody else does/
That's no reason why I can't give him all my love/
He's a rebel and he'll never ever be any good/
He's a rebel 'cause he never ever does what he should

heh. xoxo

Anonymous said...

rebel: to comport oneself as a man or woman of individuality. A free-lancer. A southerner who hates football.

brian said...

Two things come to mind.

Billy Idol and Tom Petty.

Doug said...

G, someone in the Penguin's spot, I guess. How was the commute?

Mutha, you'd be referring to the kids that slap the OB back, huh?

Indie, good one.

And how wild were you born to be, LBP?

Solace, I'm a conformist without a cause.

TLP, and have you noticed unraveled by something to do, more often than not?

Quilldancer, see also twenty-something, thirty-something, dotage.

Oh, Puppybrose, you mean the well-intended and ill-informed being led by the ill-intended and well-informed. Anti-globalization folks, et al.

Haha, Minka, that last is an oversized facsimile of the first. Blake probably meant an avalanche.

Sar, I haven't seen Gabriel in a month of Saturday nights. Probably married with kids, leading a flock in Topeka.

Yes sir, O Ceallaigh, Sir.

Mireille, that's almost a great song. You and G singing it makes it greater.

Old Mule, Bless you and Dale Earnhardt.

Brian, how about Mozart and Liszt?

Logophile said...

conformist without a cause, hm?
Not buying it.
A conformist can always SOMETHING to consider their cause.
What you are is a rebel in conformist's clothing.

Ariel the Thief said...

But I understand, William Blake. You were a poet and a painter. And now, you are a killer of white men.

a4g said...

Rebel, n. Possessing the knowledge of how much mousse is required to have one's hair mussed just so when riding a motorbike.

G said...

Thanks Doug, I think Mireielle and I sang that nicely together.

G said...

Doug - Just read your addendum - I might be able to help you on the windsor knot (remember my father tieing that one, so funny).

Anonymous said...

(Note: not dinner table discussion)...yes, the anti-globalization folks...isolationism is the din of the unstudied.

Doug said...

Logo, was it the floppy ears that gave it away or the fangs?

Ariel, Dead Man seems to be your scripture. Is there a church of Jarmusch in Budapest?

a4g, I've always wanted to ask a west-sider this: Does the amount of mousse change with a pony tail?

Thanks, G. Especially for the help with the tie. Does black and gold match Pia's decor, at all?

Anonymous said...

i think you should wear an ascot. or a cravat.

TLP said...

Just came back and saw the addendum. I went over there and couldn't believe my eyes. So that WAS you over there. Huh! Never woulda knowed it. Completely different style and all that. Good in any style.

I'm not positive that pink is your color. But you're cool whatever you wear. I'm no good with a windsor knot. But ya know there is always the potential to be hanged by a tie anyway.

The Village Idiot said...

One word Doug

Codpiece...forget the tie.

Be a rebel

a4g said...

Carrying the shame of once having been ponytailed myself (and on weekends still yet being the rare Patriot in Flip Flops), I found mega-hold gel to be the appropriate pomade.

The steady decline in the amount used was, sadly, more influenced by my decision to remain a rugged Rogaine-free rebel, than any other factor.

The Village Idiot said...

Uh one more thing doug...do not drive a Porsche 550 Spider..then you will have no cause....watch out for deadmans curve

LeMas. said...

rebel-following the lead of just a few really cool people instead of the general populace

Jamie Dawn said...

A person who claims they don't like Krispy Kreme donuts or chocolate. If everyone says they like something, the rebel claims to not like it.

If you were to search their car though, you'd find a napkin from Krispy Kreme and a couple of Hershey's wrappers under the seat.

You have to either be a word geek or a cool dude.
Which will it be????

Anonymous said...

It's a very fitting word. Thank you

"Shes a rebel, and she'll always be very very very good."

G said...

It does today Doug - it does today!

Anonymous said...

I'd tell you Doug but you keep reminding me that this is a pg blog. Sigh. Oh well.

Anomie-Atlanta said...

How to tie a Windsor Knot:

Remember synthetic fabrics are flammable, so you probably don't want them near your face. Silk ties are recommended.

Doug said...

Thanks for the style tip, Puppybrose. You're always looking out for me.

TLP, that's a great point. Yep, that was me just waiting to be hung.

V.I., I know next to nothing about fashion except never to take style advice from a guy with a condom on his head.

a4g, I used brylcream once as part of a Michael Corleone costume for halloween. I regret not using rogaine more than the pomade. But I appreciate the tip just in case I win a house in Pacific Palisades by being the millionth customer at Whole Foods trying to use their restroom or something. What? It could happen.

Thanks, V.I. I'm not terribly worried that fate will confuse me with James Dean.

Right, Masil, like Moby and Paris Hilton.

Jamie Dawn, can I be a word dude?

Pia, a she in sheep's clothing.

Thanks, G. my only tie has the University of Iowa colors and logo.

Jenna, you forget I have a pdf of yours.

Thank you, Anomie. Very constructive. You're calling me flintface?

TLP said...

*sigh* You can't be a word geek if you say "that was me just waiting to be hung." People are hanged. Pictures are hung.

Unless you are talkin' 'bout sumthin' else entirely. You're not, are you???? This being a PG13 site and all. Just sayin'.

Sar said...

Lordamercy, TLP! That's your cyberson!

Doug, if I may make an addendum to my previous definition...

Rebel: See Tan Lucy Pez

Doug said...

TLP, thank you for filling in for Weirsdo during her absence.

Sar, that's a great definition. That TLP!

Mistress Anna said...


Kyahgirl said...

I peeked in here earlier but didn't have time to comment. Thanks to you I've had Billy Idol flashing his whiplash smile and doing his rebel yell in my head all day.

going to check you out at Pia's place now :-)

Charlene Amsden said...


Anonymous said...

Rebel: the last one to join up and/or in.

tsduff said...

Rebel: Me, when I'm on my Harley. See also: Alter Ego

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Rebel: One who fancies himself chafing at the yoke of authority, but who often finds he is without cause or clue.

Lila said...

Rebel, n. Long-time blogger who takes a break from blogging for a week or more.

Anonymous said...

What???? What'd I say? I ain't no rebel. I'm the easiest-to-get-along-with person I know. I should get some kinda award for being a non-rebel.

Don't make me come over there dawg. I may hafta come back with weapons and plastic explosives and stuff and clean up this blog.

Anonymous said...

rebel: one who wears white shoes after labor day?

Doug said...

Mistress Anna, I'll buy that.

More, more, more, Kyah.

Quilly, that was just great.

Puppybrose, a toothless leech?

Put put, Terry. I bet you're bad.

Poobah, it can be hard to distinguish between authority and too small a t-shirt.

Aral, you avenged your mama! *claps*

TSP, I'll cook supper. Come on over.

Puppybrose, I think you're thinking of Harlot. No offense, LBP.

Charlene Amsden said...

Dog, that was lame. I am capable of better stuff, but this head cold is rotting my brains and they are pouring out my nose ...

Charlene Amsden said...

Here's a rebel story for you:

I had a young man in my classroom last year who, during allergy season, suggested I not blow my nose because it was disgusting. I agreed with him, told him it was indeed disgusting and I would be glad to stop and just let the snot run all over my face .... The entire class rebelled at his perfectly reasonable suggestion and my perfectly logical solution. Go figure.

Kyahgirl said...

wow, you sound just like him....have to do something with the hair though :-) How does Willie feel about gel?

Anonymous said...

I just came over to be first for today - sadly I foget in Cali it is still yesterday.

I think Doug would look good hung on a wall.

he's not a rebel no no no

he's not a rebel no no no

to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

someone had to finish the damn song.

Indeterminacy said...

If I couldn't be first, can I be last?

Allan Sherman has a song called "The Rebel"

Doug said...

Quilldancer, maybe just ending with lonely seemed clever to me. I'm no critic. I vote with the class, though. Feel better soon.

Kyahgirl, Willie's never seen gel. I'll ask him how he'd imagine he'd feel.

Thanks, Alice. Am I allowed to say, just as long as I'm well...well, never mind. Lovely voice you have.

Indie, that's a funny lyric. Must be old.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to second Doug's thanks, TLP. People should never rebel against good grammar.

Doug said...

You ain't laying, Weirsdo.