Saturday, October 14, 2006

Secret Lives

Story #66, about a woman with many tales.

To hear the story, yodel from Mont Blanc.

To read the story, parry.

This week in The Prattler, "Political Capital."


Anonymous said...

Entering into this blogging adventure largely to resurrect the crush of an 18 year-old upon turning 40?

To resurrect: to reconsider: to improve.

He takes it like the compliment it always was.

Anonymous said...

that Mutha... a feisty heroine trapped inside the body of a Massachussetts mom. i LOVE this, and i suspect she will, too. that said, with Mutha residing in the midst of Revolution-land, i'm shocked that bullet wasn't a ball fired from an antiquated musket (or was it?).

not wanting to be that overzealous cook in your kitchen, let me just say this was a tasty offering, Doug, and your definition was divine.

mireille said...

Wow, that's some rich fantasy life. I'd like some of whatever Mutha's having. Also: nice light sabres. xoxo

Ariel the Thief said...

I don't like the first two sentences because they are trying too hard, but then you're getting into it
and I love, love, love the rest of story. I say with Puppy, THAT Mutha...

(my fave was "quick as a canary and sure as a bat".)

jbknv: my job on her knees in her van

ksnto: put Kristen into the hole

Charlene Amsden said...
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Charlene Amsden said...

improve -- Thurber couldn't have done it better.

Anonymous said...

Cool ride! Is Mutha going to provide the rest of the answers, such as who that mysterious stranger was--maybe the new 007, wouldn't that be a dishy story?

Doug The Una said...

Danny Boy, I think we're all more curious about your story than mine. Thanks for sharing.

Brian, I'm not sure if that's an improvement.

Was it indeed, Puppybrose? Was it indeed?

Mireille, I'm pretty sure what you have is working. Zockso!

Ariel, thank you. Criticism is a rare gift. After a hike and a nap I'll look at the written version. I can change. I just know it.

Thank you, Quilldancer. I was trying to remember who wrote the original. I was hoping the teacher would get here early.

Actonbell, perhaps she will provide the rest. If she lives!

Charlene Amsden said...

Doug, are you telling me you don't remember The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? While Walter wasn't as impressive as Mutha -- after all he had no children to contend with -- he was still very impressive in his ability to day dream himself out of any situtation.

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, I remember it well enough to plagiarize don't I? I just didn't remember who wrote it. I was thinking along the lines of Thurber but writers of that period are jumbled in my mind. Did he also write The Bridge over San Luis Rey?

The amoeba said...

Thurber indeed, Doug. The Secret Life of Wanda Mutha!


Anonymous said...

or Mutha Mitty? heh. still, better to channel Thurber than Knotts (The Incredible Mr. Limpet. "Henry, am I the widow of a man or the wife of a fish?" ~the less-than-Incredible *Mrs.* Limpet.)

Ariel: that was my favorite line, as well!

Improve: smack on the side of the head. (just sayin'...)

Charlene Amsden said...

Doug, --The Bridge over San Luis Rey-- Thorton Wilder.

I am appalled. Feeling weak. Must rest.

improve: to leave much much room for

Anonymous said...

that you have

except your roasting skills they need to be honed just a tad.

Anonymous said...

i'm appalled too, but the only writers of that time that Doug can keep straight are Hemingway, Faulkner and Lawrence. Doug wants to keep in touch with the softer side, but unfortunately, society pulls him right back. Just like the rest of us!

Try Saroyan too, while you are at it.

Doug The Una said...

O Ceallaigh, that's the one.

Puppybrose, no nails this time, though. k?

Quilldancer, at 38 I'm still mainly potential. Sorry to disappoint. Glass of water?

Haha, Cooper. OK, then, Lass. Your turn.

Dan, I know you now. Who's the third guy? Saroyan's from Sacramento and I don't have to read him if I don't want to. Those people even make legislation boring.

Anonymous said...

no need for nails, i still have a shovel.

oh, and for the record, Saroyan's from the veritable armpit of California, aka Fresno.

Doug The Una said...

OK, I'm going to go ahead and admit I can't read. If Walela didn't take dictation I wouldn't have a site.

G said...

Mutha in a habit - can't improve upon that and won't even try.

Excellent indeed.

Indeterminacy said...

This reminds me of a story by James Thurber, but in the complete reverse. In the Thurber story some henpecked man escapes his miserable reality for a fantasy world where he is always the hero. Mutha doesnt have any need to escape. She´s resting between her accomplishments.

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

I lik the story. Today im pretending im in Barsellona. !i am pretending so good i can even get new leters on when i tipe¡

Charlene Amsden said...

improvement: laughter

Large quantities supplied here. Doug, whenever you growl I roll on the floor laughing. You're not a guard dog, are you?

Doug The Una said...

G, we'll have to fit you for one too.

Indie, I thought it was a boy nagged by his mother. I do admit this is plagiarized. Most of these stories are.

¿Que deciste, SACADA?

Not a very good one, Quill.

Minka said...

Gosh, I wish I knew Mutha a bit better, to fully get the impact of this story :(

"quick as a canary and sure as a bat" made me smile.

I have two canaries, they are quick, flying against the window!

tsduff said...

It makes me tired to just deal with one of her lives - let alone such a bagful...! Can't we just have one ending? You have such a busy pen for such a young whelp.

Mutha said...

My God, I'm in shock! I was so busy saving the world -- or at least that bunch of guys -- that not only did I get a great muffin out of it, I ran out of time before coming to Doug's and hearing his always amazing Saturday story.
I didn't even know that I have always wanted to be a comic book heroine...until right now.

Mutha said...

The man in the tuxedo? Perhaps the only guy I know who has been picked up by outlaws on the dusty back by-ways of Australia...although, I'm not sure if the tux works for him :)

Doug The Una said...

Minka, I actually didn't know that a canary and a budgie were the same thing. Which one kept you from logging on?

Who are you calling young, T?

Mutha, I was just going to come looking for you but there were too many places to check.

Doug The Una said...

Ha, Mutha! Senegallllllllll

Mutha said...

The moral of the story: Trying to write a novel while taking on the world of work and mothering can be hazardous to your health -- or the health of your main characters.
But I am doing National Novel Writing Month anyway!!!!

Kyahgirl said...

as every Mutha knows, the key to survival is a rich fantasy life!
Great story Doug. Mutha is a fitting star for this story.