Tuesday, October 17, 2006


FANATIC, n. One who overestimates the importance of convictions and undervalues the comfort of an existence free from the impact of addled eggs and dead cats upon the human periphery.

2006 Update: Anyone who submits to a leader as though he were God, takes up a cause as though it were Earth or argues with Me.


FelineFrisky said...

Argues with Doug??!! Unheard of! LOL Disagree, perhaps... But loving it, really! OMG!! Am I first?? teh Penguin is a first fanatic! Truly. D :}

TLP said...

Fanatic: Bindy
Today I understand this word too well to joke about it.

The Violent Vixen said...

Fanatic: see lurkers. Those who spend too much time waiting around for Doug to post so that they have the chance to possibly be the first to comment.
...oh wait... that's me!*blush*


TLP said...

But I will anyway.

Fan-atic. An instrument under the roof that has an irrational enthusiasm to cool the whole house.

Minka said...

Solace Cai, and I see nothing wrong with that. Nothing, I say! you could have worse hobbies in life! :)

fan atic: an attic full of posters and Cd collections from whatever embarassing group you were listening to when at that age?

Indeterminacy said...

I want to be a fanatic too, but it goes against my religion.

Anonymous said...

Fanatic:One with sight who cannot see; a person prone to overcompensation; the alienesque mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Team (Phanatic).

Charlene Amsden said...

fanatic bats

And me -- I adore old houses with attic bedrooms. I love to sleep tucked up under the eaves when it is raining outside (providing the eaves are water proof).

Anonymous said...

Fanatic: HDTV (High Definition Tunnel Vision)

CozyMama said...

I like the updated version. Seems the word fanatic could be implied to the person in my post today.

Anonymous said...

Fanatic: In Chicago, this is someone who actually believes that barring a goat from entering a stadium can materially affect, throughout eternity, the chances of the local baseball franchise ever winning a World Series.

mireille said...

[Latin fānāticus, inspired by orgiastic rites, pertaining to a temple, from fānum, temple.] Like what we do here. You know. xoxo

Unknown said...

Fan with a nervous disorder

ajjrmlm: multi level marketeer Jack on pilgrimage to 'aj

Anonymous said...

per your update (which i love): "A fanatic is always the fellow on the opposite side.” ~ Will Rogers

oh, and my 1st attempt should have read:

Fanatic: one with HDTV (Hi-Def Tunnel Vision)

what can i say? once in a while my eagerness to comment trumps my ability to proof-read.

Anonymous said...

Nobody said that it would be easy
To take away my walkin' shoes
Cause honey I found I can't settle down
On my road there's another town
Where the people wanna hear a man
who sings the blues

Nobody said that it would be easy
Stay at home all alone
Honey I found I can't settle down
With you,
My road, there's another town
I gotta keep movin'
I gotta keep rollin' on

Some say I'm a fool
Crazy fanatic
And more

I guess it's true
Like getting static
For a new pair of boots
And the way out the door

Nobody said that it would be easy
Sometimes you'll get confused
But honey I found I can't settle down
At the end of my road
There's another town
Where the people wanna hear a man
Who sings the blues

Some say I'm a fool
Crazy fanatic
A dreamer a drifter and more
I guess it's true
Cause I get ecsatic
For a new pair of boots
and a way out the door

Nobody said that it would be easy
Sometimes you'll get confused
But honey I found I can't settle down
At the end of my road
There's another town
Where the people wanan hear a man
Who sings the blues
Yeah honey I found I can't settle down
At the end of my road
There's another town
Where the people wanna hear a man
Who sings the blues

Doug The Una said...

Diane, it takes a fanatic :)

TLP, I'm pansified. Bindy?

Solace, no reason to blush. I'll try to post more timely.

TLP, I am a huge fan of attic fans. Nothing funny about that.

Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, Leadbelly and Taj Mahal, Minka. I have nothing to hide. Good things haircuts don't keep, though.

Good one, Indie. Ave Indie.

Joel, I always wondered what that thing was. I've been meaning to check Barney's toe tag.

Quilldancer, there has to be another way to get whistled at.

Anomie, I love the first definition.

Puppybrose, that's good, too. We should promote the use of HDTV to describe partisans.

Jodes, I look forward to meeting him or her, provided you don't pass along my email.

a, if I remember right, the Cubs have 40 years to explain before the Curse of The Billy Goat. By the way, since you're new and came close- we don't make White Sox jokes on this site. Religion, politics, terrorism, murder, child abuse, race, sex, gender, hair-color, disability (cognitive, physical and spiritual) age, infirmity, communism, capitalism, islamofascism, the right to life, the death penalty, national origin, language, weight alopecia and cuisine are all open for mockery. First person makes fun of Minnie Minoso or Richie Zisk gets a boot where the sun don't shine.

Mireille, I always wondered what happens when I'm away.

Speaking of facial tics, Karma, you going to post soon or just leave me twitching.

Puppybrose, you did fine before. That is a good quote. Will Rogers was more or less Ambrose Bierce with a grin.

Shayna, it lights me up when you drop by with a lyric. I'm a big fan.

Brian, agreed.

Welcome, Buffy, but try not to learn anything.

The Village Idiot said...

Fanatic: Again, see the cult of personality. It will consume us all, resistance is futile.

Alternate Definition: Trekkie

Live Long and Prosper

Kyahgirl said...

yes dear, whatever you say.

Hey, is this going to be the week of the f-words?

I think puppybrose should get a prize for HDTV, that was a good one!

Anonymous said...

fanatic: When a bug bites you and suddenly you find yourself buying more Barbie dancing princesses than you could ever need!

The amoeba said...

FANATIC, n. One whose devotion to a spectacle is unshaken despite the illiteracy, criminality, drug and domestic partner abuse, and language of its participants, the inanity of its contests, the rapacity of its advertisers, and the damage to society resulting from the misappropriation of funds and the loss of ethical standards of conduct. See UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI, DUKE UNIVERSITY - hell the entirety of NCAA Division I "sports".

Anonymous said...

Fan Attic is where you buy Flames wear here and then you take your Fan Wear down to the Red Mile where all the Flames Fans congregate for hockey and beer. We're Flames fanatics up here. Although Stampeder fever seems to be spreading but football sure isn't hockey!

Oh and I'm a Doug fanatic. I'm currently seeking help for this...alas...no cure.

Anonymous said...

I deliberately omitted the White Sox -- I'm not counting minor league teams.

Unknown said...

Douglas, if you're twitchin, I'm itchin

Just enjoying the non-posts a little while, OK?

btxzfan: Botox fan (can't believe i got 'fan' in the verifier!)

Karen said...

"Karen, how do you always know when to come here?"...

welllllllllllllll doug, i came here today to prove you wrong but lo and behold, you once again described the bushie!


it's yer fault!!

and yer good at it!!! {grin}

but, i do have a way of *sniffin'* em out!! {{double.grin}}

Charlene Amsden said...

Doug, even in the attic that went over my head.

fanatic a teacher who comes visits this site three or four times during the working day to read everybody'd comments. I'm going to get caught!

Ariel the Thief said...

fanatic, one with only one point of view.

mgmjb: mom got maggots in my jojoba

Jake said...

fanaticism: the not-so-quiet desperation of an extrovert with an identity crisis.

Miz BoheMia said...

There are orgiastic rites going on here?

There is arguing going on with my brother?

Damn! What is going on here? WHAT? Get buried beneath some boxes for a while and come back to a world of fanatics! Dios mio! Que horror!

Although the raunchy stuff... now that ain't so bad! Funkified FO SHO!

Doug The Una said...

V.I. I instinctively made the vulcan salute.

Yes, Kyah, this is the week of f-words. Any suggestions?

CJ, *pounds head on table* OK, back to the dairy meth.

Not the Hawkeyes, O Ceallaigh. Never them.

Jenna, meeting me in person usually does the trick. But thanks, and I always liked the Flames.

A, you sonofabitch! You are referring of course to the WORLD CHAMPION CHICAGO WHITE SOX! (I have about two weeks to ride that pony.)

OK, Karma. Anyway, I'm learning morse code in the meanwhile.

Karen, I'm just wondering what word I can use that you won't take there.

Not to fear, Quilly, a bat reference. Never socially proper. Don't worry, I already turned you in. Like kids aren't dumb enough already.

Good definition, Ariel. Some day you and Karma are going to have to have a verifier competition.

And there's nothing worse than an extrovert with a identity crisis, is there Jake? I can hear a man singing Streisand in my head and don't care for it.

Cindra Jo, in football it's dog eat dog but I know you were being allegorical.

Miz B, this joint had class when you were here regularly.

G said...

I got nothing - think I'll just join VI's cult - pass me a rubber VI. Come on, a rubber hat!

uhold: while I put it on. The hat!

Karen said...

i'll surprise you one of these days, i'm sure. :+)

The Mushroom said...

Fanatic: Someone with a high and mighty cause to promote, usually involving a deity or its equivalent, a sports team.

(sf.: "zealot", someone with a high and mighty cause to promote, usually involving a deity or its equivalent, a political party.)

Jake said...

Doug- Well, maybe an introvert with a blog. The Senatorfrom Arizona certainly has an identity crisis.

Anonymous said...


(Sorry, Doug. :-)

Doug The Una said...

Live long and prosper, G.

Karen, I have no doubt of that. Maybe even shock me.

As always, Mushroom. Good job.

He sure does, Jake. Oh, man. I'm already getting depressed about the Clinton-Frist debates and they're two years away.

Doug The Una said...

By the way, that can't really have been him singing, could it? Tell me that was CGI. Please.

Ariel the Thief said...

really, Doug, are we legally allowed to make sex jokes on your site from now really?

dizbqzuv: disabled queen of the zulu vaquero

LeMas. said...

I'm sure somebody already wrote something about sports, religion, or the religion of sports so I won't be repetitious.

Anonymous said...

Fanatic: both Holier and Louder than Thou.

(Off the White Sox, onto religion and politics: safer territory.)

Kyahgirl said...

so many f-words, so little time Doug.

here are a few faves:
friable, flocculant, follicular, Faraday, fragrance, feminine, fractious, filly, flagellate, fillibuster, flummox, foal, folderol, fontanelle, fulminate...and the ones that break the rules of your blog, **** and ******** and, of course, friend, because only a friend would put up with me. :-)
bye now.

Logophile said...

Capitalizing the objective case now, are We?
(I have maintained the more traditional capitalizing of the subjective case, and that was a royal We)

1.Faithful follower of any faith I don't fancy,
2. fevered football fiends

Trying to maintain the usage of Kyahgirl's F words,****, that is not as easy as it looks!

Anonymous said...

Fanatic: frenzied female foraging for funny confabulations from free-form frottaging French flibbertigibbet?

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find my way past the dead cats in Ambrose's version, even though my cat is being a fanatic for MY dinner as I type. Love her to pieces, ya'know.

Great definition, Doug! Joel beat me to the Philly Phanatic--one heck of an entertaining act for such a slloooow sport.

Doug The Una said...

Ariel, I only punish profanity and humility.

Thanks again for not being repititious, Masil.

Much safer, a.

Kyahgirl, found friends favor fur.

Today, Logo, we are Doing So.

For fried fat, forgive.

Et tu, Actonbell?

Jake said...

Doug, I think Mr. Giuliani will be rescuing you from Zoloft in 2008. I'm 99.9% sure it was indeed McCain, as himself, attempting to carry that tune.

Lila said...

Joel beat me to it... I always did love the Phillies Phanatic, even though I didn't love the Phillies.

Anonymous said...

French fried fat facilitates flab. Just ask funny flagstone flagellating fanatic, Fred Flintstone.

Tom & Icy said...

A person would have to be a crazy fanatic to try and argue with you!

Doug The Una said...

Interesting, Jake. You think the Reps can get comfortable with a lisping social liberal? Hmmm.

Ap3, he's pretty cartoonish isn't he? I guess it beats a flag with a single sock.



Omnipotent Poobah said...

fanatic - Syn. for lunatic.

mireille said...

ahem. lisping social liberal. I thought we'd discussed that. xoxo

Anonymous said...

So fool and fanatic are now synonymous?

Anonymous said...


Charlene Amsden said...

fanatic one who has to check her favorite blogs one last time before she can drift off happily into sleep land.

Doug The Una said...

Follower of an Omnipotent Poobah.

Darn it, Mireille, you're right! I renouce that word above. Please, friend, keep me honest. Micromanaging lefties.

Cooper, I think I'm going with "yes."


Quill, I'm touched if one of them is this one. Or is now just tv time?

Anonymous said...

*flips finger*