Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two Generations of Limerick

If you wonder how children can be so
Gossipy, fashion-forward, in the know.
Consider they might
Be more lucky than bright
In who sends them IMs in utero.

When one stops to consider the aging,
Who made peace in a world with wars raging
The miracle, I guess,
Isn't doing with less
But doing at all without paging.

GENERATIONAL, adj. Ambirrelevant.


Voices of NLD said...

I can't be first. I really can't be

IMs in utero. Something to ponder

Generational is viewed as a great great thing until you're on the wrong side of the generational divide

But wait, the world isn't about you. It's all about me, I'm a baby boomer.
No we won't share.

But we were forced to though will never go silent into the night or make peace with wars raging

Internal peace, but never peace in a world with wars raging

Love the limericks

Anonymous said...

It's all those ultrasounds, I tell you. When's the last time anyone had a baby without ultrasounds? Might as well stick those iPod earbuds right in there in the second trimester and have done.

GENERATIONAL, adj. Power in the wilderness. Or in Maine during a nor'easter. Or sou'easter. Or a summer shower. Or anytime they fergit and let Custis drive home after a session at Gray's, and he hits the pole at the River Road intersection. Again.

The Old Mule said...

Generational: The slowing of time when the power goes out.

Anonymous said...

i'll just sit here and marvel for a moment or two at A) your genius for limericks and B) that kick-ass definition. (i mean, i WILL do something else, eventually, but at my age, it takes a while to shift gears.)

IM in the mood for love,
Simply because you beeped me,
Funny, but when you beep me,
IM in the mood for love. (Or directions. Or advice. Or money...)

sigh. IM not going to try to compete on the limerick front, but, since IM not a fan of IM-ing, i felt the need to express myself in some minor/poetic way. sue me (but act fast, did i mention i'm old?)

Anonymous said...

What's new is old.
What's old is dated.
What's dated is ancient.
What's ancient are parents.

Must be generational.

Anonymous said...

Brian, that sounds like something my husband said to me once, only i believe his exact words were:

What's new is old.
What's old is dated.
What's dated is married.
What's married is old (and probably tired), but happy. (and NEVER IM'ed, because, uh, what's old is also easily confused.)

but maybe i'm remembering it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Cell phones
Blackberries (et al)
Call Forward
Call Waiting
Instant Messaging

How is it that, "I didn't get your message," is still such a popular excuse?

Tom & Icy said...

Howls in the night never change

Sar said...

"Chatting" 'bout my "Generational"

Who sang that?


No, not Yes, Who did.




TLP said...

When I was small

It was a big deal to place a long distance call.

Yet I lived to use a cell

My mama to tell,

that I saw my grandtwins in utero.

I love visiting a distant site.

Love communication despite

Being so far away.

Love getting a call from my daughter to say

*“Tell Dad it’s Kant’s birthday.”

Generational: It passed me by. But I am not irrelevant.

(*that actually happened. We were in a small New Mexico town.)

TLP said...

Great limerick BTW.

Good comments also. As usual.

The Boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. said...

sorry i dont know what is a IM but at leest its easy too spell.

may be its a genaration gap?

Anonymous said...

Generations come and go, huh, Doug?

But Limericks are forever.

Doug The Una said...

Pia, that was great free verse. Being first becomes you. The boomers have my permission to stay the only generation.

Amoeba, the iPod implants in utero are about two weeks from becoming available and four months from mandatory, I'm pretty sure.

Mule, that's why candles last so long, I guess.

Neva, your poetry is always welcome. Especially as long as you don't abbreviate 'you'

Brian, that was very well-written.

Neva, I'm guessing that, like the Lord's Prayer, the doxology at the end was added later.

Quilly, I use it every day. I just explain it as "Oh, you left the message on the wrong phone. I don't check that one mid-week."

Amen and Awoooooooo, Icy!

Sar, you proved your own point by updating Laurel and Hardy for a new era.

TLP, you're anything but irrelevant. I bet I know who made that call and it captures her perfectly.

But, Boy, you and I are actually from the same generation. You're just better preserved.

Absolutely, Al.

Anonymous said...

generational, a time-frame best viewed from below...accepted horizontally...and ignored above.

I just love ambrrelevant!

That was fanfriggintastic!

Anonymous said...

"Once there was an ambirrelevant,
Who tried to use the telephant.
No no! I mean an ambirrelephone,
Who tried to use the telephone..."

it almost works...

Generational: When "can you hear me now?" means something besides: "Am I talking loud enough for ya, Grampa? WHERE DID YOU PUT YOUR TEETH?"

Miz BoheMia said...

Everybody is too friggin' funny and so I have nothing to say DAMN YOU ALL BOTH OLD & YOUNG!

Hey, I may not be joining in on the whole generational thing but I equally cuss everyone out so I guess that rules out my being an age-ist. *sigh*

I cannot sleep. I have only slept one hour and need to hit the road soon.


Anonymous said...

Dawg? Penguin?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm. it would appear someone let the dogs out, and the penguins followed. or vice versa. or maybe they're still recovering from that trip to Disneyland on Sunday. or MAYBE they went back.

eh. maybe i should just keep my opinions to myself...

*waves up at Quilly, shrugs shoulders*

~Mo'a~ said...

Generational: ambrosial word. *smile*
I have been married for 36 years we had our anniversary on the 27th of this month...went to NYC to celebrate :)
I am ever so lucky that I am Ambidextrous...really I am...and a good thing that is for an artist to be.
I have also found that it is a very good to be Ambigenerational...
don't understand or like all that my generation does,likes and needs....So, why would I like all that the current generation does, likes and needs...which by the way was probably invented by my generation.
I like to live in the now...I find the current generation and their gadgets facinating....would not have it any other way.

Great word and defenition Doug and your Limerick is fantastic. *whisper* did you make up the word ambirrelevant? Can't find it in my dictionaries :)

G said...

Sometimes I feel very ambirrelevant and didn't even know that that's what I was feeling. Pfew, I meant to comment yesterday and now by default, I am still current although still ambirrelevant.

Love yuor limerick. Did anyone ever tell you that you have a way with words?

Sar said...

Speaking of generational, perhaps there's no new post yet because a certain sprite penguin has taken to dragging a certain old fart around by the ear. The Velvetine Dawg! HA!! I amuse myself.

And with that, I'll share my veri (with a nod to my SIS, Karma) and head off to class...

rxxual: sexual healing

Doug The Una said...

Minka, that was a very good definition. Not everyone is smart in this particular time zone.

Actonbell, and have you noticed they have antennae?

Neva, you have no idea how much I've been reciting that one in my head, and I wanted to write an imitation for this post but couldn't get there. That was a real gift.

Miz B, a bullet in my left hand, warm milk in the right. Como hermano, ma falta a ayudar. Por favor ganiste la leche.

Quilly, travel is tough on the schedule.

Neva, how are things going with the opinion-to-yourself-keeping? Please keep us all up to date.

Mo'a, *whispers* it's from the Shoshone.

G, only every letter I meet.

Sar, they were floppy enough to begin with. Now they get in my soup.