Thursday, March 22, 2007


SYLLOGISM, n. A logical formula consisting of a major and a minor assumption and an inconsequent. (See LOGIC.)

2007 Update: The shortest member of too long a lecture. An atom of babble.


Anonymous said...


Minka said...


Minka said...

All bloggers not in first position are late!

I am not in first position

Therefore> I am a blogger who values invisible ink!

see? That wasn't difficult!
Self=centered deductive reasoning this early...that must be some kinda record!

Anonymous said...

SYLLOGISM, n. An attack of the giggles. No, wait ... Minka, this is your fault!

see LOGIC?!? Where? Where?? Do I have to travel? Is there an admission fee? (see COLLEGE TUITION) Can I squish it? Whaddaya mean, no. What's this Dubya guy got that I ain't got? Huh?


FelineFrisky said...

I;m with Moinka's first response.


Let's try this.

Spiders have 8 legs. Any creature with 8 legs is icky, creepy and scary. Therefore, spiders are icky, creepy and scary.

:P D

Anonymous said...

...and, therefore, so is doubles tennis.

Anonymous said...

Syllogism: A construction of more or less misunderstood words that makes something look and feel inevitable.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the words that inspires me to retorts like...

Great post the word, wow!

I will say this about that, (syllogism), however, the idea of being able to frame an argument with both a major and minor premise that also contains a middle term is, well, Greek to me.

Anonymous said...


Beans are a vegetable.
Chocolate comes from beans.
Chocolate is a vegatable.

Anonymous said...


Love is blind
Being blind is a handicap
Love is a disability.

G said...

I don't think I'll understand it any better than by Quilly's definition, so I'll go home now.

And I shall go home a vegetarian.

G said...

Syllogism: Symphony of reason.

G said...

Did I say I'm going home? I lied.

The Old Mule said...

All goats are men. Most men are goats. Therefore, Mule is a goat.

Ariel the Thief said...

I am with those above me have already proven syllogism is one way to misunterstanding.

men love tits.
women have tits.
men love... tits.



Jamie Dawn said...

"An atom of babble" is just TOO good, and cannot be topped. Well done!!

I'll just say this:
Syllogism sounds like one of those names that uppity, overly-intellectual, upperclass couples name their daughters.
"These are our girls Syllogism and Cacophony."

Anonymous said...

Oh I like Quilly's thinking process.

This has to do with logic? Logic. Like...rational stuff?


Voices of NLD said...

syllogism: something I'm not capable of comprehending

TLP said...

sĭl'ə-jĭz'əum: Sounds silly 'cause it is.

*bowing* to Ariel. Perfect. (Ariel, if men had tits they'd never leave the house. They'd stay home and play with'em all day.)

More Americans die in hospitals than die at home.

I am an American.

If I lived in a hut in Darfur, I'll live longer.

Unknown said...

Ariel is funny!
TLP is funny!
Ariel and TLP are funny!

Doug The Una said...

Good morning, Neva.

Minka, that was an excellent use of penguin logic.

Amoeba, I guess biologists have other things to learn.

QED, Diane.

Al, you're killing me. Well done. And you're right. It's a meticulous form of talking out of your backside.

Joel, I've long ago learned that "Great post, Doug!" is a tender-hearted rephrasing of "Two sentences is still too much."

Quilly, technically cacao, I believe, is a nut, not a bean since it comes from a tree, not a legume. Ergo, Quilly's nuts.

Brian, I think love has a disability is what follows from that.

G, that middle definition sounds right.

Mule, that's perfect mule reasoning.

Ariel, I don't think that's Aristotle, but I don't know he'd argue.

Jamie Dawn, that's a debutante ball no one would attend.

Yeah, Jenna, I'll try to find something lipsticky in Bierce for tomorrow.

Pia, you can do it. Regardez: If all people with Apsberger's syndrome have Attention-Deficit disorder and Attention-Deficit disorder makes it hard to follow a linear argument, then I'll take mine with extra lemon.

TLP, I really see no way around your reasoning. I'm going to Darfur. Wait, wouldn't you still be American there?

Therefore, Karma, Ariel is TLP is Karma!

TLP said...

What? My logic is flawed? I am so shocked! SHOCKED! I say!

Miz BoheMia said...

Dios mio! Ariel said tits and TLP sounds like me! Has the world gone mad???? MAD I SAY!!!

Syllogism... a nonexistent concept in the land of much Olés and no porqués... ay!

Anonymous said...

Syllogism n. logic used against one's own host

A belief is not a fact. Doug believes he is correct. Doug's belief is not factual.

Cocoa seeds grow in pods and are called beans. My logic -- and my sanity -- stand vindicated.

Unknown said...

Words conclude the end of dawn
It's Friday
Therefore this is haiku

Anonymous said...

Cooper loves hot peppers.
Hot peppers are hot.
Cooper is hot.

She craps in the morning too.

So cooper is also full of ....

Eh.... long week.

TLP said...

I have too much body fat.
I smell bacon frying.
I'm on fire!

(Does this make me hot Alice? Bueller? Anybody?)

Anonymous said...

TLP -- rotflol -- priceless!

Doug The Una said...

TLP, can we be rational about this?

Miz B, the world's been mad awhile. You were just out of town.

Actonbell, I knew there had to be some.

Quilly, I still sez yer nuts.

Actonbell, I'm getting a real Jacob Marley vibe from you tonight.

If'n you say so
Karma, I'll
Buy that that's haiku, from you.

Alice, you were hottest with the syllogism. Still not bad, though.

TLP, you're one spicy meatball.

Nessa said...

Quilly says beans.
Doug says nuts.
I says nonsense.

Doug The Una said...

That's why you're the wisest of us, Nessa.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

As they are very popular in the Netherworld, one might assume that Death Cheese is a good band. They are not. But due to their promotion by the FOGNL network, which is the most powerful entertainment provider in the galaxy, the illusion of their skill is strengthened. Their manager, The Cheesemeister, is usually treated as an inconsequent.
Using my logic, Death Cheese, the FOGNL network and the Cheesemeister herself form a syllogism. Or maybe I'm just being silly and not very logical at all.