Thursday, June 21, 2007


HYGEIA, n. In Grecian mythology the goddess of health- the only one of the goddesses whom it was healthy to have anything to do with.

2007 Update: The ancient and mythic forbear of Perfumora, Vesuvia and Deodorantia.

Happy birthday, Mireille. Now we know why summer is warm.


Anonymous said...

A threepeat? First again?

Minka said...

I don't know that word...pick soemthign else!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mireille! Great definition Doug (I think)...I certainly can't top.

Anonymous said...

i'm with teh Penguin, this word's difficult to work with. honestly, it sounds like the title of a book about that model who died from drug abuse in the 80's: y'know? "High Gia" (Angelina Jolie played her in the made for TV movie) ah well...

Happy Happy Joy Joy to Mirelle! a woman who definielty classes up this joint with her clever retorts and brilliant references to perfu...oh. i get it! this word is for Mirelle, who's no stranger to the scent of the hygienic and/or perfumed!

Anonymous said...

I'd comment, but suddenly I am concious of the fact that I came here straight from bed and haven't been to the shower yet.

Happy Birthday, Mirelle, and many happy more!

Minka said...

*smacks forhead*

Of course this word is for Mirelle...teh godess of health, always depicted with a little bowl and soem essences in her hand. Bet she´d brew up something real nice,monsoon-like, for Mirelle today...

Happy Birthday!

(the word can stay!)LOL

Anonymous said...

Hygeia: The only Greek Goddess on record as having picked her nose. Her downfall was the wiping on Zeus' robe.

Happy birthday, Mireille!

Indeterminacy said...

Hygeia: Gesundheit!

und Mireille: zum Geb├╝rtstag alles Gute!

Minka said...

indy, that was funny!

Sar said...

HA! That was funny, Indie.

And Happy Birthday with mucho xoxoxoxox's Mireille!

Doug, cursive purple? Can't it be Mireille's birthday everyday - I love it!

mireille said...

awwww, vielen dank ... and merci beaucoup ... thank you so much. WA will always be the warmest place because of all the brains heated up over D's latest ... XOXO

Anonymous said...

Hygeia: What you say to a girl named Gia.

Logophile said...

Happy Birthday, Mireille!
A perfect word for the day even if I have no definition to offer, quote to share or a clever thought to gloat over.
Ah well, so it goes.

Kyahgirl said...

Happy Birthday Mireille, I can't believe its June 21st already!!

I don't know if its safe to hang out with Hygeia Doug...isn't she the one who likes to wash your mouth out with soap? I guess in that case you're pretty safe but I'd better make myself scarce. :-)

tsduff said...

I had to look her up... not in my mental index of goddesses yet. I understand all but the Vesuvia reference... very clever.
(Perhaps having to do with things that blow?)

And yes, cursive purple is a new enhancement to the cryptic and black. Thanks Mireille and happy birthday to you.

The Old Mule said...

hygeia: the substance of form of a siren in the bath.

no, I do not have a one track mind.

felicidades Mireille!

Jamie Dawn said...

When I say that word, I feel like I'm saying something that shouldn't be said aloud.

BTW, California gully gushers (as you say) are NOT the same as AR gully washers.

I potted a Hygeia to go on my front porch.
The derned thang doesn't like dirt.

Doug The Una said...

Joel, you're the king of the idle!

Minka, it scares my a little that a nurse doesn't recognize the root of "hygiene."

Thanks, Joel, some days you have to use the tough ones. It's like eating pistachios, but saltier.

Neva, bingo. Turns out "harridan" isn't available.

Quilly, sorry. Who's the muse of masking tape?

Thank you, Ice Queen.

Al, this why I always check my sleeve for lightning.

Indie, genau.

Minka, du verstehest Deutsch? Wish I did.

Not on 4/7, Sar. I actually thought it was pink when I chose it.

Have a great one, Mireille. Happy solstice, too.

Andrew, I usually open with "what'd you slap me for?"

Logo, I didn't either. Right word, wrong blogmaster.

I am safe, Kyah. I'm immune to soap.

Pretty close, Terry. I was thinking cleanliness by other means and though incineration sounded nice.

Mule, take that one-track mind of yours back to the wash.

JD, between you and I, I like hydrangeas (if that's what you mean) but wouldn't want that to get out. I had a feeling about gush v. wash but it wasn't the smartest comment I could come up with and I wanted to say hi.

TLP said...

Hygeia: terrible misspelling of hydrangea. Unless you're talkin' about the glamour godess. She was one of The Supremes. They usda sing.

Fab update! I'm, like, totally jealous.

Happy birthday Mireille!

mireille said...

thank you again, denizens of doug's den (and I haven't had anything to drink yet.) also, i'm thinking it's a lefthanded compliment to be the Perfumorous, Deodorantius Goddess that Doug thinks it's healthy to have something to do with. Talk about the kiss of abstinence. xoxo also *excitement* I got a new laptop for my birthday, would anybody who cares please send me an email so I can effortlessly get you in my addressbook again? thank you so much. I know doug doesn't care if I do this. Because I smell so good. xoxo

Ariel the Thief said...

Very Happy Birthday Mireille! Happy Laptop! You smell especially good today! well, yesterday you smelled especially good, too. :)

Ariel the Thief said...

I didn't know about the Goddess but have always found the snake around her bowl so mysterious. I assumed it was some kind of warning.

Anonymous said...

Doug, when girls slap me, I usually respond with, "Good times." I'm not as a rule confused as to why. It's been much too long since a girl has slapped me, spit on my face, or pulled a knife.

Doug The Una said...

To your health, TLP!

Haha, Actonbell. On weekdays not Wednesday all the words come from Bierce. His vocabulary isn't expanding as fast although his understanding of mythology may well be.

Mireille, I'm stuck in the "H's" and Hussy wasn't in the book. I hope it was a grand day.

Ariel, I assumed it was a spoon.

Andrew, may the drought break soon.

javajazz said...
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