Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Bath

Episode 27 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to the Nutmeg Endowment for Refugee Development for sponsoring this week's reading.

To hear the story sit still by the waterside.

This week, in The Prattler, "The Last Refuge."

It's rude to read over a flower's shoulder.


Anonymous said...

claiming "zuerst", once again, for all penguins and/or knife wielding assassins! or, um, vice versa.

i really lovelovelove this week's edition... tho' i confess to feeling mightily saddened by the continued decline of poor, tragic, scorched man/mushroom, Narcissis, left with little more than bile and/or vanity on which to live.

so, is today's reader... Al?

Indeterminacy said...

Move over, Ovid.

Lila said...

Great reader! I have no idea who she is.

Another great episode.

Anonymous said...

N.E.R.D.? hahahaha! i just got that.

still, this is a tasty addition to your epic tale, Doug, despite the nerdiness of today's reader. ; )

TLP said...

I sat still by the water, while rudely reading over the flower's shoulder, but still have no idea who I was listening to. Good job however. Very good.

I like this story. Wherever they looked, they all saw only their own prime. Sorta like Sylvester Stallone?

Minka said...

Brilliant....perfect. I loved the voice of Echo most. So tender, in love and gentle.
Wonderful reading, writing along with the best installments of this tale. I don't mind having taken a bit of a break in my vacation to stare at a computer now ;)

Wonderful weekend you guys!

Minka said...


" ... and a fat farmer to make laundry soap."

*giggles again*

echo, a reminder of a formerly uttered stupidity

TLP said...

Oh, yeah, Minka! I forgot about the word of the day:

Echo: Redundant. To the max.

Anonymous said...

TLP: took the words right outta my mouth. ; )

Echo: "hear hear"!

Anonymous said...

Wow Dawg, wow. This was brilliant she says in much awe. Hard to pick but think I'm in love with this paragraph, and the definition and the whole story
“Look at me and despair, for I am Narcissus, precious as an orchid, blooming in the air. Thunder and lightening would ruin every city, if the gods were as mighty as I am pretty!”

It really got to me :)

TLP said...

Puppy, sorry. I know that's so unsanitary. 'Bout as bad as walkin' round with blood on your frock. (But I did notice a spot that you missed flossing...)

Anonymous said...

Great installment Doug and a marvelous read! Left me wanting more. As to the identity of the reader...hmmm...familiar yet different.

Ariel the Thief said...

thank you for the lesson about men, I am going to keep it in mind.

bathing and reading? the sweetest echo ever.

Doug The Una said...

Neva, of course it's Al.

Indie, that's actually a kind of dangerous thing to say, from what I've heard.

Thanks, AP3. Here's a hint, though: The "sponsored" episodes are second time readers.

Neva, I guess you're just to cool to get the "Nerd" reference on the first go round.

TLP, all men means all men. Especially him, though, And you know in my mirror, I still look 19.

Thanks, Minka. Ein Schön Samstag.

TLP, I didn't plan that but it's kind of a happy coincidence, no?

Aye aye, Neva!

Thanks, Pia. I don't mind admitting that's one of my prouder rhymes. Inspired by Muhammed Ali, of course.

Haha Lady MacLucy.

See, Joel, to me she's just different.

Ariel, that's as good and true a lesson as I give.

Anonymous said...

trust me, i've been called worse.

i'm just grateful you didn't refer to today's "reader" as the Connecticut's Really Annoying Puppy. or, um, something like that.

i loved that poem too, and were it not for Max (one of our own 3 annoying pups) i might have been able to interpret it with more raspy emotion.

thanks for "letting" me have another shot at lending my voice to your wonderful series, Doug. TLP, i'm switching floss brands, in hopes of cleaning up my mouth before you accidentally "steal" more of my best lines! (or vice versa) ; )

TLP said...

PUPPY! Great read! Lovely voice.

About your mouth: No worries. (Just minor concerns.) That's what friends are for.

Anonymous said...

A great read Puppy.

Anonymous said...

I am exhausted but just lay here with my eyes closed listening to the story - WOW! Bravo NBFF, this was as fine an installment as we've heard here which if that makes any sense in my tired state, I'd be surprised.

All this to say, member of NERD or not, you are one perfect storyteller and Doug, that goes double for you.

Have a good weekend all.

tsduff said...

I'm enchanted to meet your voice Puppy :-D

PS: Dental Floss doesn't change a thing.

Doug, reading this story was every tiny bit worth offending a few daffodils.

Indeterminacy said...

Had I not listened to this story first my own story would have turned out quite differently. All this rhyming got to me somehow.

Anonymous said...

aw shucks... *blushes deeply*

thank you all for such lovely words. honestly, it's kind of hard not not to sound good with something as enchanting as this installment of Doug's story to read. ; )

Anonymous said...

ps: TLP, you are SO right, sister/girlfriend! ; )

Jamie Dawn said...

Superbly read, Puppy!!!!

I sure hope I never meet Alice face to face. I wouldn't want her to kill me and get more blood on her tunic.

I hope there's even more nudity to come!
Diogenes, Alice, the boy.... who's next to shed their tunic???

Doug The Una said...

Neva, you did great and that's no c.r.a.p.

TLP, only a friend would tell her.

Joel, once more with gusto.

Thanks, G, and I agree. The voice and tone and everything rang like a bell.

I'm glad, Terry. I can see why this Narcissus would appeal to a crow.

Indie, it happens. I'm going to read your story right now.

Actonbell, come in silence or show up babbling, it's always good to have you around.

Thanks, Neva. For the reading, too. It's an honor.

You know JD, I've been trying to figure out what genre this fits and you named it. It's really, really, really softcore porn. Whattaya suppose the Oracle of Delphi wears when she goes out?

Hobbes said...

Great job, Neva. Loved the echo.

Anonymous said...

You need to put this all in a weekly podcast form.

Inde: "Move over Ovid."

Is there such a thing as doing yourself prouder? ;)

Doug The Una said...

Wasn't that good, Hobbes? Hobbes? Hobbes?

Alice, it is available in a weekly podcast form. You can get it through iTunes as The Waking Ambrose Podcast, or subscribe by going to the tab "Diogenes" on the prattler site. No need to murder anyone.