Monday, July 09, 2007


HALCYON (ALCEDO), n. The Kingfisher. Halcyon days are days of tranquility and calm; so called because fr a few days in the season of storms, when the kingfisher was rearing its young, the gods used to curb the fury of the elements. So at least, the simple ancient was pleased to believe. It was an abominable superstition, altogether beneath contempt, and not at all comparable to the Christian belief that at midnight on Christmas eve the weather is moderated in deference to the birds and beasts which wake at that hour to worship the Savior.

2007 Update: HALCYON, adj. At ease, peaceful, as the life available to someone who has 10% more than you have managed to scrabble together so far.


mireille said...

Halcyon day: first? xoxo

Jamie Dawn said...

We are experiencing a non-Hcyistic-Halcyonic-Halcyon day here in Hickville. It is raining cows and chickens and thundering and lightning like crazy.
My porch plants are taking a beating!

Please make sure you keep those soft porn posts only for the weekends. Balance it out by mentioning God, Jesus, Mary, and various Bible passages during the week.

Unknown said...

you were suppposed to be travelling and away. now i find you have been here every single day doing squat. so go ahead and curb my fury

halcyon: anagram of holy can

cvqdl: resume of quirky dawg, like

Anonymous said...

Halycon: what you imagine your worst enemy in Seventh Grade's life not to be. Then she turns out to be really great and....

We're having a heat spell duh--but room AC's are horrible. This isn't a halycon life but one fit for flying hawks

Anonymous said...

Halcyon: the calm before the norm.

ah, to be living back in a time when life was kinder and/or gentler... when was that, again?

Mutha said...

Halcyon: Proof that the weather has always been greener in someone else's yard.

Logophile said...

Halcyon~ Any time period which allows plenty of time for blogging. Mostly seems to be featured in the distant past or the distant future.

TLP said...

Halcyon: one of those words that you skip over when reading to yourself. You get the idea of what it means, but you have no idea how to pronounce it.

It is a reference to one of Hal's Crayolas® , right? Kinda a tealish thing? Cyon, cyan, whatever. So I guess it means a bluish day. Makes me laugh when folks think it's a golden day, 'cause clearly cyan is not gold.

Doug The Una said...

Splendid, Mireille.

Jamie Dawn, it sounds hitonious. Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division! (Lu 12:51 NRSV)

Mistress Karma, if you read, it was a warning that post times would be different. I was staying without internet so I had to find Wifi signals. Feel better?

Pia, heat and poor air conditioning makes me cranky and here you are praising your seventh-grade nemesis. Extraordinary.

That's just vintage Neva punnybrose. Very good.

Very true, Mutha. They have a saying in Iowa, "it always rains on the rich."

Logo, it's great to see you whenever you find the time.

Cyan, I think. The color past Envy Green.

Ariel the Thief said...

I need one of those to make a nest on my mind. (I'm not the only one. :))

Anonymous said...

Not to be confused with "Halcion Daze", huh, Doug?

Triazolam, bud!

Anonymous said...

In the halcyon summer days of desert climes, those with the 10% more retreat to their northern estates. (Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere)

Of course, the sparkling glacier water has vanished, the lakes dried up and the permafrost is defrosting. But look on the bright side, at least you weren't one of those that had the halcyon experience and rushed out and bought the iPhone. Right? Cause you're still waiting to buy a Wii.

Anonymous said...

Halcyon: 1. A type of light bulb. 2. A type of drug.

Anonymous said...

HALCYON, n. A handsome but deadly artificial intelligence ... no, wait, that's HALCYLON. Sorry. My bad.


Doug The Una said...

Ariel, you aren't the only one and won't be the first, either.

Al, I was waiting for that one. Good job, friend.

Brian, did you say iPhone? Nice to see you.

Andrew, I'm seeing both definitions somehow related.

Amoeba, I'm afraid I can't do that.

Actonbell, I need a supplement. Any recommendations? I like porter.

Anonymous said...

Life in Friday Harbor

Hobbes said...

Days to enjoy. Just don't shoot the albatross.

G said...

The halcyon days were neither halcyon nor days - discuss.

Halcyon: the distorted view of the rearview mirror.

Anonymous said...

I see your are talking about be again.

off topic:
I was wishing today that you indexed your posts alphabetically, for purposes of research.

Doug The Una said...

Quilly, now you're just bragging. Enjoy!

Now you tell me, Hobbes.

Haha, G. OK, serenity is born from conquest and home is for defending.

Cooper, you're every topic. Your wish is my command: Pop!